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Redfall: What Are Vampire Nests, Where Can They Be Found and Do They Really Respawn?

Hey there, fellow gamers, are you ready to dive into the world of Redfall and take on some bloodthirsty vampires? In this article, we’ll be exploring where you can find the elusive vampire nests scattered throughout the town of Redfall and how you can successfully clear them out. So grab your stakes and get ready to take down some fanged foes. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

What Are Vampire Nests in Redfall?

Vampire Nests are mysterious areas that can be found scattered throughout Redfall. These are accessed through an ominous door that acts as a gateway between the real world and a realm where the vampires have a shared psychic connection. The nests do not follow conventional architectural rules and can be found in various locations such as a classic movie theater that can transition into a haunted forest. Players can destroy the heart of the nest to collect rewards and exit before the nest collapses. However, the vampire nests are not well-designed missions and lack both rewards and challenges. Even though the vampires are stronger, they’re usually easy to avoid because they’re all asleep.

How To Find a Vampire Nest?

To unlock Vampire Nests in Redfall, players need to progress through the main story mission, “A Voice in the Dark”. Once unlocked, the Nest entrances will appear as a blue circle on the map. However, players should be careful as vampires inside these areas are tougher than those outside, so it’s best to pinpoint the exact location of the Nest entrance door by selecting the icon on the map in the menu.

Do Vampire Nests Respawn?

Yes, vampire nests do respawn in Redfall. These are replayable areas that are fairly procedurally generated, with various room combinations being stitched together to create a new environment. Nests are part of the endgame gear grind and are a replayable area where you can get better loot. The longer a nest stays open, the more modifiers, up to three, are added to the area, making the vampires inside much tougher to beat. However, if you destroy the nest, you can earn better rewards. It’s a good idea to do at least one nest after every level-up to get a new vampire blood remnant to upgrade your HP stat. You can also plan your path and loot efficiently to save time. Exiting the nest before it collapses can earn you a bonus of 1000xp toward the next level. So, it’s a good idea to farm nests to level up your character and collect better loot.

Can Vampire Nests be Destroyed in Redfall?

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to destroy vampire nests in Redfall, the answer is yes! These nests are home to a giant beating heart that contains powerful remnants, which you can claim as loot. However, before you can destroy the heart, you’ll need to sever all the strings attached to it by interacting with Nest Victims. Once the strings are removed, you can eliminate the heart and claim its rewards. But be warned, once you collect the loot, the psychedelic realm will fall apart, and you’ll need to find the exit quickly. The exit is randomized and hidden behind a red barrier, which can only be destroyed once the countdown starts. If you don’t leave the area in time, you’ll lose out on a major XP reward. Keep in mind that small pockets of these Psychic Spaces can be found throughout Redfall, so be careful when exploring!

How to Complete Vampire Nests?

If you want to successfully complete Vampire Nests in Redfall, you will need to go through three different phases. The first phase is the Exploration phase, where you’ll have to explore the nest and look for the heart. Be on the lookout for enemies, as they may be quite powerful. Remember to loot Nest Victims along the way to get ammo and medkits.

The second phase is the Heart phase. Once you find the heart, you need to destroy it. Unfortunately, the heart is immune to all forms of damage, so you’ll need to break the connections first. Look for Nest Victims that are linked to the heart by blood and destroy the connection. Once you destroy all connections, the heart becomes vulnerable to attack. Aim at the heart and fire a few shots to destroy it.

The third and final phase is the Escape phase. Once you destroy the heart, a Vial will drop. Pick it up, and a timer will start. You have about a minute to find the exit and escape. Shoot the blood-amber walls to break them and reveal the exit. Be quick but make sure to loot the piles of loot hidden behind the walls. Once you find the escape door, enter it to end the Vampire Nest.

What Rewards Can I Gain From Destroying a Vampire Nest?

If you’re wondering what rewards you can expect from destroying those pesky Vampire Nests in Redfall, I’ve got good news for you. You’ll be handsomely rewarded with loads of loot, including a valuable Vial that can boost your stats, and a variety of new weapons to add to your inventory. However, be warned that looting too much can risk getting caught by Rook, so you’ll need to be strategic about your approach. Whether you’re looking to boost your stats, add new weapons to your arsenal, or just make some extra cash by scrapping your loot, Vampire Nests are the way to go.

Vampire Nests Modifiers

Vampire Nests in Redfall have random modifiers that make each run unique and challenging. These modifiers can range from additional enemy types to environmental hazards that can hinder your progress:

Elite ModifierMore elite enemies will spawn during this run.
Blood TranceVampires are asleep but will be awoken if attacked or if you touch their tendrils that connect them to the nest.
DarknessThe Nest is in a state of darkness, limiting your visibility.
WatchersSpecial “Watcher” Vampires are lurking throughout the Nest and they can spot you from a great distance.
Heart GuardiansMultiple regular vampires and one special vampire are guarding the Heart.
FireSome pathways are set on fire during this run, limiting your movement.
Redfall Vampire Nest Modifiers

These modifiers add variety and challenge to the Vampire Nest experience, forcing players to adapt their strategies and approach to each run. Some modifiers may require a more stealthy approach, while others may require you to focus on crowd control. By taking on these challenges and successfully completing a Nest, players can earn valuable loot and Vials that can be used to boost their stats.

Things To Keep in Mind While Hunting on Vampire Nests

When hunting Vampire Nests in Redfall, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure to use your ultimate ability when things get overwhelming. Also, remember that destroying the heart will eliminate all the vampires in the nest. Before collecting the Remnant from the Nest Heart, make sure you have enough free space in your backpack as you cannot pause the game. Additionally, be aware of the locations of the Red Barriers, as you can quickly shoot each barrier from a distance to open up all the pathways and escape. Knowing these tips will make your Vampire Nest hunts much smoother and more efficient.

Key Points

Vampire Nests in Redfall are procedurally generated areas where players can find powerful loot and Remnants that can boost their stats. They can be found all around the town of Redfall, and players can easily spot them on the map with their blue circle marks. By exploring the Nest, finding the Heart, and escaping the area, players can receive valuable rewards. However, they should keep in mind the modifiers that can increase the challenge and the time limit to escape the collapsing Nest. By following the tips provided, such as utilizing the ultimate ability, destroying the heart to eliminate all vampires, and being aware of backpack space, players can easily clear Vampire Nests and receive the rewards they deserve. So, gear up and prepare to take down the vampire menace in Redfall!

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