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How Many Maps Does Redfall Feature?

Hey there, fellow gamers! Are you ready to dive into the world of Redfall? Before you do, let’s take a look at what maps the game has to offer. Redfall features not one, but two maps for players to explore. These maps cover the two main areas of the game and offer unique environments and challenges to overcome. So, grab your gear and get ready to explore the depths of Redfall with our map guide.

What Are Redfall Two Maps?

Redfall is the main setting for the upcoming game Redfall, which is composed of two distinct regions: Redfall Commons and Burial Point. In Redfall Commons, players will encounter various side missions that are denoted by an exclamation point, which they should complete before moving on to the next area. Once players leave Redfall Commons for Burial Point, they won’t be able to go back, so it’s important to finish all side missions before leaving. The same is true for Burial Point, where players will find the “Welcome to Burial Point” mission. After finishing the game, players will have to load into a new game, losing access to the location – these are called points of no return in Redfall. We’ll also discuss how to successfully navigate the mission and explore the region.

What Can Be Found in Redfall Common Map?

Like most open-world games, Redfall features maps with various icons scattered throughout. It’s important to note that every icon on the map has a purpose and can lead to important quests, loot, and other valuable items.

Here is a table of all the points of interest found in the Redfall Common region:

Point of InterestType
Basswood SafehouseSafehouse
Samuelson’s ShipyardHistorical Marker
Samuelson OverlookHistorical Marker
Golden View MobileMobile Home
Hilltop Grave SiteCemetery
Autumn Trail RoadHistorical Marker
Rowan TV RepairsShop
Reverend Eva’s ApartmentApartment
Dead Catch RecordsRecord Store
Stormy PointHistorical Marker
Bill’s HouseHouse
Heritage Rock SafehouseSafehouse
Heritage Rock LighthouseLighthouse
The TempestasBoat
Old Town SafehouseSafehouse
Langston’s OverlookHistorical Marker
Overton TheaterTheater
Dr. Hunt’s HouseHouse
Zenglé’s MadnessHistorical Marker
Wheeler’s Sporting GoodsSporting Goods Store
Sedgewick SafehouseSafehouse
Eveum ClinicClinic
The Reyes HouseHouse
Creelman ResidenceHouse
United Church of Christ CemeteryCemetery
Redfall United Church of ChristChurch
Addison Estate GroundsHistorical Marker
Addison MansionMansion
Shadetree Heights SafehouseSafehouse
Supper ClubHistorical Marker
Shadetree Heights Supper ClubNightclub
Island Crash SiteCrash Site
Wampywurk SightingHistorical Marker
Hillside Crash SiteCrash Site
Knott CottageCottage
Redfall Commons All Locations

Redfall Burial Point Quest

Looking to venture beyond Redfall Commons in Redfall? The Burial Point map is where you need to go next, and it’s not an easy task to get there. You’ll need to navigate through the Whispering Woods and fight off Anglers, special Vampires with a deadly energy whip. Once you’ve escaped the woods, you’ll need to deal with the ongoing civil war between Bloody Tom and Miss Whisper cultists. After that, it’s time to take on the Blood Tree and defeat the Heartwood Fiend to complete the quest. It won’t be a walk in the park, but with some planning and a good supply of ammo and healing items, you can successfully complete the quest and reach Burial Point.

One of the most exciting highlights of this virtual world is the Irving Mausoleum, a grand and imposing structure that players can discover and explore. With its winding corridors, hidden chambers, and ancient crypts, the Irving Mausoleum offers an immersive and thrilling experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end you might not want to miss out!

What Side Quests Can Be Found in Burial Point?

If you’re exploring Burial Point in Redfall, there are several side quests you can complete to gain experience and loot. Here’s a list of some of the side quests you can find in Burial Point:

  1. Red Candle
  2. Ward Family History
  3. Birdwatcher
  4. Eclipsed
  5. Lost Unit
  6. What Happened to Ms. Wayland

If you come across any other side quests that aren’t on this list, don’t hesitate to let us know!

The Bottom Line

Redfall is an exciting game that features two maps, Redfall Commons and Burial Point. Redfall Commons is the first map and contains various neighborhoods with points of interest, such as safehouses, graveyards, historical markers, and more. On the other hand, Burial Point is the second map, and players need to complete the Burial Point quest to reach it. Overall, Redfall is a thrilling game with unique challenges and tasks on each of its maps, making it an exciting adventure for gamers to embark on.

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