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How to Parry on Elden Ring?

Are you looking for ways to become an Elden Lord? You need a mastery of skills to take down enemies as efficiently as possible. Also, some skills will aid in escaping or blocking the enemy attack. Learning all the effective skills will render you a master of Elden Ring. Parrying is one of the skills you must learn to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Pulling this stance will get your enemy off guard and expose them to your attack. Look no further for an Elden Ring parry guide. Learn how to parry on Elden Ring and Elden Ring parry build, among other related items.

What’s Parrying in Elden Ring?

Parry is an Elden Ring skill- that allows you to block an enemy’s attack leaving the enemy vulnerable. If you’re quick enough, you can seize the moment to counterattack and render powerful shots that will get the opponent unaware. The skill is effective on regular to high-level Elden Ring bosses. Therefore, learning how to parry will place you at an advantage, taking down bosses, completing challenges, and becoming the Lord.

Like previous Dark Souls titles by From Software, parrying requires a lot of concentration and perfect timing. The mechanics across all the games are similar. However, in Elden Ring, parrying is only available on some weapons. To parry, you require special items and shields.

The good news is the items and shields required to parry are easy to obtain. The Ashes of War allows you to customize the skill depending on your weapon. You can parry with many of the game’s shields. In addition, you can use Ashes of War to undo the parry ability from shields.

When you pull a successful parry skill on the opponent, they will be at your mercy to take them down. This will offer you the confidence to take on high-level bosses without doubts. However, you must practice using parry to your advantage effectively.

How to Parry on Elden Ring

As noted, pulling a perfect parry stance leaves the enemy at your mercy, and you can easily take them down with a few hits. However, timing is vital when using the parry skill. Engaging the skill earlier or later will expose you to the enemy’s attack. Therefore, you must learn how to pull a parry stance effectively. Don’t let a boss block your way to the throne as the Elden Ring Lord. Learn how to parry on Elden Ring and become a master of the skill.

To parry, you require a shield equipped with the parry skill. There are specific shields in Elden Ring equipped with the parry skill by default. However, you’ll require Ashes of War to apply compatible shields to equip them with the skill.

How to Put Parry on a Shield Elden Ring

Ashes of War in Elden Ring is used to equip weapons with unique skills. You can collect Ashes of War throughout the game in specific locations. As noted, to equip a weapon with the parry skill using Ashes of War, the weapon must be compatible with the skill. You can use the default parry skills on specific shields against bosses or in PvP mode. For parry-compatible shields, apply Ashes of War to equip them with the skill.

You can purchase the Ashes of War Parry at the Warmaster Shack from the Knight Bernhal- in Limgrave. The Ash war equips you with the parrying skill and standard affinity. If you hold the parry-equipped shield in your left hand, the weapon is prioritized during an attack over a right-handed weapon equipped with Ashes of War.

So How Do You Parry in Elden Ring?

To begin, you must hold a shield with the parry skill on your left hand. Here, timing is critical. Therefore, when the enemy is about to unleash a powerful hit on you, press the LT/L2 controller button. This depends on the platform you’re using.

If the skill is successful, the enemy will recoil, and you don’t take any hits. However, if you don’t pull the stance perfectly, the shield will protect you, but you’ll receive a massive blow.

Elden Ring How to Parry on Keyboard

Elden Ring is available on PC, among other platforms. Therefore, you may wonder how to apply the parry skill using your keyboard. The skill is simple to use. Hold the Shift button and right-click on the mouse.

Elden Ring Parry Shield

As noted, you can parry with the already equipped shields or use Ashes of War on compatible shields. The shields equipped with the parry skill by default include.

  • Scripture Wooden Shield
  • Rift Shield
  • Red Thorn Round shield
  • Rickety Shield
  • Leather Shield
  • Medium Shields

You can use many more shields to parry in Elden Ring by equipping them with the Ashes of War.

Bottom Line

Parrying in Elden Ring can be challenging. It requires more practice and perfection in timing compared to dodging skills. However, pulling a perfect parry skill will help you trounce the enemy. Above is everything you need to know to become a parry master in Elden Ring.

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