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Redfall Grave Lock Ultimate Guide: All Locations Revealed

Hey, gamers! Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Redfall? We have some exciting news for you! In this article, we will be revealing all the locations of the 100 blue glowing talismans known as Grave Locks that can be found throughout the game. These elusive collectibles are waiting to be discovered and we’re here to guide you on your quest. So, grab your weapons, stock up on health kits, and let’s dive into the world of Redfall to uncover all the Grave Locks.

What Are Grave Locks in Redfall?

Have you heard about Grave Locks in Redfall before? They’re one of the game’s main collectibles and they offer rewards to players who can find them. Not only that, but they also provide insight into the game’s lore, adding to your knowledge of the threat you’re facing. If you’re not too busy battling vampires and hunting achievements, it’s worth your time to seek out these collectibles. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need on what they are, their purpose, and the goodies you can get from finding them. Let’s dive in!

What Is the Purpose of Grave Locks?

In Redfall, Grave Locks serve a dual purpose as both an audio log collectible that provides additional lore-building information and a way to improve your character’s abilities. Each time you collect a Grave Lock, you will hear an audio log that tells a bit of the background lore of a particular character, adding depth to the game’s story. Additionally, collecting enough Grave Locks can improve your character’s abilities, including reducing the cooldown of your Ultimate ability. These collectibles aid in psychic residue generation and grant passive bonuses when you reach certain thresholds, providing both a reward for finding them and a tangible benefit to your gameplay.

Redfall Commons: All Grave Lock Locations

In Redfall Commons, players will encounter 45 Grave Locks to collect. While it’s not mandatory to find all of them, players who want to earn the Faith Healer achievement will need to track down each and every one, including those scattered across this first map. This guide is here to help with that task, detailing the locations of every Grave Lock in Redfall’s Redfall Commons.

Redfall Commons Grave Locks Explained

Here is a table of all the Grave Lock locations that players can find in Redfall Commons.

Redfall’s Basswood Grave Lock Locations:

Grave LockLocation
1On top of the shipping containers that are underneath the crane.
2On top of a blue shipping container that is emerging from the wave. Accessed by climbing across the deck of the large ship.
3In the suspended blue shipping container in the warehouse that is connected to the room with the Shipyard Office (you would also need to find the Shipyard Office Key).
4On the deck of an elevated yellow, blue, and white boat.
5In a cooler under the deck adjacent to a barbeque and some pink flamingos.
6On the ground by the TV in the trailer.
7Under the wooden dock.
8In a crate on top of a storage shelf on the first floor of the building.
9On the ground in the room next to the kitchen (where the Dead Catch Records Studio Key is obtained).
10Enter the Oil Change station and drop through a hole in the floor. The Grave Lock is on a storage shelf in this area.
11On a small rock formation.
12On a table next to a barbeque behind the building.
13In a chest on the second floor of the building with the white face painted on it.
Basswood Grave Locks

Redfall Heritage Rock Grave Lock Locations:

Grave LockLocation
14Near the front of the white boat
15On the roof of Iron and Metal Co.
16On the roof of the building to the west
17Viewfinder overlooking the cliff
18Cliff east of the lighthouse
19Walkway at the top of the lighthouse
20Top of rock formation
21Next to large spools of cable inside the ship
Heritage Rock Grave Locks

Redfall Old Town Grave Lock Locations:

Grave LockLocation
22On a tray in the kitchen of the green building.
23In the chair near the white boat’s steering wheel.
24In a filing cabinet in an office on the bottom floor of the Custom House Museum.
25Jump from the end of the pier to a small platform that is surrounded by cylindrical posts.
26Under the ducting on top of the Overton Theater. Accessed by climbing the building’s exterior stairs.
27Near the projector bulbs in the basement of the Overton Theater.
28On a shelf in the garage of Dr. Hunt’s House. Accessible only during the A Grave Situation: Reward main story mission in Redfall.
29Next to an easel on the second floor of the blue house. Accessed by jumping across the balconies of the adjacent buildings.
Old Town Grave Locks

Redfall Sedgewick Grave Lock Locations:

Grave LockDescription
30In the driver seat of a yellow car in the garage.
31On the roof of the Aevum Clinic. Accessed by exiting through the windows on the top floor and climbing the exterior ladder.
32In the basement of the Aevum Clinic during the Giving You Tomorrow main story mission. Enter the elevator near the Incinerator Room and jump up through the open hatch. Climb the ladder to the Grave Lock.
33Look for a green lantern on the roofs when working on Redfall’s Triangulation Safehouse Mission. The Grave Lock is on a body next to that lantern.
34On the pool table on the second floor of the blue house.
35On top of the organ in the church.
36Inside a crypt in the cemetery.
37On a table stacked with books in the second floor hallway, near to Amelia’s room in Redfall.
38In the mansion’s attic.
Sedgewick Grave Locks

Redfall Shadtree Heights Grave Lock Locations:

Grave Lock Description
39On a picnic table just north of the Island Crash Site.
40Drop through the hole in the ground underneath the broken bridge to land on a ledge with the Grave Lock.
41Under the dock.
42On a ledge that runs along the roof of the Supper Club.
43On the rock formation to the east of the Crash Site.
44Redfall players should follow the narrow path that travels along the cliff face to reach the Grave Lock.
45In the attic of Knott Cottage. Accessed by jumping through the hole in the ceiling.
Shadtree Heights Grave Locks

If you’re looking to earn the Faith Healer achievement in Redfall, you’ll need to find all 45 Grave Locks in the game, including those scattered throughout Redfall Commons.

