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Redfall Amelia’s Memorial Mission: What Is the Location of a Rabbit Toy?

Hey there, vampire hunters! Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test in Redfall? We’ve got an exciting guide lined up for you today that will help you uncover the location of a special item during the “Amelia’s Memorial” mission. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we reveal the whereabouts of a precious toy rabbit. So, if you’re eager to complete this mission and unravel the mysteries that await, keep reading! The hunt for the lost rabbit begins right here, so let’s dive in and uncover its hidden location together.

What Are the Objectives of Amelia’s Memorial Mission in Redfall?

In the emotionally charged mission, Amelia’s Memorial, your objective is to honor the life of Amelia Addison, the daughter of Dr. Addison, who was tragically exploited by her own father. Reverend Eva, who knew Amelia before her untimely demise, entrusts you with the task of paying tribute to the young girl and rectifying her sense of failure. Throughout the mission, you’ll delve into the poignant story and work towards fulfilling the Reverend’s wish to honor Amelia’s memory.

Heading to the Redfall’s United Church of Christ

After accepting Amelia’s Memorial mission in Redfall, you’ll need to make your way to the Redfall United Church of Christ. Enter through the west doors and proceed carefully through the double doors. Take out the two vampires roaming the aisles. Head to the back left corner of the church, collecting any hidden loot along the way, and pass through the doorway. In the hallway, search the first office for a small safe under the desk. However, your main goal is to reach the double door further down on the left. Be ready to deal with an automated turret as you breach the doorway. After destroying the turret, search the room before removing the mine blocking the staircase in the back corner. Proceed upstairs, avoiding the former vampire meals. Get ready to continue your search there!

Where Is Amelia’s Card?

To find Amelia’s Card and proceed with the mission, head to the back of the church behind the pulpit. There, you’ll see three doorways leading to an office, a toy room, and a room with stairs. Enter the middle doorway and go up the stairs at the back. Look for a desk in the corner of the room, where you’ll find Amelia’s Card. It’s highlighted in yellow, making it easy to spot among the bloodied bodies on the floor. Grab the card and continue your quest!

Locating Memorial and Finding the Rabbit Toy

When you’re done exploring the church, it’s time to head to the Golden View Mobile Community in the Basswood neighborhood. Watch out for the deadly red mist that covers the roads leading to Golden View. Clear the mist as you make your way through the neighborhood. Look for a road that splits off to the northwest, marked by a hand-painted sign saying “Basswood Trailer Park.” Follow that road into the community, being prepared to face a vampire or two.

Among the first set of buildings, focus on the house to the right of the big tree past the fork in the road. Look for a blue SUV parked on the left side of the porch. Climb the stairs on the right end of the porch and enter through the open sliding glass door. Inside, go to the rooms on the right side and you’ll find Amelia’s rabbit laying on the bed in the back.

After finding the rabbit, continue searching the remaining houses in the community. Once you’ve finished, return to the firehouse. Bring both the card and the rabbit with you to the mission briefing room upstairs. Behind the mission table, you’ll see the silhouette of the card and rabbit highlighted in blue. Place the pieces on the windowsill to initiate a moment of recognition in honor of Amelia. When the moment ends, speak to Reverend Eva on the radio to complete Amelia’s Memorial mission.

Get ready for an emotional journey as you pay tribute to Amelia and uncover the dark secrets surrounding her.

Finding One of the Grave Locks in the Room

After successfully retrieving Amelia’s toy rabbit from the house in the trailer park near Basswood’s entrance, there is another valuable item to uncover. Inside the same room where you found the rabbit, you’ll also come across a Grave Lock, unless you’ve already found one before. Make sure to search the room thoroughly to locate this important item. Once you have both the rabbit and the Grave Lock, it’s time to head back to the Firehouse. Remember to place these items on the window next to the briefing table, as they play a crucial role in progressing the mission.

In conclusion, the “Amelia’s Memorial” mission in Redfall takes players on a heartfelt journey to honor the memory of Amelia Addison. After locating Amelia’s card in the United Church of Christ, players will venture to the Golden View Mobile Community in the Basswood neighborhood to find her cherished rabbit toy. The rabbit can be found inside a house near the entrance of the trailer park. Additionally, players have the opportunity to discover a Grave Lock in the same room as the rabbit. Embark on this emotional quest, locate the rabbit toy, and pay tribute to the young girl who was caught in the midst of her father’s insidious actions. Show your respect and compassion as you progress through Redfall’s vampire-infested world. Good luck, and may Amelia’s memory guide you on your vampire-slaying journey.

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