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Hogwarts Legacy to Use Unreal Engine 4?

Almost all of your favorite games, such as Borderlands 2, and Fortnite, have an unreal engine. It is a game engine responsible for real-time 3D game features. The engine is created and maintained by Epic Games, which is key in providing a solid support network for gamers.

Five versions are currently available, with the latest being the unreal engine 5. Unreal game engine 5 is the most powerful version thanks to its new, powerful, and improved features. It is the secret to developing immersive and engaging games based on the current gaming trends. Some of the benefits of using unreal engine 5 are:

  • Developers can easily and quickly open worlds.
  • Easier to achieve immersive, dynamic lighting
  • It has built-in animation features, making it easier to generate natural movements.

What Unreal Engine Will Hogwarts Legacy Have?

Harry Potter fans can’t wait to get their hands on the open-world game Hogwarts legacy. The game was supposed to launch earlier, but due to certain hiccups, it is scheduled for February 2023. During the early release date, the open-world action RPG game did not feature unreal Engine 5, the latest version.

The game developer, Avalanche Software, hired a General artist to help them incorporate the Hogwarts Legacy unreal engine 4 during the prior game debut period. It is not clear whether Avalanche Software will upgrade the unreal engine; however, it is unlikely that they will change.

Why Does the Hogwarts Legacy Game Lack Unreal Engine 5?

Some might ask why such a much-anticipated action world game lacks this relatively new tech. It is important to know that the game development of Hogwarts Legacy began years before Epic Games launched unreal engine 5. Therefore, it would have been challenging and tiresome for Avalanche Software to undo all the progress and incorporate the Hogwarts Legacy unreal engine 5. However, we expect Avalanche to use this powerful game engine in their future games.

Also, the game was set to launch earlier, meaning that it was in its testing and polishing stage. It would have been impossible to customize the game and include the unreal engine 5 due to the strict schedule.

However, nothing is final on the unreal engine use, and the higher chances are that Hogwarts Legacy will use the unreal engine 4.

What Platforms Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Available?

The official release by Avalanche Software shows that the game will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, XSX, and Nintendo Switch. Another key factor regarding the unreal engine compatibility is that the new technology requires next-generation hardware for it to perform at optimal.

Bottom Line

As we anxiously wait for the Hogwarts Legacy release, we expect better graphics, frame rates, and all other features, and these are the properties of the unreal engine 5. However, it was confirmed before that the game would run on unreal engine 4. As much as it is possible to port Hogwarts legacy unreal engine 5 from 4, we don’t expect that to happen.

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