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Redfall Burial Point: All Grave Lock Locations

Are you on the hunt for all the Grave Locks in the Burial Point map? Well, you’re in luck because there are a whopping 55 Grave Locks scattered throughout the area, and we’re here to help you find them all. So, let’s get started and dive into the locations of all the Burial Point Grave Locks in Redfall.

Redfall Burial Point Grave Locks Explained

In Redfall’s Burial Point map, players can find a total of 55 Grave Locks. To assist players in finding all of the Burial Point Grave Locks, we have compiled a list of their locations in the table below.

Redfall Direcliff, Brighton Bay and Founder’s Knoll Grave Lock Locations:

AreaGrave Lock #Description
Direcliff1Enter the whale through a hole in its side.
Direcliff2Near the yellow railing on top of the white boat.
Direcliff3In the cave with Katherine’s Room Key.
Direcliff4In the open window on the second floor of the blue house.
Direcliff5On top of the white camper.
Direcliff6Start at the entrance to Bladewell Sea Caves. Follow the cliff face to the southeast.
Direcliff7In the basement of the Ranger Station.
Direcliff8Top of the metal tower.
Direcliff9Enter the whale through hole in its side.
Direcliff10In a metal fridge in the kitchen.
Direcliff11Climb the rock formation on the south side of Baldewell Camp. The Grave Lock is on a wooden deck.
Direcliff12On the ground below the Bladewell Camp sign.
Direcliff13Enter the cave just south of Grave Lock #9. Follow the path to the main chamber that is filled with Redfall’s red mist. There is an elevated wooden platform in this chamber, and the Grave Lock is on a ledge underneath it.
Brighton Bay14Follow the wooden walkway toward the wave. The Grave Lock is on top of a barrel on a ledge to the right.
Brighton Bay15On a table in the attic of the gray house.
Brighton Bay16In a dog bed in the bedroom on the second floor of the Keeper’s House.
Brighton Bay17In the back of the bloody boat at the Marina.
Brighton Bay18Use the ladder to get on top of the red arch. Walk forward, drop to a red wood platform on the left, and turn around to find the Grave Lock.
Brighton Bay19Near the steering wheel in the boat.
Founder’s Knoll20On a wooden platform near the top of the large statue with the lantern.
Founder’s Knoll21Inside the tunnel slightly north of the Founder’s Knoll Safehouse.
Founder’s Knoll22In Hester’s Room.
Founder’s Knoll23In the open window on the second floor of Ward’s General Store.
Founder’s Knoll24On top of the safe in Dr. Alice Young’s Office.
Founder’s Knoll25In a filing cabinet in the Pharmacy Basement, which is accessible during the What Happened to Ms. Wayland? side mission. This mission is initiated by completing the Key to Wellness main story mission in Redfall.
Founder’s Knoll26
In the basement of the Smith Orchard House.
Founder’s Knoll27
In a cooler on the table in the small structure.
Direcliff, Brighton Bay and Founder’s Knoll Grave Locks

Redfall Chickering, Winslow Fields, Ashumet Springs, Howl’s Neck, Haven’s Lot and Near Maritime Center Grave Lock Locations:

LocationGrave Lock NumberDescription
Chickering Church28On a bench in the sanctuary.
Redfall Police Station29On storage racks in the basement.
Midnight Whale30On a table on the second floor.
Grocery31In the Coffee Bar area on the second floor.
Cradle’s Trinkets32On top of a crate by a window on the second floor.
Chickering Substation33On an elevated board behind the small structure in the center.
Historical Marker34On the ground just east of the marker.
Winslow Fields35On a crate beneath a scarecrow.
Wight Grain Elevator36On a barrel on the first floor.
Old Bootleggers Tunnel37Take first right to find it on a mattress.
Abandoned Barn38On a couch inside.
Ashumet Springs39In a pod in a bedroom on the first floor of Kildere’s Residence.
Angel Statue40At the base of the statue.
Burial Point Cemetery41On a mattress inside a crypt.
Howl’s Neck42In the basement of the diner.
Wellman Seafood43On the sink in the bathroom on the second floor.
Bridge44On top of the bridge, walk up the curved metal beams on its sides to access this area.
Blue Umbrellas45On a long table near the umbrellas. Use the awnings to climb the building’s exterior.
Laundromat46On the steeple on top. Use the white truck to climb.
Haven’s Lot47On the stairs that lead up to the large dome at the Metrological Annex.
Rocks next to fence48In front of the Metrological Annex.
Rock formation49Climb to the top and look off the edge to find it.
Covered Bridge50On a board near an animal skull.
Coast Guard Station51On a shelf in the detached garage.
Burial Point Lighthouse52At the top of the lighthouse.
Rocks next to the fence53On a shelf in the basement.
Near Maritime Center54On the shelves near the candy in the Bait Shop.
Maritime Center Exterior55Looter shooter fans should climb the exterior. The Grave Lock is on the banister near the spotlights that surround the turret.
Chickering, Winslow Fields, Ashumet Springs, Howl’s Neck, Haven’s Lot and Near Maritime Center Grave Locks

In conclusion, Grave Locks play a significant role in Redfall, serving as collectibles that provide valuable lore-building information and aid in generating psychic residue, thereby enhancing a player’s ultimate ability. The game has a total of 100 Grave Locks to collect, with 45 located in Redfall Commons and 55 scattered across Redfall’s Burial Point map. Players who wish to unlock the Faith Healer achievement must collect every Grave Lock in the game, providing them with added incentive to explore every corner of the game’s richly detailed world. With this guide, players now have a comprehensive list of all the Grave Lock locations within Redfall Commons and Burial Point maps, making it easier to collect all the Grave Locks and unlock the Faith Healer achievement. So, gear up and get ready to explore the mysterious world of Redfall, uncover its secrets, and unleash your ultimate ability!

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