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How to Leave Camp Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate is an acclaimed video game series since its first title in 1998 and the second in 2000. Therefore, the release of a new title, Baldur’s Gate 3, has drawn an uproar in the industry, with fans eagerly waiting to experience the full version of the game. Baldur’s Gate 3 was released earlier as an early access. The gameplay offers a ton of adventure and events to participate in. One of the major events in Baldur’s Gate 3 is camping. However, it has been drawing many questions from the players.

How do I leave Camp Baldurs Gate? You’re in the right place for the answer to this question. Read on to find out more.

How to Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

As noted, camping is one of the key activities you must take part in the game. Camping will not only provide you with rest but a ton of other benefits. To set camp, you must be in a safe spot away from the battle and enemies. Note that you set camp with your companions; hence you should locate a safe and big place to accommodate everyone.

After locating a camping place, you’ll find a camp option on the screen’s right side. Click on the option, and you will set camp successfully. At the camp, interact with your companions before going to sleep. Interacting with your companions is useful in getting their approval, acquiring information regarding quests, and romancing them.

You can swap your companions at the camp or recruit new members to the party (and even create a fully custom party!). This will help in building specific strategies for the battles. Camping will replenish the party member’s health and restore the Hit Points and powers.

Click on the bedroll to sleep after completing interactions with your companions. There are two sleeping options to choose from, short and long rest.

Short Rest

To take a short rest, you’ll find options on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the fourth icon, a closed eye. Taking a short rest will partially restore the party’s Hit Points and the Spell Lots. However, you won’t utilize the camp supplies. Note that you can only take one short rest, then you must take a long rest.

Long Rest

The long rest option is the third option on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on it and confirm you want to take a long rest and the party will head to the campsite. At the camp, you can click on the bedroll or campfire, and the party will take a long rest after they confirm. Taking a long rest will restore the Spell Lots and Hit Points fully. However, it will consume your supplies. Note that you can only take a long rest with camp supplies.

Additional Camp Events in Baldur’s Gate 3

Resting will trigger the game timer, meaning time-sensitive missions will fail. However, resting will trigger certain events and advance certain quests.

When camping, you’ll find a dog outside the Blighted Village. Scratch it to bring it to the camp as a pet for the party members. This will increase the affection of the party members towards you. Other events will take part at the camp, including Dream lover scenes and Astarion sucking your blood. You should let Asterion suck your blood as you sleep, increasing his approval for you.

Also, during the camp resting, Raphael will come during the night and offer to take out the parasite (Removing the Parasite Quest). Some quests, like the Goblin Quest (Save the Refugees), will force you to create a camp. After completion of the quest, there will be a party at the camp. You should invite one of your companions to spend the night with you, hence increasing approval. You can take either of the conflicting sides at the quest.

How Do You Get Out of the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Goblin Camp is one of the places you must create a camp to complete the Save the Refugee Camp. However, you may get stuck at the camp without knowing how to leave. The good news is that you’re not doomed and can easily leave camp.

To complete the quest, kill all the Goblin leaders at the camp. After doing this, it’s time to leave camp. However, you cannot leave through the main doors as access is denied. Luckily, there’s a secret door that is easy to miss. Climb the rafters, and you’ll access a secret door after destroying the wall.

Getting out through the top will offer you a higher ground for fighting with the enemies outside the camp. Kill them as they try to climb up to get you. Firewine or Oil Barrels are perfect for this task. Roll them downwards and light them up.

While camping, you may experience a bug where you wake up during the daytime. To leave, press the camp button or use fast travel.

Bottom Line

Many players have noted that leaving camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be challenging. However, to ease your way out, follow the guidelines above to set camp and leave at will.

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