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rebith in elden ring

How to Use Rebirth in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring takes players to the intense and action-filled Lands Between, where they must fight for survival. Players worldwide enjoy wild adventures as they explore and face tough bosses.

There is a lot to learn about the Elden Ring, and one important factor is Rebirth. Rebirth is an option that becomes available to players during their adventures, and it is best to learn how it works. Read this guide to learn how to perfect rebirth Elden Ring and use rebirth to turn the intense boss fights to your advantage.

What Is Rebirth in Elden Ring?

Rebirth is a game mechanic which allows players to reset their character stats. This feature changes a character’s Build and reallocates their attribute points. This feature is crucial since it allows games to meet their stat requirements for new spells, weapons, and other equipment. It is easy to use this feature; for instance, if a player wants to improve their strength build, they can achieve rebirth to their strength attribute points and make a Strength rebuild.

How to Rebirth Elden Ring After Sellen Quest

The Rebirth game mechanic only becomes available to players after defeating Rennala. This Elden Ring rebirth larva quest requires players to unlock Rebirth at NPC Rennala. It is a process to get and defeat the Queen of the full moon, and here is how to go about it.

Head to Raya Lucaria Academy, and you will find it in the Liernia of Lake region. You must make your way to the academy using the Glintstone Key.

  1. Head to the Debate Parlor, where you will find a boss you can easily take down.
  2. After defeating the boss, go to the Raya Lucaria Library. Here is where you will meet the Queen of the moon.
  3. Defeat Rennala, head back to the library, and choose the Rebirth Option.

For the Rebirth game mechanic to work, players must retrieve the Larval Tears. They have to get this special item and take it to Rennal for everything to work. Here are the areas to find the larval Tears;

  • Mt. Gelmir
  • Consecrated Snowfield
  • Albinaurics village
  • Caelid
  • Altus Plateau
  • Liurnia of Lakes
  • Limgrave
  • Siofra River well
  • Royal Moon Gazing grounds
  • Nokron

Retrieving the larval tears is the final step to unlocking Elden Ring’s rebirth game attribute. Now that you have the Rebirth, what next?

How to Use Perfect Rebirth Elden Ring?

Players must retrieve the larval tears to activate or use the Rebirth feature. After defeating Rennala, the Rebirth menu gets activated, and here is where players can rebuild their character stats. This menu allows them to clear their levels and use the larval tears to reassign the attributes from square one.

Gamers must reassign all levels until they reach their character’s current level. One cannot make changes and leave attributes lower than what were before. Therefore, no character stat should be below the initial level after a rebuild.

During this process, it is the Larval Tears that get consumed. After confirming the allocation of the desired stats to the different levels, the game will prompt you to accept the changes made. Ensure that you confirm and save the changes for Rebirth to take effect.

When to Use Rebirth in Elden Ring?

Once you defeat Rennala, Elden Ring will allow you to perform Rebirth whenever you wish. It is up to you to know when to upgrade your character’s attributes and at what cost. Elden Ring wants you to make this decision yourself.

If you don’t know when to activate Rebirth in Elden Ring, here are some instances when you should:

  1. After Finding a Unique Weapon

In this case, a unique weapon is one you haven’t interacted with before. For instance, you might find a weapon with excellent Faith attributes, but your character’s specialization is Intelligence. Therefore, it is best to use Rebirth to reset the stats and give your character a Faith build to use the newly acquired weapon effectively.

  1. Changing Your Playing Style

Use rebirth to rearrange your stats if you feel it is time to switch things up and change your play style. For example, if you are tired of playing as a sorcerer, rebuild your character to transition to your desired form.

  1. Switch Things Up

The Rebirth function will help you try various game forms if you are eager to try as many Elden Ring mechanics as possible. For instance, if you began your adventures with the Dexterity build, you can use this feature to switch to Intelligence. You might also want to increase your Magic and Faith stats to use various unique weapons.

  1. Correct Your Mistakes

The Rebirth feature is here to aid you if you need to correct your character customization. After going through several game levels, realize you aren’t achieving your desired build; use this feature to fix everything. Use it to reset your stats and focus on the attributes you wish to strengthen. 

Why Is Rebirth Important in Elden Ring?

Players have aired different views on Elden Ring’s Rebirth, with some criticizing the gameplay feature. Rebirth has its advantages, which some players need to recognize. For instance, this feature allows characters to progress to the next levels. Without the feature, players would spend hours trying to survive battles with tough bosses.

Also, this gameplay mechanic makes it easier for players to master the game. It is easy to switch and improve various attributes and then observe how the gameplay works. This way, one can strategically alter their character’s attributes to match the situation. If you fight a tough enemy and wish to take them out instantly, you can alter the stats to a combination that exploits their enemy’s weaknesses.

Finally, it gives a second chance to players. New players with little game knowledge can reset their progress once they learn the game’s basics. If you still need to see the benefits of Rebirth, it is best to try it.

The Bottom Line

Elden Ring’s Rebirth gameplay mechanic is a feature game veterans use to win tough battles and be a dominant force on the battlefield. This feature allows players to reset their attributes and create their desired build. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy Elden Ring more, use this guide to learn how to use the attribute. 

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