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The Story Behind Gobline Rebellion in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the Harry Potter series’s most captivating open-world action games. The game features all the famous Harry Potter villains, including the leader of the Gobline Rebellion. It is expected that the game will feature Ranrok, the leader of the Gobline movement. This will be a new gaming experience for the fans since they haven’t seen the Gobline rebellion on screen, let alone played it in a game.

What Is the Story Behind the Gobline Rebellion?

The Harry Potter series demonstrates various discrimination and racist acts due to the beliefs and traditions of the people. For instance, we see that the goal of Voldemort Primary is to ensure the Wizarding work stays pure by ensuring a direct lineage. We also see most magic families keeping elves as enslaved people, who are forced to perform various responsibilities,

Goblines are the most persecuted species in the Harry Potter series. The human wizards and witches do this to ensure they dominate the magical world.

The discrimination, manipulation, and oppression led to various rebellions as the oppressed groups desired freedom, leading to the gobline rebellion. However, the Ministry of Magic understood what was at stake and how much they would lose, so they refused to grant their wishes.

This led to the first rebellion that took place in 1612. One of the key issues that led to the scuffle was the lack of Gobline representation at Wizengamot, which was the high court.

Another rebellion, one the longest in the Harry Potter series, happened in 1752. This was due to the Goblines joining forces with the werewolves, another oppressed group, and decided to fight back. However, their efforts bore no fruit, and the resistance ended ten years later after the death of the Gobline’s leader.

The Goblines never lost hope, and a few years later, they staged other rebellions, and the final one was that in Hogwarts Legacy. We expect a much more captivating takeover with Ranrok as the leader of the Goblines. We also expect a few plot surprises where the Goblines will join forces with other dark wizards.

All these rebellions by the Goblines were because of the human witches and wizards refusing them to use wands. This is because it would give them more power and undermine the wizards’ authority in the Wizarding world.

Hogwarts Legacy Gobline Rebellion Plot

The game developer assured, through a blog, that the gameplay will be similar to all aspects of the Harry Potter series, including the Goblin rebellion. Based on the shared plot by Avalanche Software, we expect the Gobline rebellion in Hogwarts Legacy to continue. The player is responsible for investigating this rebellion, led by the leader Ranrok.

Avalanche also confirms that there will be uneasy alliances between the Goblines and the dark wizards. This is going to be something never witnessed in other releases, such as the Deathly Hallows.

It will also be an interesting experience since Ranrok and his loyalties have more and improved features to aid their resistance. There are factions in the Gobline community, and not every Gobline will be part of Ranrok’s army.

Bottom Line

Gobline rebellions are not new to the Harry Potter series. Over the years, the Goblines have been discriminated against and oppressed and tried to fight back in vain. We expect to see another rebellion in the Hogwarts Legacy, a mighty rebellion under the new leader Ranrok. Are the Goblines going to succeed against the human witches and wizards keen to keep all the power to themselves? Or will the wizards stop Ranrok and his army once again?  

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