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Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairies

If you have played the adventurous Nobody Saves the World, you understand the significance and importance of the Mana Fairies. These fairies are vital to making the gameplay easier. However, if you are new to the game, you might find it harder to take down the numerous enemies roaming around.

The secret to having a more accessible Nobody Saves the World gameplay is Mana fairies, and here is a guide containing all you need to know about the Mana fairies in Nobody Saves the World.

What Are Mana Fairies in Nobody Saves the World?

Mana fairies play an essential role in Nobody Saves the World and are critical to easier gameplay. These fairies are responsible for increasing your Mana, meaning more ability to cast abilities. This makes it easier to defeat your enemies and unlock the various Nobody Saves the World achievement.

Where Can I Find Fairies in Nobody Saves the World?

The Mana fairies are usually located in hidden corners, caves, and others in the sea. This means you must go out of your way to find these fairies. There are 35 fairy locations in Nobody Saves the World, and they are protected by enemies you have to kill to access the fairy.

Nobody Saves the World Mana Fairies Location

Here is a complete location guide on where to find all mana fairies:

  • The first fairy is on the path after going through the first dungeon.
  • The second location is in the cave north of Horse Mines.
  • You’ll find the third Mana fairly close to the Round Tables Tavern.
  • The fourth fairy location is in a cave north of the Ancestral Forest.
  • Fairy location 5 is next to the Tower of Atonement, and you’ll have to use your swimming abilities to get there.
  • The next mana fairy location is at the end of the pathway at the Ancient Robot.
  • Another location to get the fairies is in the cave southwest of Moletopia.
  • You’ll find another fairy waiting in the house west of Moletopia.
  • The ninth fairy location is in the narrow pathway north of the Shadowlands.
  • Mana fairy location 10 is in the hidden entrance northwest of Ancient Robot.
  • Head over to Morningstar Power Plant, and there is a fairy hidden in the breakable things in the house to the west.
  • Another mana fairy location is in the Wormroot Woods, where you will find the fairy in the southwest corner.
  • Mana fairy location 13 is on the far east side of the Big Gnarly dungeon, where you will find a teleporter.
  • The next location is in the Dead’s End Cemetery, where you’ll head eastwards from the Witch Queen’s Catacombs.
  • There is another mana fairy in the base southwest of the New League of Wizards.
  • Fairy 16’s location is in a small landform southeast of the New League of Wizards.
  •  The next location to look for a Mana fairy is west of the Witch Queen’s Catacomb.
  • The 18th location is in the cave located between the Sweet Home Dungeon and the Worship Site.
  • You can check out the fairy in Bloodmoon Grove, south of the Sweet Home Dungeon.
  •  Another place to find a mana fairy is east of the Octavia Lab.
  • Fairy location 21 is west of the Octavia lab, past the teleporter.
  • The next place to look for the fairy is inside the water tunnel west of Octavia Lab.
  • You can try the Shadowlands, where you’ll find a mana fairy southeast of Save Crystal.
  • Another place to try is the Path of Doom, where you’ll find a fairy north of the path’s end.
  • There is another fairy in the small water body east of the Path of Doom.
  • You can also try exploring the southwest of Expanse to get to the mana fairy nearby.
  • The 27th fairy location is on a small hill northwest of the Dark Tower.
  • The next place is in the small pond where you meet Gigi. Expect to face some monsters.
  • Explore the northeast side of the Stonefish Village, and there is a fairy next to the Depleted Mine dungeon.
  • Proceed to the Deep jungle next to the Golden Temple to get to the next Mana fairy.
  • Continue your adventures to the New Crystal Mines to get to a fairy.
  • Take the path northwest of Stonefish Village, and there is a pond with a Mana fairy.
  • Fairy location 33 is on the east side of the South Sea.
  • Another place to try is southwest of the South Sea.
  • The final location is northeast of Octavia Lab, and you’ll get to the fairy by taking the pathway Martyr Joe pointed out.

The Bottom Line

The secret to having successful Nobody Saves the World adventures is to locate and engage the Mana fairies. These fairies are hidden in various spots, and it is best to find them if you wish to improve your abilities, and above is all you need to access the 35 mana fairy locations in Nobody Saves the World. 

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