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Redfall Aevum Clinic and Bellwether Mystery Explained

Hey there! In Arkane Studios’ action-packed vampire shooter, Redfall, players will uncover the intricate web of two enigmatic organizations that shape the game’s thrilling narrative. As they explore the atmospheric seaside town, it becomes apparent that the Bellwether mercenaries and the bloodthirsty vampires haunting the streets are closely intertwined with the sinister Aevum Therapeutics biotech company. While the initial connection between these groups may seem unclear, delving deeper into Redfall’s story reveals the extent of their involvement and their shared ties to the game’s overarching mystery. As players unravel the secrets of these organizations, they will navigate a treacherous world where alliances and motivations are shrouded in darkness, adding an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the immersive gameplay experience.

Redfall Bellwether Organization

Belwether in Redfall is a secretive mercenary organization that operates under the orders of Elias Kurz, the founder and principal investor of Aevum Therapeutics. They were sent to Redfall to retrieve research data and VIPs from the town, with a mandate to eliminate any witnesses. As players progress through the game, they discover that Belwether has been monitoring and torturing cultists in an attempt to uncover the true identities of the Vampire Gods. The memories of these gods reveal that Kurz was responsible for the exploitation and murder of Redfall’s Young Woman. Belwether’s involvement in the supernatural events of the town is tied to Kurz’s desperate attempt to regain control of Aevum’s unethical research and keep the biotech company hidden from scrutiny.

The History of Belwether Security

Belwether Security is a formidable security organization that has made its presence known in Redfall. Their primary objective is to retrieve the research conducted by Aevum Laboratories, which inadvertently led to the creation of vampires in the town. Unlike the Cultists, Belwether operates with a more militarized approach, equipped with advanced weaponry and superior resources. It is worth noting that Jacob, one of the key characters in Redfall, was once a member of this organization, brought to Redfall on confidential orders. Their involvement in the town’s dark events adds another layer of intrigue and danger to the already gripping storyline.

Redfall Aevum Clinic

In Redfall, the Aevum Clinic is the research facility owned by Aevum Therapeutics, a biotech company led by Elias Kurz. The clinic’s primary focus is the study of the mysterious Young Woman, whose healing blood has the power to cure various diseases. Aevum used the Young Woman’s blood to create miraculous cures, but as the company faced scrutiny, they drained the Young Woman to harness her power for themselves. This dark act transformed the company’s founders into the menacing Vampire Gods, unleashing chaos upon Redfall. The Aevum Clinic represents the sinister backdrop of corporate greed and unethical research that drives the game’s narrative.

The Location of Aevum Clinic in Redfall

To find the Aevum Clinic in Redfall, follow these steps:

  1. Progress through the main story until you reach the mission titled “On the List.
  2. Fast travel to the Hilloch Building area in the northern part of Redfall Island.
  3. Head north along the main road until you reach an intersection, then turn right and continue east.
  4. You will come across the Aevum Clinic, a large building with the Aevum logo on the front.
  5. Prepare for combat as vampire enemies will be guarding the entrance. Defeat them to gain access to the building.
  6. Enter the Aevum Clinic and make your way to the upper floors. Fight through enemies and solve puzzles to progress and complete the mission objectives.
  7. Be cautious while exploring the clinic, as there are traps and dangerous enemies throughout. Utilize your weapons and special abilities to overcome obstacles and reach the mission’s end.

Follow these instructions to navigate the Aevum Clinic and uncover the secrets within its walls. Good luck, and may your journey in Redfall be successful!

Where Can I Find Aevum Film?

To find the Aevum Film in Redfall, players will encounter it during the “Giving You Tomorrow” mission at the Aevum Clinic. The clinic is located south of the fire station, just past the dried-up canal. After crossing the canal and a large parking lot, head to the southeastern building with a large tower. Deal with the cultists and use a lockpick to open the door. Inside, go left to an electric box and use it to access the roof. Proceed past the ladder and grab the Grave Lock. Head inside through the breakable window and descend to the basement. Kill the vampire and continue forward through the creepy hallway. In the end, there will be vampires and another staircase leading down to B2F. In a little room with locked doors, vault up to the small roof and jump down the hole. Unlock the incinerator room to find the Aevum Film near the hatch. The Aevum Film is an important item needed for the mission objective, and players will need to retrieve it to progress in the game’s story.

Key Points

Aevum Clinic and Bellwether Security are two integral elements in the lore of Redfall. Aevum Clinic, a prominent location in the game, was involved in unethical research conducted on the Young Woman, whose blood possessed remarkable healing powers. On the other hand, Bellwether Security, a militarized security organization, was sent to Redfall under the orders of Elias Kurz, the founder of Aevum Therapeutics. Their mission was to retrieve Aevum research data and VIPs while leaving no witnesses behind.

The intertwined narratives of Aevum Clinic and Bellwether Security expose the greed and corruption of the biotech company and its connection to the supernatural events in Redfall. These elements add depth and intrigue to the game’s storyline, showcasing the consequences of corporate greed and the thirst for power. Exploring the connections between these organizations and their impact on the town’s fate adds layers of complexity to the game, making Redfall a thrilling and engaging adventure in the supernatural shooter genre.

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