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Redfall Steam Deck Best Settings and Performance

Hey, gamers! Are you ready to slay some vampires on the go? We’ve got some exciting news for you! Redfall has been verified for the Steam Deck, but can it handle the game’s wonky performance? We’re about to find out. In this article, we’ll be diving into Redfall’s performance on the Steam Deck, as well as the best settings to optimize your vampire hunting experience. Don’t miss out on this one, it’s going to be a bloody good time.

Is Redfall Steam Deck Compatible?

Great news for all the vampire-hunting fans out there! Redfall is now available on Steam Deck, and it has been officially verified as compatible with the portable PC. You can download the game from your library or purchase it from the store, and it can be stored on the console storage or SD card. However, to achieve better performance, you might need to tweak some settings, such as scaling the visuals back to low, dialing back the resolution to 720p, and switching on AMD FSR 2.1 upscaling. While the experience is not ideal, it’s still worth checking out the game, especially as PC Game Pass subscribers can play it for free.

How Does Redfall Perform on Steam Deck?

Redfall on Steam Deck is not the ideal experience that most gamers would expect. Although it is compatible with the device, the game’s performance might be inconsistent, with frames per second ranging from 30 to 50, and frequent dips and crashes. Texture pop-in is also an issue, and the AI often fails to react. Docked mode is even worse, with a lower framerate and a blurry, saturated display.

However, firing up Redfall on the Steam Deck is easy and painless, and there are no incompatible anti-cheat or launchers to deal with. The installation size of 77GB may be too much for the entry-level Steam Deck, but this can be solved with the addition of a microSD card. Finally, Redfall’s always-online requirement can be a problem for portable devices, but the game director has mentioned that they are working on fixing it.

The Best Setting For Redfall

If you want to get the best possible performance out of Redfall on the Steam Deck, there are a few settings tweaks you can make to optimize the game for the portable device. Here are the recommended settings:

Motion Blur ScaleOff
Anti-AliasingDoesn’t matter, it’s replaced by FSR 2.1 anyway
Effects QualityLow
Foliage QualityLow
Post Processing QualityMedium
Shading QualityLow
Shadow QualityMedium
Texture QualityMedium
View Distance QualityLow
UpscalingFSR 2.1 (Performance mode, sharpening on 0)
Resolution1280×800 (16:10)
Redfall Steam Deck Recommended Settings

By sticking to a mix of Low and Medium quality settings and enabling FSR upscaling, you can improve the game’s performance without sacrificing too much in the way of visual fidelity. It’s also worth noting that you can adjust the Controller Sensitivity value in the Controller menu to make aiming with the right stick feel more consistent and manageable. While Redfall’s performance on the Steam Deck isn’t perfect, these settings should help to make the game a more enjoyable experience on the portable device.

Is Steam Deck Really Good For Playing Games?

Are you looking for a portable gaming device that can run your Steam library on the go? Then the Steam Deck might be the answer. With its custom AMD processor, quad-core CPU, and RDNA 2 GPU, the Steam Deck is a lot of a machine packed into a clunky handheld package. It features a 7-inch screen, and its Linux backbone includes a full desktop environment that allows for tinkering and classic game emulation. With 64GB-512GB of onboard storage, expandable via microSD, the Steam Deck is a great device for taking your Steam library on the go.

However, the Steam Deck has some cons. The single USB-C port limits connection options, and the unwieldy design is not ideal for a portable gaming system. The Steam Deck’s battery life can vary depending on what games you play, but it’s not ideal for long play sessions without plugging into a power socket. Additionally, game mods may require a lot of tinkering. Despite its cons, the Steam Deck is still a powerful machine that runs Steam games consistently well and provides great retro game emulation. Dock compatibility adds TV and the monitor support, making it a versatile gaming device.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Arkane’s previous work and the idea of a Dying Light-style game with vampires intrigues you, Redfall might be worth checking out later down the line after some more work has been put into it. If you do decide to play it, we would recommend checking out some guides or hacks on our blog Attract Mode to get the best performance possible on Steam Deck.

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