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Redfall Bloody Tom: Where To Find and How To Defeat

Hey there, fellow gamers! Get ready to dive into the world of Redfall as we uncover the secrets of one of its most chilling villains: Bloody Tom. This undead entity, once an executive of Aevum Laboratories, underwent twisted experiments that turned him and his fellow executives into the fearsome Vampire Gods. Now, Bloody Tom and his army of vampires rule over the cursed town of Redfall, and it’s up to you and your team to bring him down. But be warned, Bloody Tom holds a sinister secret that holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of this supernatural shooter. Get ready for an action-packed adventure as we explore the dark and twisted world of Redfall and uncover the truth behind Bloody Tom’s reign of terror.

The Bloody Tom Background

As you navigate the eerie streets of Redfall’s Burial Point and come face-to-face with the haunting sight of corpses hanging from poles, you’ll realize that these macabre displays serve a purpose far more sinister than mere decoration. It is here that you encounter the enigmatic and disturbing figure known as Bloody Tom, who exerts control over his cultists through these gruesome remnants. Digging deeper into the story, you uncover the unsettling truth about Bloody Tom’s origins.

Through Bellwether’s surveillance records, you discover that Bloody Tom was once Dr. Thomas Kildere, a brilliant yet twisted founder of Aevum Therapeutics. Faced with the burden of caring for his dying father, Kildere’s priorities take a dark turn. Consumed by his own experiments and the allure of the powerful “Gateway sample” held by Aevum, Kildere abandons his father to his fate, under the influence of the sinister Alice Young, who later becomes the Vampire God Miss Whisper. The guilt of this act, symbolized by a bell that once summoned Kildere, becomes the catalyst for his transformation into Bloody Tom. Fuelled by guilt and the power of the “Gateway sample,” he unleashes madness upon Redfall, forever changing the town’s fate.

Where Is Bloody Tom Located in Redfall?

To find Bloody Tom in Redfall, players will need to embark on a mission that takes them to a campground overrun with cultists loyal to the Vampire God. This section offers players multiple approaches, allowing them to engage in combat with the cultists or infiltrate their ranks by going along with their ceremony. Sneaky players even have the option to sabotage the blood offering discreetly.

Eventually, players will delve into Bloody Tom’s memories and engage in a battle deep below the earth in a blood-soaked arena. While the boss battle against Bloody Tom may not be the most challenging, the gruesome setting and his haunting appearance make for a memorable encounter. Despite some missed opportunities for more freedom in missions like this, the path to confronting Bloody Tom showcases the creative spark of Arkane Studios and adds to the overall experience of Redfall.

The Bloody Tom Battle

As you embark on your journey to face the fearsome Bloody Tom, there are a few key steps to ensure a successful encounter. Firstly, make your way to the large house located in the far southwest corner of the region. You can quickly reach it by using fast travel to a nearby safehouse and heading southwest. The house will immediately catch your attention as it appears to be missing a chunk, resembling Dr. Addison’s house.

Approaching the house, you may be surprised to find only one regular vampire inside. Take care of this adversary and proceed to the second floor. From there, head right and ascend the stairs leading to the attic. Inside the attic, you’ll discover a pedestal where you can place three skulls. Once you’ve placed them, enter the house.

Follow the path until you reach a large cave, where you’ll encounter a Sin Eater that you can defeat for an additional scene. Afterward, you’ll come across a massive hole in the ground. Descend into the shaft (watch out for fall damage) and at the end, you’ll enter the large room where Bloody Tom awaits. Before engaging in the battle, familiarize yourself with the details provided in the boss box below.

Now, let’s discuss how to tackle this encounter. The good news is that this is a relatively easy boss fight. We recommend equipping a Stake gun and an Assault Rifle, as you likely won’t need your shotgun. Feel free to swap it out for a handgun or a sniper rifle. Here’s the strategy: Take note of the three large holes in the room. Bloody Tom will emerge from the hole directly in front of you and attack from there. As you chip away at his health, he will change to a different hole, and eventually to the final one.

Knowing this, your objective is to find cover. Look for the spires protruding from the ground near the center of the room. Position yourself behind these spires for protection. Unlike the Hollow Man fight, you’ll want to back away from the spires. This is because Bloody Tom can unleash a deadly attack where he throws three blood balls (sometimes even a blood spear) that explode on contact, leaving behind a hazardous blood mist. Although the mist dissipates after a couple of seconds, it can be fatal if you remain within it for even a short period.

Remember to avoid standing in the outer area of the room, as when Bloody Tom retreats into his hole, the blood mist will spread throughout the room, leaving only the center area safe. By staying vigilant and utilizing cover effectively, you can triumph over Bloody Tom.

Does Bloody Tom Have Any Weak Spots?

When facing Bloody Tom in Redfall, his head serves as a weak spot that players can target to inflict significant damage. Utilizing ranged weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and spike launchers can be effective in taking him down. It is important to note that Bloody Tom possesses a substantial amount of health, so players will need to unleash a barrage of attacks on his vulnerable head to defeat him.

What is Given for Destroying the Bloody Tom Boss?

After defeating the formidable Bloody Tom boss in Redfall, players are rewarded with valuable items. Approach the door of the boss arena and claim your well-earned loot, including the coveted Bloody Tom Skull and Bloody Tom’s Remnant. These items serve as not only proof of your victory but also valuable resources that can be utilized to enhance your abilities and strengthen your arsenal. With these powerful rewards in hand, you can further equip yourself to face the challenges that lie ahead in the vampire-infested world of Redfall.

In conclusion, Bloody Tom stands as a formidable adversary, an undead entity driven by madness and fueled by the guilt of his twisted past. As players embark on their journey through the supernatural shooter, they will encounter Bloody Tom in a chilling showdown within his lair deep beneath the earth. Armed with ranged weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and stake guns, players can easily take down this menacing boss by targeting his head, his vulnerable weak spot. Defeating Bloody Tom not only grants a sense of accomplishment but also rewards players with valuable items, including the Bloody Tom Skull and Bloody Tom’s Remnant. Prepare yourself for an intense battle and claim your well-deserved spoils by vanquishing the formidable Bloody Tom in Redfall.

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