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How to Use Legacy Keys in Dota 2?

Have you noticed that most Dota 2 veterans use hotkeys, including most gamers who qualify for the International Championships? These keys can be the difference between amazing teamwork and defeat. Therefore, it is best to know how to use them since they are better for smoother casting.

If you have no idea what Dota 2 legacy keys are or how to use them, here is a complete review to help you. You’ll learn everything from how to set legacy keys Dota 2 to how to use them strategically.

What Is Legacy Keys Dota 2

Legacy keys are special keys designed for each unit and hero. These key options are available on the hero page. The good news is that they work perfectly, and players cannot confuse their Ability keys when using legacy keys. Dota 2 players who use legacy keys find the gaming experience more comfortable since they are easy to remember.

These are the keys pros use to dominate the battlegrounds. They are very effective, and a team with members who’ve mastered their use is unstoppable. So, how do you use legacy keys in Dota 2?

How to Use Legacy Keys in Dota 2

It is easy to use these the first step is activating the feature. To turn the legacy keys on;

  1. Open your game’s main menu and locate the Hotkeys options.
  2.  Click on Advanced Hotkeys, then Hotkey Options.
  3. Check the box next to ‘Use Legacy Keys,’ and you are good to know.

Note that the legacy keys assigned to each hero vary. Also, activating these keys means switching from using the usual QWERTY controls to a much more game-focused control system. The good news is that this transition doesn’t affect your ability controls.

Dota 2 offers players a comprehensive list of the keys assigned to each hero. You can access these key combinations on the Hero’s page. If you are a Dota fan, you will find it easier to use these legacy Keys than the basic controls.

If you are comfortable with the basic QWERTY controls, there is no need to transition to legacy keys. However, you might find it challenging to team up with players using these keys or take down gamers who have mastered the controls.

It can also be challenging to get used to these keys. The fastest way to learn them is to pick a hero character you haven’t played before and read their assigned legacy keys. This is because you haven’t mastered their QWERTY controls and have to use the legacy keys to control them. After learning one, it is easy to transition to other characters.

How to Change Legacy Keys in Dota 2

If you find it difficult to manage or use the key combinations, you can alter them and pick your desired combinations. To change legacy keys in Dota 2:

  1. Open your Steam Client, then right-click on ‘Dota 2’ under your games tab.
  2. Go to SteamApps > common > dota 2 beta > data
  3. (datakeys. lst)
  4. pak01_000. vpk, invoker skills)
  5. Click on the box next to ‘Legacy Keys.’
  6. Launch the game.

As simple as that. This simple technique will help you create a customized Dota 2 control system, making it easier to control your heroes.

Most players change the legacy keys because some might be too close to each other. They tend to find themselves confusing moves or controls, rendering them vulnerable in battle.

Are there Hotkeys in Dota 2?

Yes. Also, hotkeys are available for players to use to make their gaming experience more efficient. It could be a single key or a combination of mouse buttons, keys, and a scroll mouse. These keys allow players to alter the game’s default controls.

Some common hotkeys used by Dota 2 veterans include; ALT+D, ALT+E, ALT+F, ALT+R, ALT+Q, and ALT+W. These controls are easier to get used to and are quicker for players to implement.

The good news is that they work effectively on most Windows versions, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

What Are the Advantages of Using Legacy Keys in Dota 2?

QWERTY and legacy keys are reliable Dota 2 controls however, these keys are much more efficient. Players who use them find it easier to control their heroes and bring out their unique skills or attributes.

However, if you are used to the basic QWERTY controls, there is no need to transition. However, other gamers might have a slight advantage in combat since they will use hero-customized controls, which are more effective and easy to initiate.

The Bottom Line

Dota 2 offers players alternative control options known as legacy keys. These keys are game-customized and vary from hero to hero. They are also easy to learn, and once you master them, it becomes easier to control your team on the battlefield and lead others to victory. Therefore, if your goal is playing at the International Dota 2 Championships, learning to use these keys is your first step to securing a spot. 

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