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How to Put League of Legends On Second Monitor?

League of Legends is one of the best games today however, it doesn’t excel in all aspects, such as the display. According to most game reviews, many players complain that the game has a display problem, and there is no in-game setting or option to fix that.

The good news is that there is a way to fix all this externally. This guide will show you how to play games on your second monitor windows 10 and save the time you would have wasted navigating your Settings screen. Therefore, if you have the privilege of having two monitors at home, use these simple steps to connect the game to your second monitor.

How to Open League of Legends On Second Monitor?

If you want League of Legends to work on Dual monitors, you will have to do this externally. It is easy to change and adjust these settings and connect to another monitor. Some of the options to try include;

Setting as The Primary Monitor

The first fix to attempt is changing the secondary monitor and setting it as the primary option. You can easily do this through your Window’s display settings.

1.     Click the Start icon at the bottom of your screen, select the Settings option, and then open the Display tab.

2.     Click the Identify button to see your primary and secondary displays.

3.     After identifying the two, select the secondary monitor then scroll down until you see the ‘Multiple Displays’ setting.

4.     Click the box next to this setting to switch to your second monitor.

5.     Launch League of Legends and see if it plays on your second monitor.

Sometimes the game might bring issues after following the above steps and trying to launch it on the second monitor. If this ever happens to you, there are several ways to fix it, such as:

Checking Your User Account Settings

To do this:

1.     Click on Start option on your desktop and search for the Control Panel.

2.     Open the Panel and choose the Security & Maintenance option.

3.     Select ‘Change User Control Settings.’

4.     There is a slider running from Never Notify to Always Notify. If it is at Never Notify, slide it slightly to Always Notify.

5.     Save your changes and try launching the game another time.

If this doesn’t work and the game doesn’t launch, there is a second alternative.

Windows Apps Troubleshooter

To do this:

1.     Click on Search on your desktop and open the Settings page.

2.     Click on Update & Security, then Troubleshoot.

3.     Scroll to the page’s end and select Windows Store App.

4.     Click on Run Troubleshooter option, which scans your Windows Store to check for any issues. The Troubleshooter will fix any potential issues.

5.     Close the Window and launch League of Legends.

Drag The Game to A Second Screen

If you wish to keep your primary monitor option the same, a simple way to make the switch is to drag the game to the second monitor. The process is similar to dragging folders from one display to another.

Launch League of Legends and access it in its Windowed Mode. You can activate the windowed mode in the Options Menu then clicking on the Video tab.

1.     Drag the game to the secondary monitor.

2.     If this works for you, you don’t have to repeat step 1 always. The next time you launch the game, press ALT+ENTER then drag the game.

Using Third-Party Tools

Here is another League of Legends dual monitor fix, although a riskier option. Using third-party software is prohibited, and you should be careful with those you use. According to several game reviews, players reported that the above steps never worked for them and decided to use third-party tools.

Several dual monitor tools work, and you should consider them. These options include; DisplayFusion, OnTopReplica, and OBS. The most trusted and safer option is OBS, and here is how you can use it:

1.     Download and launch OBS. Start the program, then click on + sign available on the Sources tab.

2.     Choose the ‘Display Capture’ option.

3.     You’ll be required to create a source and name it whatever you wish.

4.     You’ll also have to highlight LoL’s game display mode and click Ok.

5.     It is best to disable the ‘Capture Cursor’ option.

6.     Select and right-click on the created source, then select Filters.

7.     Click on + sign, then ‘Crop/Pad.’

8.     Resize the Window to your desired scale.

9.     Close then move OBS to the secondary monitor.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to play League of Legends on your second monitor, you might have a difficult time. There are no in-game settings to help you with the transition you must do it yourself. The above are practical and effective ways to put LoL on your second monitor. 

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