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Ghostwire Tokyo Type of Game

After the release of The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks is back with a new title called Ghostwire Tokyo. The previous work from the developer, The Evil Within, was a massive success in the industry. With barely a year since its release, the same can be said about Ghostwire Tokyo. The game is creating a storm, receiving numerous reviews from the gaming community. Ghostwire Tokyo rating is way up the scale and rising. Ghostwire Tokyo is a sure revolutionary in the gaming industry. Here is everything you should know about the Ghostwire Tokyo Type of Game.

What is Ghostwire Tokyo About

Ghostwire Tokyo is a title by Tango Gameworks. The game is an action shooter, a first-person video game with an open-world setting. Ghostwire Tokyo’s storyline takes you back into the horror world in the form of apocalyptic fantasy. The game’s map is designed to feature modern-day Tokyo with its impressive landmarks scattered throughout the game.

The gameplay begins with the mysterious disappearance of everyone in the city after a demonic fog engulfs the city. Akito, possessed by KK’s spirit, is the only alive human being. KK is a detective tracking the occultist that caused the people’s disappearance. Therefore, with the help of KK’s spirit, Akito must go on a mission to discover the truth, reveal secrets, and rescue the people.

What Are The Weapons Used in Ghostwire Tokyo?

You use supernatural abilities to fight the ghost now inhabiting the city unleashing terror in the streets. The weapons for combat consist of karate, a famous hand technique, and magic. In the developer’s words, Ghostwire Tokyo is where karate meets magic. Explore the open world of Tokyo, and collect rewards and spirits as you crash the demons. You can upgrade your abilities using the Meika, Magatama, or the Spirits you collect as you progress.

Unleash the powerful Ethereal Weave attack and prevent the occultist from getting to the underworld. Also, be ready to experience Japanese culture fully and enjoy the present-day Tokyo landmarks.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo Divided into Chapters

The game is divided into six chapters, each with two to five main missions. In turn, the missions contain side quests which begin in Chapter Two and end in Chapter Four. You have to complete each task to progress to the next chapter. However, the same doesn’t apply to the side quests. The side missions aren’t part of the main storyline but will help you understand the game better and immerse you deeper into Japanese culture. Also, you will earn rewards vital for abilities upgrades.

Since Ghostwire Tokyo doesn’t contain a tutorial, the first two chapters, which are the shortest, play this role. The last two chapters are also short, while Chapter Four includes a part called ‘the point of no return.’ You lock all the side missions when you cross this point to Chapter Five. The good news is that you can return to complete the side quest after finishing the last chapter. Also, you unlock the New Game Plus Mode after completing the previous chapter

Below is a list of the six chapters in Ghostwire Tokyo and the sixteen main missions divided into each chapter.

Chapter 1- Beginnings

●       The Vanishing

●       City of Shadows

Chapter 2- Trouble

●       KK

●       Clearing the Fog

●       A Maze of Death

●       The Buried Life

●       Caves of Steel

Chapter 3- Connection

●       Pillar of Light

●       Blindness

●       Agony

Chapter 4- Contortion

●       Giants

●       The Black Tower

Chapter 5- Severance

●       Family

●       Tokyo Tower

Chapter 6- Bonds

●       Mari

●       Gate to the Underworld

What is Ghostwire Tokyo’s PlayTime

Ghostwire Tokyo’s gameplay is relatively short compared to most open-world video games. It takes you around 11-15 hours to complete the main storyline. However, you can increase the gameplay time to approximately 35 hours by completing all the side quests. Therefore, despite the map’s small size, Ghostwire Tokyo offers a long run.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo Multiplayer

Solo play is fun but taking on quests with your friends or against them is the real deal for most players. The curiosity is whether or not Ghostwire Tokyo supports multiplayer. If you are searching for the answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

Unfortunately, Ghostwire Tokyo doesn’t support multiplayer options for multilayer lovers. There’s no PVP Multiplayer, Co-op, Cross Progression, Cross Gen Play, or Cross-Play in Ghostwire Tokyo. The game supports single-player mode, and you can play online and offline.

There’s no news on whether Ghostwire Tokyo will incorporate multiplayer options in the future. However, there’s hope for the players to consider games like Red Dead Redemption that include multiplayer in later versions. You should be ready for a solo adventure in the ghost-haunted, neon-lit Tokyo.


Ghostwire Tokyo falls into the action, first-shooter category of games incorporating the horror aspect. The open-world setting makes it an enjoyable game with its fantastic gameplay. Above are the essential details about Ghostwire Tokyo.

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