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How Much Does A PS6 Cost?

Sony gifted us with the amazing PS5 in November 2020, and gamers worldwide have hailed the console’s powerful abilities. Features like the improved haptic feedback incorporated in the DualSense controllers have been game-changers.

As much as it is the best gaming platform in the market, gamers can’t help but wonder when the next PlayStation installment is coming out. If there will be a next one, how much is the ps6 going to cost? This is one of the questions this review seeks to answer.

How Much Money Does a PS6 Cost?

PlayStation 6 is unavailable, and Sony has no official communication on the issue. The giant gaming company recently released the PlayStation 5 console, and it will be a while before we see the next installment. If we were to follow Sony’s trends, it would take another three to four years to get our hands on the PS6.

As much as there is no official confirmation of whether there will be a PS6, chances are that the console will launch in 2026. This will be about six years after the release of PS5. Also, Sony secured PlayStation trademark deals of up to PS10.

This speculated date might change, and it will take longer for gamers to enjoy a new gaming platform from Sony. According to a senior executive, the platform’s cycle was between 7 to 10 years. However, the company is willing to adjust to a 6 to 7-year release cycle because of the rapid technological changes.

Sony began PS4’s development in 2008, and the console launched five years later. This was also the same for PS5, whose development started in 2015 and was released in 2020. If Sony was to follow this trend, speculations suggest that they began PS6’s development in 2021, and if we were to add five years, the console might be here with us in 2026.

How Much Will PS6 Cost

There is no confirmation on the price of the PS6; therefore, this information is based on previous trends and informed assumptions. We expect the cost of the PS6 to be $600. This is because the earlier consoles retailed between $400 and $500 during their launch. We expect the console’s price to be higher during its launch; however, it will keep dropping after the period.

This price estimate needs to be revised since we are unsure of any improvements, extra features, hardware, or specifications. These aspects are crucial when determining a console’s price. If there are better features and more progress is made, the price point will go higher than the speculated $600.

Pre-orders are also not available. We expect they will become available after Sony confirms the console’s features. We will keep you updated on any future updates.

Possible PS6 Features

No details are made on the PS6’s features, and it is better to take the information below with a pinch of salt. The current PS5 console is excellent; however, there are various areas where Sony can improve on the PS6. For instance, it would be best to have completely wireless consoles. It would be nice if we were to charge all PS6 accessories wirelessly.

We expect storage enhancements, Ultimate compatibility, a more compact console design, complete VR integration, a better user interface, modular upgrades, and a Game series library. These are some of the PS5 aspects which gamers have found limiting or unsatisfactory. Sony might surprise us all by featuring more powerful features for a more immersive and entertaining gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

PS6 has yet to be out; however, getting prepared to launch it is okay. There is no official communication by Sony on the console’s price point. We have, however, used past trends to predict its release date and possible price. This and many other details are available above. 

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