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Redfall Hollow Man: How To Defeat This Boss Easily?

Hey there, fellow gamers! Get ready to buckle up and face your first big boss challenge in Redfall. The Hollow Man is waiting to be conquered, and we’ve got the inside scoop on how to take him down. You’ve heard his menacing messages over the radio and TV, and now it’s time to step into his mansion, unravel his tragic backstory, and gather the 3 underboss skulls. But the real showdown begins when you place those skulls on the altar and unlock a door to a whole new world. Are you ready to come face to face with the first Vampire God? We’ll reveal all the tips and tricks you need to defeat the Hollow Man in this thrilling article.

Who Is the Hollow Man?

Let’s dive into the chilling world of Redfall and discover who the Hollow Man truly is.

Picture this: the Hollow Man, with his grotesque appearance, boasts six menacing arms and a ribcage that reveals a dark, pulsating heart at its center. He’s not your ordinary enemy. This Vampire God has a dark and tragic origin story that’s woven into the very fabric of Redfall’s sinister tale.

Dr. Addison, once an executive of Aevum Laboratories, resided in the haunting Addison Mansion with his daughter, Amelia. But when Black Sun uncovered the secrets of Vampirism, Dr. Addison and his fellow executives indulged in dangerous experiments on themselves, transforming into the dreaded Vampire Gods. With their newfound powers, they forged an army of Vampires, establishing their dominance over the town of Redfall.

Why Did Dr. Addison Turn Into the Hollow Man?

How has Dr. Addison, once a brilliant mind, transformed into the menacing Hollow Man? As you venture into Addison’s mansion, the truth unravels before your eyes. Dr. Addison was plagued by a fatal degenerative mental condition, desperately seeking a cure to save his own life. In a twisted and diabolical move, he turned to a process called parabiosis, infusing his daughter Amelia’s blood in a desperate attempt to slow the progression of his disease. Sadly, this horrifying experiment took the life of Amelia, leaving Dr. Addison devastated.

With Amelia’s tragic demise, Dr. Addison’s symptoms returned, and hope seemed lost. However, fate had something else in store for him. He stumbled upon the “gateway sample,” a mysterious substance that would change his life forever. Driven by desperation and driven to the brink of madness, he injected himself with the gateway sample, initiating his transformation into the Hollow Man.

The key to unlocking the path to the Hollow Man’s hidden lair lies in Amelia’s butterfly needle. It serves as a grim reminder of the dark and twisted experiments that led to Dr. Addison’s transformation. With this key in hand, you will journey deep into the Hollow Man’s memories, peering into the darkness that consumed him before finally confronting and dispatching him.

The backstory of the Hollow Man is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing you’ll uncover in Redfall. While the other Vampire Gods hold their own dark secrets, none are quite as bleak as his. Even though the battle with this blood-soaked boss may be quick, the haunting history of the Hollow Man will linger in your mind long after you’ve completed the game.

The Hollow Man Battle Explained

Defeating this powerful Vampire God requires strategy and precision. The Hollow Man’s boss fight consists of two challenging phases. In the first phase, which lasts until he reaches around 2/3rds of his health, he unleashes powerful attacks. Watch out for a large red strand that attaches to the player, draining their blood, and a devastating beam that shoots from his chest.

To tackle the Hollow Man in Phase 1, it’s recommended to use an assault rifle and take cover behind the pillars located up the stairs on either side of the arena. By positioning yourself behind the pillars, you’ll be safe from most of his attacks. Keep an eye out for his arm smash, which can reach past the pillar, but has a noticeable wind-up animation, making it easy to dodge. Keep shooting at him relentlessly until his health bar turns silver.

Once the health bar turns silver, the Hollow Man enters Phase 2, becoming impervious to damage. During this phase, he calls upon blood bags for support and tethers himself to them. He also summons vampire shades to attack you and unleashes waves of butterflies that shoot around the perimeter of the arena.

To tackle Phase 2, prioritize taking out the vampire shades first, as they have low health. Once the shades are defeated, utilize the arena to your advantage. Run around, gather ammo and medkits near each set of stairs, and focus on shooting and destroying all the blood bags. By eliminating the blood bags, you’ll weaken the Hollow Man’s defenses, allowing you to resume your attack on him. Keep your wits about you, stay mobile, and coordinate your movements wisely. The Hollow Man’s battle is not for the faint of heart, but with the right strategy and perseverance, you can emerge victorious against this formidable foe.

How Do I Know That the Fight Is Finished?

