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Norco Game Walkthrough

If you love adventure games, Norco is one of the best games available in the market. Gamers worldwide are enjoying the fantastic gameplay features and immersive storylines. According to Steam player reviews, the game keeps exceeding players’ expectations daily.

The award-winning narrative adventure game is a hub of in-game features and has various game modes making the gaming experience magical. Therefore, if you are a new Norco player or haven’t tried out the game yet, use this guide to get an idea of the in-game features, and you can use it to complete Norco.

What Is Norco?

Norco is a point-and-click adventure game in the alternate version of Norco, Louisiana. It takes on a first-person perspective, and its unique Stylized art done in 2D or 2.5D makes it unique and exciting to play. Geography of Robots, the game developer, released the game in 2022 and has achieved massive success on various gaming platforms.

Norco Video Game Walkthrough

If you are new to the game, here is a walkthrough to help you complete the game’s 3 Acts and unlock the available achievements. 

  1. How to Play Norco

Norco features a classical adventure game style, and the primary control method is moving the cursor across the screen. There are hotspots or non-player character points on the screen, and when you click on these points, the cursor changes to a context-sensitive icon. You will find hotspots with various interactions.

  1. How to Navigate

World and Local maps help you quickly navigate Norco’s screen. You can access the World Map by clicking the shortcut tab on the upper right side of the screen (as you play as Kay). Another option is to open the “Order Ride” app available in the Smartphone menu as you play as Catherine in the flashback sections.

On the other hand, the Local Map is at the lower right corner of your screen and makes it effortless to move to the nearby screens in your current area.

  1. Norco QTE Minigames

Quick Time Event challenges are throughout the gameplay, especially in the fighting sequences. You should expect intense action in these Glyph or Ring challenges. These are two main challenge types, and the Glyph events require players to click on the Glyphs series on the screen in the order they get presented in.

Ring QTEs are more interesting since they require you to click on the series on the presented on-screen dots when the outer ring matches the dot’s outline. A “Now” indicator appears on the dots, ready to get clicked, and the challenge is clicking on them quickly before the allocated time elapses.

  1. The 3 Acts of Norco

After learning the primary control and gameplay basics, it is time to begin the adventure. There are 3 Norco Acts available, which include;

  • Act One – Lowland Ghosts

Before the first Act begins, you engage in several dialogue choices that determine your ideal storyline. Afterward, you’ll start Act One, which takes place in various settings, and includes several achievements. We do not wish to spoil the game for you, and there are no spoilers.

As the character Kay, you will begin your adventures in the ‘Bedroom.’ Here is where you’ll open the Mindmap, and you have to exhaust all available dialogue choices. One key feature to look out for in the Bedroom is the Recruiting Monkey on the desk.

After completing the QTEs, proceed to the other settings: the Living Room, Back Yard, Front Yard, Dimes Discount, Sarpy Paperbacks, and finally, to the Catherine Flashback Pt. I.

  • Act Two – Refinery Eyes

The intense action rolls over to the second act, where you’ll still be the character, Kay. You’ll have to unlock the act; open your World map, then click on the Floodgate Tavern if you managed to unlock. Alternatively, return home and go through Apple Street to enter the Tavern.

Act Two features the Shield Security Drone Fleet Puzzle, Fake Ring Achievement, Cats and Dogs Achievement, Gate Guard Showdown, Catherine Showdown Pt. II, Shield Refinery, Masquerade at Shield HQ, The Hidden Office, and Catherine Flashback Pt. III.

  • Act Three – Faraway Lights

The beginning of the third act allows you to play Kay on Apple Street inside Padu P.I. This act begins by answering Brett LeBlanc, a private investigator, and you can answer however you want. You also get access to Catherine’s smartphone, and you will get access to all apps except the Order Ride.

Act Three includes the LeBluggalo Achievement, Metairie Angels Achievement, Lake Pontchartrain, Ghost Bayous, John’s Pond, and The Ark. There are various achievements to unlock as you explore and complete these adventures.

The Bottom Line

Norco, an award-winning adventure game, is a game worth your time. It is incredible how it has simple, interesting, and exciting gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. No more contemplating whether it is the game for you; download Norco and use this guide to walk you through the intriguing storyline. 

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