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Redfall: How To Level Up Fast

Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you itching to create the ultimate hero build in Redfall? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’re going to spill the beans on how you can quickly level up your character and gain those precious XP points. So, buckle up and get ready to learn some killer tips that will have you dominating the game in no time.

Redfall: How To Level Up Quickly

Complete Main Story Missions

If you want to level up your character quickly in Redfall, completing the main story missions is the way to go. While enemies do yield some experience, the amount is extremely low, so it’s best to focus on the main quests. These missions provide a good amount of XP and unlock Remnants, making them well worth the effort. So, don’t waste time wandering around or participating in unnecessary fighting. Head straight to the main missions and watch your character level up quickly!

Liberate All Safehouses

Unlocking all Safehouses is a must too. Safehouses provide fast travel points, which make navigating the map much easier. Additionally, they offer side missions that can be completed relatively quickly and provide a good amount of XP. By attempting to unlock all Safehouses in the game, you’ll have access to a lot of side missions, which will allow you to level up faster than just completing the main story missions.

Complete All the Vampire Nests

Make sure to complete all the Vampire Nests that appear in the game. These Psychic Realms not only offer a challenge but also provide great rewards such as some of the best loot and a big chunk of XP. Each Nest provides a whopping 1000 XP, which is more than certain missions provide. Establish your fast travel points to quickly jump from one nest to the other, and ping the Nest icon on the map to easily find the Nest Door. Don’t miss out on these valuable XP bonuses!

Complete All Side Quests

Don’t forget to complete all the side quests in Redfall. While they might not give as much experience as the main story quests, they’re still a great way to level up your character. Plus, they’re usually quick and won’t take up too much of your time. To speed things up, try to take out enemies and reach checkpoints quickly. While it’s fun to explore and fight enemies along the way, it’s not the most efficient way to level up. So, focus on those side quests and get your character to max level in no time!

Repeating Main Missions and Farming Experience

Sticking to the main missions is where you need to go. The chunks of experience they give are much better than any other activity. You can repeat main missions to farm XP, but this can only be done if you have friends to play with. Since coop progress is only saved on the host’s game, everyone else will have to repeat the main mission again for the second time in their own world. If you have a friend to play with, this could be the best way to farm XP. If your friend doesn’t own a copy of the game, they can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, which has Redfall.

Other Ways To Ensure You Fast Levelling

Here are some other tips for you to consider:

  • Always carry a stake weapon as it’s useful for taking down vampires.
  • Upgrade the Rewire and Lock Pick kits as soon as possible to be prepared for every scenario.
  • Check your surroundings for safe fast travel points to avoid being caught by enemies.
  • Disable alarms before entering cars and houses to avoid alerting enemies.
  • Focus on smaller enemy groups instead of aggroing the entire force to make it easier to finish missions on your first try.
  • Remember that silenced weapons may not be completely stealthy as they’ll draw enemies’ attention. Keep these tips in mind to handle the tough missions that await you in Redfall!

In conclusion, Redfall provides various opportunities for players to level up quickly. Completing the main story missions, liberating all Safehouses, destroying Vampire Nests, and tackling side quests are all great ways to gain experience points. Additionally, using stakes, upgrading kits, checking surroundings, disabling alarms, taking out enemies one cluster at a time, and being cautious with silencers can help players tackle tough missions. However, if players want to farm experience, they can repeat the main missions in co-op mode with friends who also own Redfall or have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. By following these tips, players can gain experience fast and unlock abilities to build awesome characters. So go ahead and start your journey to become the best survivor in Redfall!

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