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Redfall: Best Solo Character Discovered

Hey there, solo players! If you’re looking to take on Redfall’s campaign by yourself, you might be wondering which of the game’s playable characters is the best fit for you. Well, we’ve got you covered! In the following section, we’ll be dividing Redfall’s characters into tiers and recommending which one might be the best choice for a solo player looking to have a good time going through the game’s campaign. So, let’s get started!

Redfall Top Solo Mode Character List

4. Remi De La Rosa

If you’re looking for a solid solo character in Redfall, Remi De La Rosa might be just what you need. While she is more of a team player, Remi can hold her own with the help of her Siren ability, which is great for distracting enemies. Her C4 Charge also does good damage and can be upgraded to launch you into the air, making it a useful way to get around the map. Her Ultimate can help you stay in the fight and even damage enemies if fully leveled up, but it might be better to focus on other abilities early on. Overall, Remi is a good choice for less experienced players and can become more powerful as you progress through the game.

3. Layla Ellison

Layla is a versatile character that has a great kit to work with. Her Umbrella ability lets you protect yourself when being attacked by enemies, providing you with control over the situation. Her Lift ability allows you to navigate the town of Redfall more easily, and also use it against your opponents. Layla’s Ultimate Skill, Ex-Boyfriend, can assist you in battle and help you clear out mobs. Additionally, her Downpour skill for the Umbrella can provide you with Psychic residue to recharge your ULT faster. So, Layla is a well-rounded character with a range of useful abilities that make her a strong choice for solo players.

2. Jacob Boyer

Jacob is a powerful character in Redfall, but he is best played as an assassin. His Hidden Strike skill allows him to remain cloaked, and his Raven can also be used to do damage. However, players must be careful when playing as Jacob, as he doesn’t have much to fall back on when the stealth gameplay fails. Upgrading his Ultimate ability Heartstopper to be able to shoot through walls can be useful in clearing areas before entering them. Jacob is more fun to play when his abilities are upgraded, and the player is familiar with the game.

1. Devinder Crousley

Devinder is a character with a kit that allows players to easily “cheat” their way through the game. He has skills that give him more money for salvaging gear, and Vampires are weaker against him. His Arc Javelin is a Tesla coil that deals good damage and can be used to deal damage over time. His Translocate skill is the best movement ability in the game as it can be thrown all over the place, including through windows, allowing players to easily access rooftops and buildings. Devinder’s Ultimate ability, the Blacklight, instantly freezes all vampires, allowing players to punch them into oblivion. Additionally, the Translocate and Blacklight skills both have healing upgrades, making Devinder an ideal character for solo play.

Why Dev Would Be The Best Fit For Solo Players?

Devinder is a perfect character for a solo play in Redfall. His abilities are geared towards dealing damage, escaping, and managing group combat situations. He has access to one of the best escape options in the game, and his Translocate ability allows him to bypass challenging setups and access hard-to-reach areas. Devinder’s Blacklight Ultimate is also useful in freezing enemies, making it easier to take them down. Additionally, Devinder’s Arc Javelin is a powerful offensive ability that deals good damage. Overall, Devinder’s kit is designed to support the combat that Redfall often forces players into, making him the best choice for those who prefer to go it alone.

What Character Would Be the Best Choice For Multiplayer Mode?

The best character for multiplayer mode in Redfall would be Remedios “Remi” De La Rosa. As a Tank/Support hybrid, Remi offers valuable abilities and buffs to her teammates, making her an essential addition to any party. The C4 ability can be used in conjunction with other characters’ skills to deal significant damage to distracted enemies. Furthermore, her companion can also deal additional free damage to enemies.

But what truly sets Remi apart is her Ultimate ability, which is considered the best team ability in the game by a significant distance. This ability provides a shield to all allies within range, allowing them to take on enemies without fear of taking damage. This makes Remi the ideal character to have in multiplayer mode, where players will be facing challenging enemies and bosses that require coordination and teamwork.

While other characters like Dev and Layla have their strengths, Remi’s abilities make her the most valuable team member. Dev’s passive buffs are useful, but he still relies primarily on dealing damage. Layla’s Lift ability is gimmicky and her proximity abilities aren’t the best for group play. Jacob is the weakest character in terms of team buffs and damage output. Therefore, if players want to excel in multiplayer mode in Redfall, Remi De La Rosa is the character they should definitely consider.

The Bottom Line

Redfall offers a variety of characters with unique abilities and roles for players to choose from. Jacob is the best pick for players who prefer a stealth playstyle, but his kit lacks versatility for solo mode. Layla is a well-rounded character with powerful offensive and defensive abilities, but her Lift skill can be awkward and situational in solo play. Remi is a durable tank/support hybrid character with an excellent Ultimate ability, making her a solid choice for solo mode, particularly for less experienced players. Finally, Dev is the best choice for solo play, with his pure damage abilities, access to healing upgrades, and an efficient escape option. In multiplayer mode, Remi is the best character to have on your team due to her powerful Ultimate ability, C4 ability, and supportive companion.

Overall, the choice of the character in Redfall depends on the player’s preferences and playstyle. However, Dev is the best choice for solo mode, while Remi is the best fit for multiplayer mode due to her powerful team abilities.

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