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Redfall Achievements You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out

Hey there, gamers! Welcome to this guide dedicated to assisting players in achieving 100% completion in Redfall by highlighting the game’s missable achievements. This guide aims to provide detailed information on the achievements that are easy to overlook, ensuring that players can make informed decisions and avoid missing out on these valuable accomplishments.

How Many Achievements Does Redfall Feature?

There are a total of 66 achievements for players to unlock and discover. These achievements vary in nature, ranging from completing missions and challenges within the game to finding specific items or accomplishing specific objectives.

Redfall’s Commons Missable Achievements

In Redfall Coomns, there are several achievements that players can easily miss if they’re not careful. To ensure that you don’t overlook any valuable accomplishments on the first map of Redfall’s world, we have compiled a list of these achievements along with their descriptions. Take a look at the table below for a comprehensive overview:

Achievement NameDescription
I Spit On Your GraveSteal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch before completing the A Grave Situation main missions in Redfall. Interact with the Pocket Watch Blood Remnant after placing it atop the gravestone in the United Church of Christ Cemetery.
Someplace to BeReach a landing site before the supplies land during a Bellweather Supply Drop Safehouse Mission. Initiate the mission from either the Shadetree Heights Safehouse (Redfall Commons) or the Howl’s Neck Safehouse (Burial Point). Interact with the Communications Laser, locate the supply drops, and get underneath one before it is released.
Skin of Their TeethComplete the A Voice in the Dark main story mission with all hostages alive. At Samuelson’s Shipyard, free the four hostages located on the bottom floor of the warehouse with the satellite dishes after eliminating the Executioner and Cultists.
Empty Nest SyndromeDestroy a nest heart without waking or killing any vampires. Crouch walk through Vampire Nests in Redfall to enter one without alerting or shooting any enemies.
Saw That ComingComplete the Abducted Brother side quest by entering the marked house’s basement and quickly moving away after opening the metal door to avoid triggering an explosion. Initiate the quest by speaking with Joe at Redfall’s Fire Station.
Ask Not For Whom The Horns BlowDisable foghorns before going to the Tempestas during the Fall Like Lightning main story mission. Interact with the two generators at Heritage Rock Lighthouse upon entering the building.
Starve the BeastComplete Metamorphosis without allowing the vampire to be nourished. Initiate the mission at either the Sedgewick Safehouse (Redfall Commons) or the Haven’s Lot Safehouse (Burial Point). Freeze Bloodbags with a UV weapon and hit them with a melee attack to prevent them from exploding on the vampire.
Avenging the Good DoctorKill the vampire that killed Dr. Hunt during the A Grave Situation: Find the Doc main story mission at the United Church of Christ Cemetery.
Dexterity SaveTake the survival tips without triggering the tripwires during the Taking Back the Air Waves side mission. Purchase a Lockpick and three Rewire Kits, navigate through Bill’s House, and use Rewire Kits to hack Tripwire Consoles and collect the Vampire Survival Tips.
A Cry in the DarkDestroy the Wailing Shadow, a special vampire, at the Hilltop Grave Site by firing a Flare Gun into the crows, causing purple smoke to appear and summon the Wailing Shadow.
Redfall Commons Missable Achievement List

By being mindful of these achievements and following the corresponding instructions, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable completion milestones during your exploration of the first map in Redfall’s world.

Redfall Burial Point Missable Achievements

In the Burial Point map of Redfall, there are several achievements that players are more likely to miss too if they don’t pay attention or explore thoroughly. Here is a list of these achievements:

