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Hogwarts Legacy Requirements

The best way to enjoy the new Hogwarts Legacy magical adventures is to have your device fully optimized. Hogwarts Legacy will be available for all previous-gen consoles, next-gen consoles, and PC. Avalanche Software, the game developer, has clearly outlined the minimum and recommended Harry Potter Legacy requirements to follow.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you want to run the game on peak settings to get the best gameplay features. Therefore, use this guide to walk you through the required and recommended system requirements before making your game pre-order and launching it later.

 Pc Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Requirements

The Hogwarts Legacy PC version is set for release on February 10, 2023, and the game developer has outlined the ideal system requirements required. As much as the game will run on most systems, it is best to get the right hardware for a seamless gaming experience. Therefore, use the specifications below to upgrade your device;

Hogwarts Legacy Minimum requirements (1080p, 60fps, Low Performance)

·        OS – 64-Bit Windows 10 or 11

·        CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or Intel Core i5 8400

·        GPU – AMD RX Vega 56 or NVidia GeForce GTX 1070

·        8 GB available RAM

·        85 GB available storage space

·        DirectX Version 12

·        8 GB available VRAM

Recommended system requirements (1080p, 60fps, High Quality)

·        OS – 64-Bit Windows 10 or 11

·        CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Intel Core i7 8700

·        GPU – AMD RX 5700 XT or NVidia GeForce 1080

·        16 GB available RAM

·        85 GB available storage space

·        DirectX Version 12

·        8 GB available VRAM

As much as the game supports hard drives, Avalanche Software recommends players install the action RPG game on SSD. According to the above minimum specifications, the game supports various hard drives. However, it is best to install Hogwarts Legacy on the ideal SSD for gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy will also allow players to tweak some game settings for the best gaming experience. Those who launch the game on Steam get access to preferred game settings, which recommend the best upscale options to boost fps. For instance, there are AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS references.

Hogwarts Legacy System Requirements Xbox

Hogwarts Legacy will also be available for Xbox owners – the Xbox Series X|S version will be available on February 10, 2023, and the Xbox One version will be available on April 4, 2023. Players can make their game pre-orders via the Microsoft Store or various gaming e-stores to enjoy discounts and additional package options.

This open-world action RPG game will be fully optimized for Xbox consoles. Therefore, Xbox users will have less to do to ensure the game is playable on their consoles.

Avalanche Software optimized Hogwarts Legacy for the Xbox Series X|S. The game version is done according to the Xbox Series X|S development kit, allowing it to take advantage of the series’ unique capabilities.

For instance, players launching Hogwarts Legacy on their Xbox Series X|S console will enjoy unparalleled load times, responsiveness, visuals, and framerates of up to 120 fps. Some Xbox-optimized features include 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, and Ray Tracing.

Hogwarts Legacy PS4 and PS5 Requirements

Sony’s previous and next-generation consoles will also optimize Hogwarts Legacy in various ways. These consoles feature innovative features to enhance the player’s gaming experience. One of the main features is the Dualsense which features a trigger effect that makes the experience more immersive.

Players who make Hogwarts Legacy PS4 or PS5 pre-orders get access to exclusive PlayStation content. Here are the magical benefits of launching the game on Sony’s consoles:

1.     Exclusive Quests

The Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation versions feature exclusive quests, such as the Haunted Hogsmeade quest. This quest takes players on an intriguing adventure featuring essential spells and collectibles for players to collect.

2.     Bonuses

There are also additional bonuses, such as the Hogsmeade Shop and the Shopkeeper cosmetic set. The Hogsmeade shop allows players to sell their items and gear at better rates. Players who complete the exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade quest receive a stylish shopkeeper cosmetic set.

3.     Pre-order bonuses

Sony also rewards gamers who make pre-order purchases with the Felix Felicis potion recipe. Players can use this liquid luck to reveal gear chests’ locations on the mini-map, making it easier to explore the areas.

PS5 users should expect a more entertaining and immersive gaming experience, thanks to the various innovative PS5 features. These improved attributes include:

·        DualSense wireless controller, which allows players to experience magical sensations.

·        3D audio for an immersive listening experience.

·        4K graphics promoting breathtaking visuals.

·        Ultra-fast SSD for faster loading time.

These are some of the additional PSS5 features which will make Hogwarts Legacy more enjoyable on Sony’s next-generation console.

The Bottom Line

Hogwarts Legacy is almost here with us; it is time to get our devices ready. Avalanche Software released the recommended and minimum requirements for players to observe, and above is a complete specification guide. PC users must do the most to keep their devices ready since Hogwarts legacy is ready to launch on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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