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Age of Mythology The Golden Gift

Have you tried the latest Golden Gift campaign in the Age of Mythology? The new adventure presents better gameplay features and a storyline that you should try. Ensemble Studios, the game developer, introduced this new campaign to take players on a more exciting Age of Mythology Journey.

The new adventures follow the path of Eitri and Brokk, two brothers from the original Fall of the Trident campaign. This unique Golden Gift campaign is a four-scenario storyline where the brothers encounter new challenges. Here is a walkthrough that will guide you through one of the most exciting Age of Mythology missions.

About Age of Mythology – The Golden Gift

The Golden Gift is one of the three campaigns available in Age of Mythology, and the other two are Learn to Play and Fall of the Trident. This new adventure takes on a common approach to the other two, and here are the four scenarios from the latest experiences;

  • Scenario One – Brokk’s journey

The first scenario features Brokk and his dwarves traveling to the Dwarven Mines. Your first objective in the new campaign requires you to gather Ox Carts to get to the mines. This new environment will require you to carefully explore the area while training Brokk’s unit and collecting essential resources.

You will find cows as you explore the lands. Instead of eating them, spare them since you’ll need them to get Brokk to the Dwarven Mines.

After all, preparations, use your map to locate the Mines’ entrance. Also, prepare to face opposition from guards, giants, and other enemies. The critical thing is to build an army that will help you take down the many enemies awaiting you.

  • Scenario Two – Eitri’s journey

The second scenario includes Eitri and his trip to the Dwarven Mines together with his dwarves. Your objective in this mission is to control the water; therefore, the first task is to construct a Dock. This means you’ll have to use your dwarves to collect resources such as gold. There are also Ragnarok Heroes in the village that you can use to construct buildings.

After building the dock, your next task is to get Eitri and six of his Dwarves to the Dwarven Mines; entrance. You can locate the entry from your map. Keep training your dwarves to help you collect more resources and explore the lands. Note that the resources are scarce, and it is best to complete the tasks quickly to collect others in the nearby islands.

Once you build a strong army, it is time to control the waters. Your army should consist of Eitri, well-trained dwarves, and Ragnarok Heroes. The journey is intense since you’ll have to face and defeat Bjarnar and Rolf’s armies attacking from all sides. You’ll have to be strategic to win the battles.

  • Scenario Three – Forge Fight

After securing the Dwarven Mines, your task is to protect them from interested enemies. The third scenario requires you to control the Brokk’s forces to protect the mines from the two brothers. Your main task is to capture the Dwarven Forge and secure the place until Brokk finishes building the Freyr’s gift.

Eitri’s forces will take charge of the forge. Your next task is to take over the nearby town center. You’ll have to train more dwarves to join your troops to help you with the takeover and exploration of the new areas.

Also, you’ll have to build a strong defense if you wish to stand a chance to fight off Eitri’s attacks. If you fail to secure the walls well enough, the forge can convert back to Eitri, and you’ll have to begin recapturing it.

  •  Scenario 4. – Loki’s Temple

The final scenario sees Eitri and Brokk joining forces and traveling to the mysterious Loki mountains. Brokk and Eitri take on this adventure to reclaim their stolen creations. This scenario begins with the two brothers having no powers, and the way to get the god powers is to destroy the Temples.

Next is progressing through the cinematic storyline that leads you to the Loki Temple. Here is where you’ll use your Raiding Cavalry and Ballista to bring the Temple down. After a successful takedown, you’ll receive the Great Hunt god power you need later.

Continue your adventures to another temple west of the town. You’ll have to destroy the Temple to get the second Great Hunt god power. Now is the time to invoke the two powers on the thick Elk concentration to create a massive herd. The adventure continues, and keeps collecting resources.

After taking down Loki’s town and defeating the Walking Woods, Brokk and Eitri retrieve their lost creations. Congratulations! You’ve successfully reconciled the two brothers.

The Bottom Line

The Golden Gift is the latest campaign in the Age of Mythology. This new edition presents the adventures of Brokk and Eitri, two feuding brothers. The Golden Gift has an exciting storyline and if you haven’t tried it yet, above is a comprehensive walkthrough of the new campaign. 

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