Redfall: All Achievements List

  1. Rum Runner: Players must navigate through the Old Bootlegger Tunnel to reach the Wight Farm during the “What Does Bellweather Know?” mission.
  2. Blacklight Down: Players need to turn off a generator and complete the mission without relying on the defensive UV lights during the “What Does Bellweather Know?” mission.
  3. Sepsis: Players should contaminate the blood with gasoline before collecting the offering in the Bladewell Campgrounds during the “One of Us” mission.
  4. So Anyway I Started Blasting: After earning Sepsis, players need to return to the Bladewell Campgrounds and attack a Cultist during the same “One of Us” mission.
  5. Bloody Initiate: In a separate playthrough of the “One of Us” mission, players must collect the blood without tampering with it and pour it into the altar.
  6. Lights Out: Players must interact with a generator during the “Lost in the Fog” mission.
  7. Bob’s Final Hour: Players need to kill Bob the Radio Host using any weapon during the “Lost in the Fog” mission.
  8. Under a Bushel: Players must retrieve a lamp without encountering The Keeper during the “Restore the Lighthouse” mission.
  9. Eagle Eyes: Players should complete the “Lost Unit” side mission without triggering any Bellwether tripwires in the Direwolf Caverns.
  10. Revelations: Players must listen to the Pastor’s thrall recording during the “What’s In the Attic” mission.
  11. Enemy of My Enemy: Players can shoot Trevor Ash while he is petrified or disable nearby generators during the “Eclipsed” side mission.
  12. Sisterhood: Players need to solve the puzzle at Blackwood House and receive a Legendary Blood Remnant.
  13. What Lies Below: Players must quickly ring the bell attached to Redfall’s Irving Family Mausoleum six times.
  14. Check, Please!: Players should loot the container on the table upstairs at Jolly’s Seaside Corner.
  15. Good Samaritan: Players should complete the seven side missions in Burial Point before the final boss battle.
  16. Neighborhood Watch: Players must secure the eight Burial Point Safehouses, complete their missions, and defeat the associated Vampire Underbosses.
  17. Faith Healer: Players should collect 55 Grave Locks in Burial Point before fighting the Black Sun.
  18. Contingency Plans: Players should complete every mission on the Maritime Center briefing table before fighting the Black Sun.
  19. Say Goodbye, Joe: Players should kill Joe Creelman during the final mission, “The Black Sun.”

These achievements offer additional challenges and objectives that players may overlook if they rush through the main story missions.

Redfall: All Achievements List

Here is a list of all 66 achievements in Redfall along with their descriptions:

  1. Neighborhood Revitalization: Complete all of the main missions in Redfall Commons.
  2. Revelations: Listen to the Pastor’s thrall recording.
  3. Home Is Where The Heart Is: Unlock your first safehouse.
  4. Enter of Your Own Free Will: Enter your first nest door.
  5. Contingency Plans: Complete all optional campaign missions.
  6. Deforestation: Destroy the Burial Point blood tree.
  7. Blood Will Have Blood: Loot your first blood remnant.
  8. Ne Plus Ultra: Loot your first unrivaled item.
  9. Welcome to the Neighborhood: Complete your first neighborhood.
  10. Block Party: Complete all neighborhoods in Redfall Commons.
  11. Neighborhood Watch: Complete all neighborhoods in Burial Point.
  12. Scream Team: Gain Layla’s complete trust and confidence.
  13. Monster Hunters Club: Gain Devinder’s complete trust and confidence.
  14. Blood Brother: Gain Jacob’s complete trust and confidence.
  15. Freindgineering: Gain Remi’s complete trust and confidence.
  16. Bad Wiring: Disable a tripwire using a rewire kit.
  17. Spit Take: Destroy a Death Mist Spewer.
  18. I Like My Stakes Rare!: Stake your first vampire.
  19. Sic Transit Umbra: Complete all of the main missions in Burial Point.
  20. Radio Silence: Destroy the Hollow Man.
  21. Bell-ringer: Destroy Bloody Tom.
  22. Silence Is Golden: Destroy Miss Whisper.
  23. Good Morning: Destroy The Black Sun.
  24. Grounded: Destroy your first Rook.
  25. Fly Fisher: Destroy your first Angler.
  26. Peek-a-boo: Destroy your first Shroud.
  27. You Clean It Up: Destroy a Blood Bag without triggering it to explode.
  28. Throw The First Stone: Destroy your first Sin-Eater.
  29. ICU: Destroy your first Watcher.
  30. Sucks To Be You: Destroy your first Siphon.
  31. Faith Healer: Collect all grave locks.
  32. Wounded Whispers: Collect your first grave lock.
  33. Catch and Release: Rescue a civilian hostage.
  34. From the Shadows: Destroy Gloria during The Key To Wellness.
  35. A Cry in the Dark: Destroy the Wailing Shadow.
  36. Sisterhood: Discover the fate of the Blackwood sisters and collect their heirloom.
  37. What Lies Below: Uncover the Ircing family mausoleum.
  38. Check, Please!: Loot the table 12 remnant.
  39. Heart Attack: Destroy your first nest heart.
  40. Empty Nest Syndrome: Destroy a nest heart without waking or killing any vampire.
  41. Starve The Beast: Complete Metamorphosis without the vampire being nourished.
  42. Someplace to Be: Reach a landing site before the supplies land.
  43. Skin of Their Teeth: Complete A Voice in the Dark with all hostages alive.
  44. Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow: Disable foghorns before going to the Tempestas during Fall Like Lightning.
  45. Bloody Initiate: Reach the end of the infiltration mission path during One of Us.
  46. Sepsis: Poison the Bellkeeper’s blood offering during One of Us.
  47. So Anyway I Started Blasting: Break infiltration during One of Us by shooting a friendly cultist at the Campgrounds.
  48. Right This Way: Navigate the Psychic Wood without going through the wrong door.
  49. Nice Try: Go through the wrong door at least three times in the Psychic Woods.
  50. Harvest’s End: Kill The Harvestman during “The Festival.”
  51. Blacklight Down: Turn off
  52. Blacklight Down: Turn off Bellwether’s defensive UV lights and leave them off.
  53. Rum Runner: Enter Bellwether’s stronghold via the bootlegger tunnel.
  54. Under a Bushel: Get the lamp without encountering The Keeper.
  55. Enemy of My Enemy: Free Trevor Ash from the UV light.
  56. Dexterity Save: Enter Bellwether’s stronghold via the bootlegger tunnel.
  57. Bob’s Final Hour: Kill Bob the Radio Host during Lost in the Fog after playing the PSA in Taking Back the Airwaves.
  58. Lights Out: Cut the generator at the Coast Guard Station.
  59. Helping Hand: Complete all side missions in Redfall Commons.
  60. Good Samaritan: Complete all side missions in Burial Point.
  61. Curious Finch: Read Nurse Tran’s mother’s dedication in his birdwatching book.
  62. Say Goodbye, Joe: Kill Joe Creelman.
  63. Eagle Eyes: Complete The Lost Unit without triggering any Bellwether tripwires.
  64. Friends ‘Til The End: Reach the highest tier of trust with three other heroes at once.
  65. Avenging the Good Doctor: Avenge Dr. Hunt’s death by killing the vampire that killed him.
  66. I Spit On Your Grave: Steal Dr. Hunt’s father’s pocket watch.

