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Nobody Saves the World Egg Locations

Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG game that requires you to save the world from a reawakening of ancient calamity. One gameplay feature that makes the game enjoyable is the character’s ability to take on various forms. These form transformations make it easy to move through tight spaces, swim, etc.

The most powerful transformation in Nobody Saves the World is the Dragon Transformation. To unlock this transformation, players have to locate the five egg locations. This guide will show you how to access these nests and give you more insight into opening the powerful Dragon form.

Where Does Nobody Saves the World Egg Locations?

The five egg locations, nests are distributed through the Nobody Saves the World map; you don’t have to retrieve them in any order, but the fourth and fifth nests become available after unlocking the northern part of the map. Therefore, you can get the first three Nobody Saves the World eggs at:

Location 1

The first Nobody Saves the World egg location is next to the Horse Mines Sub-Dungeon. When you get to the sub-dungeon at the beginning of the game, move south through the crawlspace, then west, where you’ll find the nest.

Location 2

Head west to the Ancient Robot, then take the path Northwest, where you’ll see a house with staircase icons. Enter the house, then take the stairs down. Keep moving until you exit and find yourself behind the house, where you’ll see the second nest.

Location 3

The first step to locating the third egg is to get to the Eldritch Gourd dungeon. From this location, move south to get to the Marshlands. Keep moving until you reach the far end, then take the path west. You will find a Mana fairy here and a nest on the ledge.

You will have to transform into a form that allows you to swim and circle the cliff. There is a pathway leading to the nest covered by leaves, and it is possible to miss it.

The remaining two locations require players to unlock half of the map’s northern part. To gain the north part, gamers have to get two crystal shards. Getting these shards is straightforward, and each quest begins at the dungeons they are closest to. The crystal shards appear on your map, making it easier to traverse and get them.

Once you find the shards, continue with your quest to find the other two eggs in these locations:

Location 4

Travel to the Beheaded Behemoth Dungeon, and there is a nest behind it. Prepare for an adventure because once you get to the dungeon, move west, and circle your way up the walkway until you get to the teleport point. After that, take the path east, then south to find your fourth Nobody Saves the World egg nest.

Location 5

The final egg location is close to the Secret Corporation dungeon. When you get to the dungeon, head south, and when you get close to the boundary to the Crystal Mines, head east, where you’ll find a hidden pathway. Take the path, and it will lead you to the final nest.

Other Requirements for Unlocking the Dragon in Nobody Saves The World

Yes. Apart from finding the five egg locations, there are a few other criteria players have to unlock. The Dragon transformation is the final, and you can expect it to take some time. To unlock the Dragon form, players have to have the following:

  1. The C-Rank in the Robot Transformation
  2. The C-Rank in the Necromancer Transformation.
  3. The S-Rank in the Egg Transformation.

We have already looked at the Egg nest locations that will help you unlock the third criterion. It is easy to achieve the C Ranks in the Robot and Necromancer transformations. You can unlock them through regular gameplay after completing various transformation quests that will take you to the C Rank.

Also, note that you will attain the S Rank for egg transformation once you retrieve all eggs. For instance, once you locate the first egg location, you will begin at the F Rank. Then, when you sit on the next nest, your rank keeps leveling up until you get to the S Rank once you get to the last nest in the northern part of the map.

After getting to these ranks, you will unlock the Dragon transformation, which has the following abilities:

  • Passive Ability
  • Signature Attack
  • D Rank
  • B Rank.

After unlocking the Dragon form, you will also earn the “Behold my true form and despair!” achievement. The above abilities give you more power to face the final boss, who puts up an intense fight.

The Bottom Line

There are various forms in the Nobody Saves the World video game, and the most powerful is the Dragon transformation. This powerful form requires players to meet specific criteria, such as finding the five egg locations. However, after going through this guide, finding the nests, rising through the ranks, and getting the Dragon form is effortless. 

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