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How Long Will Hogwarts Legacy Be

Despite several delays, Hogwarts Legacy is almost ready to take players centuries back to the intense wizarding world. Avalanche Software, the game developer, is to launch on February 10, 2023, officially. This major announcement comes after the earlier release date in December 2022.

However, Harry Potter fans worldwide can’t wait to take on the magical 19th centuries adventures in the new open-world game. Most players are doing whatever it takes to prepare their devices and get more information about Hogwarts Legacy before its release. One of the main questions most gamers have been asking is, ‘how long will Hogwarts Legacy be?’ This article is here to answer that.

How Long is Hogwarts Legacy?

There is no official communication from Avalanche software on how long the game will be or the average time for players to beat the game. However, we already know of the available chapters in the primary and side missions.

Therefore, according to the Harry Potter series’ timeline, players should expect to beat the game in about 25 to 30 hours. This approximation is for those who choose to stick to the main missions. However, there are several side missions, and these quests might require 80 to 90 hours to complete.

It is essential to mention that these time estimates may vary since the game is not out yet, and we haven’t tried it. Also, other factors, such as player familiarity and the difficulty level chosen, determine how long a player will take to complete Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has a well-defined primary mission, and the side quests complement its storyline. There are tons of side quests for players to take.

How Big Will Hogwarts Legacy Be?

Avalanche Software hasn’t confirmed Hogwarts Legacy’s exact map. According to the look of things, the game looks massive. It is expected to take players beyond the well-known locations by introducing other wizarding areas for exploration.

These assumptions are based on the comments made by Alan Tew, Hogwarts legacy’s Game Director. In his statement, the director mentions that it was time to answer most players’ questions about what happens beyond the Forbidden Forest. Therefore, it is safe to assume Hogwarts Legacy will answer this question and allow players to explore beyond the Black Lake.

Several gameplay footage showcase the game’s detailed and rich open world. Players will be able to leave the primary game setting and adventure through the Scottish Highlands using their broomsticks. They can also land anywhere in the open world and explore the expansive grassland forests or mountain tops.

In addition, we expect the game to distribute various hamlets throughout the map, meaning there are many activities, including side quests, to expect. These adventures will improve the Harry Potter fans’ knowledge of what the wizarding world was like in the late 19th century.

Also, the bigger the Hogwarts Legacy map, the more enemies to expect. The game is set to feature iconic wizards and new enemy types in vast environments. Players should expect enemies to spawn from all directions, including rivers, swamps, and coastlines.

Hogwarts Legacy Map

Hogwarts Legacy’s main storyline will revolve around journeying beyond the Castle walls. It will feature previous Harry Potter characters and newly introduced ones, such as Professor Fig, who complement the game’s rich storyline.

All these events will take place in the extensive Hogwarts Legacy map. Avalanche Software released several gameplay footage, which gave us an idea of how the game’s map will be. We also saw the availability of magical methods to make it easier for players to move around the vast environment. For instance, broomsticks will be featured to reduce the time taken by players to move from one point to another.

Several confirmed Hogwarts Legacy areas were not featured on the revealed map, indicating that the total size is unknown. For example, the Diagon Alley and other urban spawns were not included in the released gameplay footage. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the game will give players separate loading screens to journey to these areas.

Avalanche Software has decided to go big and create a scalable Hogwarts Legacy map for Harry Potter die-hard fans. Therefore, gamers will have to perfect their abilities in balancing the multiple game mechanics for the ultimate gaming experience. We expect to see more combat, gathering, creature taming, and many other elements of the wizarding world.

If the game developer chooses to go bigger than this, it means a more comprehensive storyline. This means it will take longer to complete the game, and there will be more side quests.

The Bottom Line

It needs to be clarified how long the highly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy will be. However, according to the gameplay footage, the game will provide players with plenty of room to roam, meaning more activities and items to discover. We expect an expansive Hogwarts Legacy map filled with combat and puzzles. 

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