Redfall Secret Achievements

Redfall features several secret achievements that add an element of surprise and challenge to the gameplay. These hidden accomplishments involve taking down specific targets, performing certain actions, and exploring the open world of the game. The details of these achievements are concealed until players meet the unlock conditions. Additionally, there are achievements tied to building trust and confidence with key characters in the game, including Layla, Devinder, Jacob, and Remi.

Players will also encounter combat challenges that require specific actions and strategies, such as destroying a Death Mist Spewer (Spit Take), cutting the generator at the Coast Guard Station (Lights Out), and avoiding a cultist’s trap (Saw That Coming). Staking vampires is a crucial aspect of Redfall, and players can unlock the achievement I Like My Stakes Rare! by lowering a vampire’s health and staking them by pressing down on the Right joystick. Lastly, players can earn the Catch and Release achievement early in the game by freeing the first hostage encountered after engaging and defeating the cultists near the ferry.

  1. Deforestation – Destroy the Burial Point blood tree.
  2. Spit Take – Destroy a Death Mist Spewer.
  3. Saw That Coming – Spot and avoid the cultist’s trap.
  4. Lights Out – Cut the generator at the Coast Guard Station.
  5. Say Goodbye, Joe – Kill Joe Creelman.

In conclusion, Redfall offers a diverse range of achievements that players can strive to unlock throughout their gameplay. While many achievements in the game can be obtained through natural progression, there are a few missable achievements that players might overlook if they’re not aware of specific conditions or actions. These missable achievements often involve making certain choices, completing optional objectives, or interacting with specific characters or objects in the game world. The reason players might miss these achievements is primarily due to overlooking or not exploring certain areas thoroughly, making different choices during missions, or not fulfilling specific requirements to trigger the achievement. However, players need not worry, as they can always go back and replay missions or revisit areas to unlock these missable achievements. So, dive into Redfall, embrace the challenges, and make sure to keep an eye out for those missable achievements along your supernatural journey.

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