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Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge Mission 2 Not Working

Are you having trouble with the Sniper Elite 5 challenge mission? Various players have raised their concerns with this mission objective. For example, some claim not getting the powerful rifle after hitting the target, and others claim the mission status does not update, even after completion.

It is easy to fix if you are experiencing any of these concerns or any other issue with the game’s challenge mission 2. Read along to learn the quick fix to use to complete the challenge and more insight into how to fix Sniper Elite 5 mission 2 kill challenge Reddit players used to fix the issue.

How to Fix the Sniper Elite 5 Challenge Mission 2 Not Working

There are many reasons why you might feel like the game is not updating after completing challenge mission 2. Unfortunately, no official communication is available from the game developers regarding the issue. The good news is that several players experienced the hitches and managed to get back to the game.

The easiest way to fix the Sniper Elite challenge mission two not working is not to use the chandelier. One of the reasons why you’re not getting the rifle is using the chandelier as the target you need to drop and kill. It would be best if you instead shot at the chain. Do this to unlock the riffle and progress through the game.

That is the quick fix to use to fix the issue. However, you should note that there are many other reasons why you’re getting the error message. For example, one can be you are not approaching the challenge correctly.

What Is the Sniper Elite 5 Challenge Mission 2 About?

This Sniper Elite challenge requires you to kill Friedrich Kummler. Kummler is an inept leader based on the level’s central manner. The game requires you to kill Friedrich Kummler using a chandelier, and it becomes easier if you stay quiet. This challenge is familiar to Sniper Elite fans who encountered a similar task on how to get compound mission in Sniper Elite 4.

How To Kill Friedrich Kummler In Sniper Elite 5 Challenge

It would help if you first located Friedrich within the large chateau in the Occupied Residence. However, before getting to him, you must make your way through the level before crossing a large river separating the chateau region from other parts of the map.

Maintain the eastern side to get to the chateau quickly. You will have to briefly take a small squad on the river, make your way through the underground tunnels, then get to the moat. But first, you should try sneaking into the building east of the moat.

As you enter the building, you should be cautious of enemy attacks. Quietly make your way to the ground floor and keep moving eastwards until you get to a bathroom. You’ll see Friederich Kummler, together with a group of Nazi officers.

This is where the fun begins. If you maintain your position on the ground floor, use the drape to cover your armor and instruments. There is also a raised platform on the wall to your north, where you can strategically position yourself.

Take your binoculars and look at him through the scope to get a better view. Look up, and you’ll see a large chandelier in the middle of the room. Be quiet, hold your position, and don’t be too quick to aim and shoot.

Friedrich Kummler is seen talking with an officer close to the wall for a while before moving under the chandelier. This is the time to strike, and here are two options to consider:

1. The first and easiest way is to shoot at the chain holding the chandelier once Kummler stops at the center of the room. You will have to fire twice or thrice to bring down the chandelier, and this depends on the weapon you’re using. Do this quickly to weaken the chain and allow the chandelier to fall, killing Kummler.

2. The other option is to take the spiral staircase at the southern entrance of the bathroom. Climb the staircase, which will take you to the building’s upper wing. Look to the wall on your left, and you’ll see the complete chandelier unit. Walk over to the unit, wait for Friedrich to move to the room’s center, then disintegrate the box to drop the chandelier.

Both options are effective; however, the second approach is best if you are more of a stealthier gamer. This is because there are fewer chances of getting noticed and attacked by the Nazi officers.

After taking out Friedrich Kummler, the Sniper Elite 5 challenge mission two is complete. Before leaving the scene, look at the body to get the central office’s key, which will save you from climbing the attic to finish the level.

The Bottom Line

The fix is simple if you have trouble completing the kill challenge 5 in Sniper Elite 5. There is something you are not getting right. After going through this guide, you’ve learned some of the mistakes you’ve been making and how to fix them. You also have two effective strategies for killing Friedrich Kummler and completing the challenge. 

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