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How to Put League of Legends in Full Screen?

Playing PC video games offers you maximum gaming experience by providing visual aesthetics of the game. Therefore, many gamers prefer playing games in full-screen mode. One of the popular games in the industry is League of Legends. The game’s flexibility allows you to play on phones, laptops, or computers. 

Unfortunately, the game poses the challenge of the full-screen display of too many gamers. The problem can be frustrating if you enjoy your games in full-screen mode. However, worry no more if you’re wondering whether you can play League of Legends in full screen. Read on to learn how to make League of Legends full-screen.

Why is LoL Not Full Screen?

The first question is why League of Legends is not full-screen. There are different reasons for this problem. You can quickly fix most of these problems without needing a high-level technician. However, some issues will require a technician.

One of the key causes of League of Legends not displaying in full screen is low game resolution. Changing the game’s resolution will quickly sort out this issue. The other key reason is your PC’s video drivers. Faulty or lower-level video drivers will affect the game’s display. The good news is this is one of the easily fixable causes of League of Legends not displaying in full screen.

Another cause may be the wrong installation of the game’s folder. If some files are not correctly installed, you face a high chance of some game options not working or working incorrectly. Also, the lack of full display may result from bugs and glitches, which you can fix by running the game’s troubleshooter.

As noted, most of the causes of League of Legends not displaying on full screen are easily solved. We have sorted the most common options and how to fix them to restore full screen quickly.

How to Make League of Legends Full Screen?

One of the common questions is how do I make my League of Legends full screen. Don’t let the lack of a full-screen display in League of Legends curtail your fun and gaming experience. Many gamers have experienced this problem and solved it by adjusting the game’s settings. Below are some of the highly rated remedies for this problem.

To begin with, check your video drivers and update them if necessary. You can easily update your drivers from many tutorials online. After the update, try running the game and see if the problem is fixed.

The second option is changing the game’s resolution. You can easily do this by accessing the League of Legends game settings menu option. After clicking on the settings option, select the video. The game will provide different resolution options to choose from. Experiment with the other resolutions to see which best fits your screen display. The hack here is to experiment in practice before getting into the actual campaign.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the game’s files can resolve the wrong installation. However, note that this will delete all of your game’s progress. Therefore, this should be your last option, and ensure to back up your progress before uninstalling the game. Before uninstalling the game, consider rebooting it to see if the problem gets fixed.

How do you uninstall League of Legends?

·   Open the Settings window on the computer.

·   Search and click on Apps.

·   On the left-hand side, click on Apps & Features.

·   On the right-hand side, access the Search this List and search League of Legends.

·   After locating the game, click Uninstall.

Reinstall the game by opening the official RIOT support website and clicking on the Download for Windows option.

Below is a list of other settings you can change to fix the full-screen problem.

Using the League of Legends Windowed Mode

·   Access the Settings menu by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard.

·   Click on the Video option.

·   Select the Windowed mode to access a dropdown box.

·   From the dropdown list, click Full screen.

·   Wait for the changes to be adjusted.

·   Confirm the settings.

The Window Size Option

·   Access the Settings window and click on the icon.

·   Click on the General tab on the left-hand side.

·   On the right-hand side, select the Window size.

·   Scroll on the list to change your resolution.

·   Save the changes by clicking Done.

Using the Game’s Troubleshooter

·   Click the Settings icon.

·   On the left-hand side, click on the General tab.

·   Scroll to the Troubleshooting option.

·   Click on Initiate Full Repair.

·   Follow the instructions.

·   Upon completion, the game will be fully repaired.

What’s The Default LoL Screen Size?

League of Legends’ default screen size resolution is set at 1920 x 1080. However, you can easily change the resolution of your choice, as noted.

To activate the Windowed Mode on League of Legends, click the ESC `button simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Despite Windowed Mode providing advantages like accessing other apps and windows while playing, most gamers prefer the Full-Screen mode. The full-screen mode will ensure you get the whole gaming experience and other advantages. Follow the guidelines above to play League of Legends on full screen and enjoy the experience.

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