Once you’ve successfully vanquished the Hollow Man in an epic battle, there are a few key things that will happen. After depleting the Hollow Man’s health, he will switch back and forth between the two phases of the battle. However, there will be a notable addition — a rotating shield that surrounds him. Don’t worry, though, because you’ve got a strategy to counter this. Return to one of the pillars in the arena, take aim, and shoot at the Hollow Man through the openings of the rotating shield. Keep your shots precise and relentless.

As you continue to battle, the moment you’ve been waiting for will arrive. The Hollow Man’s health will reach its final depletion point, causing him to collapse in defeat. Now, this is your chance to finish him off with a decisive stake to ensure he’s gone for good. Seize the opportunity and deliver the final blow.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. As the Hollow Man lies defeated, don’t forget to claim your well-deserved rewards. Grab his Skull, a symbol of your triumph, and don’t overlook the Butterfly Needle, a crucial item that may hold significance in your future quests.

With the battle concluded and your loot secured, it’s time to leave the boss area and venture forth into new challenges. You’ve successfully triumphed over the Hollow Man, a powerful Vampire God, and your victory will not go unnoticed. The consequences of this epic battle will ripple through Redfall, setting the stage for the next thrilling chapter in your journey.

Tips to Consider During the Fight with Hollow Man

The battle with the Hollow Man in Redfall can be quite challenging, but we’ve got some valuable tips to help you come out on top. Pay close attention to these strategies during the fight and secure your victory.

  1. Avoiding the Hollow Man’s Attacks: Find a specific spot in the arena for a defensive advantage. Position yourself behind the large, brown pillars by going up the stairs on either side of the room. This will protect you from the Hollow Man’s beam attack and blood-siphoning attack. He will only try to harm you by sending out butterflies or smashing his body onto the platform. Use this safe spot to your advantage and wait for the right moment to strike.
  2. Dealing Damage to the Hollow Man: Your main objective is to deal damage when the Hollow Man finishes his attacks. After he completes an attack, he will stay still for a few seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to unload your firepower. Opt for a long-range rifle or pistol for this fight, as a sniper or shotgun may not be as effective. If you trust your aim, a stake launcher can be a powerful choice, but keep in mind its limited ammo capacity.
  3. Getting Through the Blue Orb Phase: When you’ve depleted around a third of the Hollow Man’s health, he will retreat into a protective blue orb. To break the orb, you must eliminate the blood bags that are tethered to it. Follow the red blood trail from the orb to the ground to locate them. Beware of the attacking vampires during this phase; swiftly dispatch them and focus on damaging the blood bags. Take advantage of this phase to replenish your supplies by looting crates and ammo pouches. Once the blue orb is shattered, return to your pillar and prepare for the Hollow Man’s renewed assault.

Remember, the Hollow Man’s attacks remain relatively consistent throughout the battle. By strategically positioning yourself behind a pillar and maximizing your damage during vulnerable moments, you can emerge victorious. While this approach may seem cheesy, it proves to be an efficient and effective strategy to overcome this challenging boss.

Is the Hollow Man Fight Difficult?

If you’re wondering whether the fight with the Hollow Man in Redfall is difficult, the answer is no. The Hollow Man’s attacks are fairly straightforward. His primary attack, Blood Suck, is similar to the one used by other vampires. It attempts to drain your blood, but you can easily break the link by positioning yourself behind a pillar. He also employs fire-like butterflies that follow a set path, so stay vigilant and navigate carefully to avoid their damaging effects. Another attack to watch out for is his slashing motion, which can be tricky to dodge due to its unpredictable nature. The Hollow Man also employs a Laser Beam attack, similar to Blood Suck, but this time shooting a beam from his chest. Once again, standing behind a pillar provides complete protection from this attack. Additionally, he summons Echo Vampires to aid him, but these can be taken care of with a single shotgun blast.

To make the fight even more manageable, take note of the various spots in the room where you can find ammo and healing supplies. Grab them when needed to ensure you’re well-prepared. Now, here’s a handy tip for you: Utilize the upper areas of the room, each with a central pillar. Just remember to stick close to the pillar to avoid the Fire Butterflies’ damage.

In Conclusion

The battle with the formidable Vampire God known as the Hollow Man in this game requires careful strategy and execution to emerge victorious. Although it may not be considered overly difficult, players must approach the encounter with a thoughtful plan to maximize their chances of success. Make sure to utilize available resources such as ammo and healing supplies, as they can significantly impact your success. By implementing the described tips and strategies, players can confidently navigate the fight with the Hollow Man. Stay focused, adapt tactics as needed, and approach the battle with careful planning to overcome this challenging adversary and progress further in the game.

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