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How To Get the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall?

Hey there, Redfall fans! Ready to uncover some secrets in the game? Well, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll dive into the location of the Ferry Dock Key and show you how to use it. Trust us, this is a crucial step to unlocking alternative paths and hoarding weapons in the game. So, gear up, grab your stake, and let’s get started!

What Is a Ferry Deck Key?

The Ferry Deck Key is a hidden key in Redfall that is required to access the Ferry Deck and obtain a valuable shotgun. This key can be easily missed, as it is not marked on the map and can be located in an area that is not immediately obvious. The Ferry Deck Key is typically found in one of two locations: either on a corpse in the back of a truck in the parking lot near the Ferry, or on a table in a nearby building.

Once you have obtained the Ferry Deck Key, you can use it to access the Ferry Deck by unlocking the door near the Ferry. Inside, you will find the shotgun, as well as some other valuable items. The shotgun is an excellent weapon to start with, and will help you to take down the many vampires that you will encounter throughout the game.

Overall, the Ferry Deck Key is an important item to find in Redfall, as it will give you access to a powerful weapon that can help you to survive in the game’s dangerous world. It is important to search thoroughly and keep an eye out for any hidden keys or items, as they can often be the key to success in Redfall.

How to Get Ferry Deck Key

In Redfall, players can find the Ferry Deck Key on the ship’s Observation Deck. To get there, players should head to the large area where the Coffee Bar is located and make their way to the seating area on the deck’s far end. Once there, players can use a melee attack or bullet to break the large windows and access the exterior deck. From here, players should turn to the right and drop through the open hatch to enter a small room where they will find the Ferry Deck Key on a lanyard in a corpse’s hand.

Finding the Ferry Deck Key is important because it will grant players access to the Ferry Dock where they can find a useful shotgun to start the game with. This shotgun can come in handy when facing off against the bloodsucker-infested island of Redfall. As players explore the island, they will encounter many doors with hidden keys, and the Ferry Dock Key is just the first of many. So, it’s important for players to keep their eyes peeled for any hidden keys or items that can aid them in their quest to survive Redfall.

A Complete Breakdown of Steps to Find Ferry Deck Key in Redfall

If you want to find the Ferry Deck Key in Redfall and get some early rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. After waking up, head past the captain’s dead body and down the stairs.
  2. In the café, turn right towards the large windows overlooking the deck.
  3. Look for a dead woman with a gun to the right of the windows. Use her gun to shatter the windows or melee them to break the glass.
  4. Climb through the broken glass onto the deck.
  5. Turn right and find a hatch leading to a lower floor.
  6. Jump down through the hatch and look above the door to find a man holding the Ferry Dock Key.

An Alternative Way For the Ferry Deck Key

There is an alternative way to get the Key, but it requires a bit of luck. You’ll need to find a lockpick, which can be randomly obtained by looting bodies or cars. Then head down the second flight of stairs past the lounge area and look for a door on the right-hand side. Use the lockpick to open it and grab the Ferry Deck key. Alternatively, you can smash the large windows in the opening cabin room and vault over them to access the same outside area of the ship that the Ferry Deck key leads to. This way, you won’t even need the key to begin with.

Where to Use Ferry Deck Key

The Ferry Deck Key is an essential item for players to progress in Redfall’s Dead in the Water mission. With this key, players can unlock the double door on the Observation Deck and obtain a shotgun, which can be a helpful weapon for the rest of the game. Without the key, players can still complete the mission by accessing the Parking Deck and using a nearby Door Release to raise a large metal door. However, using the Ferry Deck Key is the only way to access the shotgun, which can make combat encounters easier. Additionally, the key is a valuable collectible for completionists who want to explore every area of Redfall and uncover all of its secrets.

In conclusion, the Ferry Deck Key allows players to access a shotgun and open certain doors on the ferry. It can be found on a corpse on the exterior deck, or alternatively by using a lockpick on a door in the lower levels of the ship. Once obtained, the key can be used to open the double doors on the Observation Deck and access the shotgun, or to open other locked doors throughout the game. However, it is possible to complete the Dead in the Water mission without collecting the key, although players will miss out on the shotgun. With these tips, players can easily find and use the Ferry Deck Key to gain an advantage in Redfall.

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