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Is Forspoken Like Elden Ring?

2023 is a year for great video game releases, with legendary titles set to premiere at the year’s beginning. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, 2023 is the year to sharpen and showcase your prowess. Some of the great titles expected in 2023 include Forspoken and Elden Ring. Both titles have created a buzz in the industry since their announcement years ago.

However, as the days draw closer, fans want to learn as much as they can concerning the two titles. One of the main questions revolves around the comparison between the two games. This article tries to put the comparison in more straightforward terms and answers nagging questions, including is Forspoken like Elden Ring Reddit and Games Like Forspoken.

What is Forspoken About

Forspoken is an action RPG by Luminous Productions. The game revolves around Frey’s journey in Athia. Frey is a New York girl transported mysteriously to the land called Athia, and she must find her way home. To return home, she encounters numerous challenges, and she must use her newly acquired magical abilities to roam the dangerous and demanding Athia landscape as she battles monsters on the way.

Frey’s supernatural abilities, which she had no idea she possessed until she found herself in Athia, are critical to her survival. Luckily, she can traverse Athia’s open world using high-level fluidity, jump from horrifying heights, scale walls, dash with high speed, and vault past canyons.

Her journey through Athia, a strange and dangerous land, leads to a confrontation of beasts, powerful Tantas, and uncovering of dark secrets. Each combat earns Frey experience points which are used to upgrade her stats and combat skills. Frey can also craft new items and restore her health by resting in specific locations.

What is Elden Ring About

Elden Ring is a franchise by FromSoftware, the famous developers of the Dark Souls Series. Like the previous titles from the developer, Elden Ring is a title set in the fantasy horror world. The game is also an open world featuring a third-person perspective. Elden Ring’s gameplay revolves around restoring order in the fallen kingdom of the Lands Between and becoming the new Elden Lord.

As you traverse the lands, you must battle with demigods. To defeat them requires potent weapons and abilities such as casting magic spells, which Elden Ring places at your disposal. However, you’ll require different stats to wield weapons and cast spells. In the game, you’ll encounter NPCs who will help you in the quest or trade your essential items to use.

To restore your character’s health, you must rest at Sites of Grace throughout the game. The other notable feature is that as you progress through the game, you earn Runes which you can use to upgrade abilities or purchase items.

Is Forspoken Like Elden Ring

Many gamers are curious about the two games: Forspoken and Elden Ring. Therefore, there’s a raging debate on different topics, like is Forspoken like Elden Ring PC or is Forspoken like Elden Ring on Steam. These two games have many similarities, apart from being among the great titles in 2023.

What are Some of the Similarities between Forspoken and Elden Ring?

One of the most similarities between Forspoken and Elden Ring is that both are open-world games. Open-world games offer amazing gameplay as the gamer is around to traverse the lands at will without restriction to a particular path. The other similarity is that both games utilize supernatural abilities. In both cases, one of the standard abilities is casting magic spells to fight beasts, monsters, and demigods.

To restore the character’s health in Forspoken, you must rest at specific locations comparable to the Sites of Grace in Elden Ring. In addition, both games contain different stats that determine the power of a character and health.

To upgrade a character’s abilities, you must spend special coins earned from defeating monsters in battles. In Forspoken, you earn experience points; in Elden Ring, they are called Runes. In weaponry, both games allow the characters to craft special weapons for combat.

Are There Any Differences Between Forspoken and Elden Ring?

Despite the gameplay between Elden Ring and Forspoken being quite similar, both have a different final objective. In Forspoken, Frey’s goal is to find a way back home, while in Elden Ring, the Tarnished’s goal is to restore order and become the new Elden Lord.

Another critical factor is the mode of play. While Forspoken supports purely single-player mode, Elden Ring supports single-player and multiplayer modes. Another key difference is that Forspoken will be available only on PS5 and PC compared to Elden Ring, which will be available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


Elden Ring and Forspoken are among the biggest 2023 game releases. Despite the game’s coming from entirely different developers, they have a ton of similarities. However, there are a couple of differences too. Above is everything about the two games. More can be found on the respective game’s official platforms.

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