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Redfall: Fall Like Lightning Mission Walkthrough

Hey there, fellow Redfall adventurer! Ready to take on the Fall Like Lightning mission and dive into a new area filled with excitement and challenges? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you don’t miss a single thrilling moment! Get ready to shine like lightning and conquer Redfall like a true hero. Let’s dive right in and make the Hollow Man regret ever crossing our paths!

Fall Like Lightning Mission Achievements

To enhance your gaming experience in the Fall Like Lightning mission, there’s an achievement awaiting you. By completing the objective of disabling the foghorns before proceeding to the Tempestas, you’ll unlock the achievement called “Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow.” This achievement adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the mission, encouraging players to explore and engage with the game’s mechanics in a unique way.

How Can I Start the Fall Like Lightning Mission?

To start the Fall Like Lightning mission in Redfall, you need to first complete the previous mission called A Voice in the Dark. Once you’ve finished rescuing the deceived individuals who believed they could be evacuated, return to the Fire Station. In the Mission Debriefing Room, interact with the table and select the Fall Like Lightning mission. This will trigger a short cutscene, and you’ll be ready to embark on the next exciting adventure.

Finding the Ship in the Now-Drained Bay

As you embark on the Fall Like Lightning mission, your first task is to locate a stranded ship in the now-drained bay. Take a look at your map to identify the ship’s location to the east of the Fire Station. Set a Ping to guide you and make your way across the ocean floor. Be prepared to face enemies and navigate through the hazardous Red Mist along the way.

Approaching the ship, you’ll notice numerous Cultists patrolling around it. Choose whether to sneak past them or engage in combat as you make your way to the top of the ship. Look for an open hatch that leads to the captain’s room, where you’ll find the antenna that requires interaction. However, be prepared for a confrontation as triggering this action will attract enemies, including the transformed Vampiric captain, who will descend upon you. Stay vigilant and fight your way through this intense encounter.

Taking Out the Captain and Finding the Lighthouse

After taking care of the captain, your next objective is to reach the nearby lighthouse. Located just west of the ship, it should be visible as you make your way back to the shore. Follow the path around the cliff on the west side of the lighthouse, but be prepared to encounter a significant number of Cultists along the way. To access the lighthouse, you’ll need to pass through a small house at the bottom. Once inside the lighthouse, head to the bottom floor and interact with the machine to gather the data you need. If you have a character with climbing abilities like Layla or Devinder, you can reach the back entrance by scaling the cliff. Otherwise, follow the main path until you reach the main plaza, then jump over the railing on the left and take the middle path. Look for the entrance after rounding the corner, and use the rocks along the wall to climb over. Inside the cave, you’ll find a clubhouse with loot, a large safe, and a Grave Lock. Proceed to the other side of the cave and climb the ladder to reach the lighthouse.

Connect the Antenna to the Spectrum Analyzer

Once you have explored the lighthouse and collected valuable supplies, make your way back down and get ready for the next task. It’s time to interact with the Spectrum Analyzer. This device is crucial for your mission, as it allows you to connect the antenna you obtained earlier. Align the antenna with the Spectrum Analyzer and activate it to complete this step. Be prepared for any potential challenges or enemies that may arise during this process. Stay focused and ensure the connection is successfully established to proceed with the mission.

Summoning the Rook

Once you start the machine, brace yourself because the Hollow Man will unleash a formidable new enemy known as The Rook. This imposing Vampire is accompanied by a menacing storm of red lightning, signaling his arrival. However, like other vampires you’ve encountered, The Rook can be taken down with persistence. Keep on the move, whittle down his health, and seize the opportunity to strike when he unleashes his lightning attack. Once defeated, return to the machine and retrieve the valuable data you were seeking. It’s important to note that this victory triggers a meter in the open world, which, when filled, will bring forth another Rook storm. When facing The Rook, it’s advisable to choose strategic locations such as the lighthouse museum or the base of the lighthouse. Seek cover indoors to avoid lightning strikes, and take advantage of the oil slick near the lighthouse base to inflict additional damage. Remember that The Rook is a formidable opponent with powerful area-of-effect attacks, so adapt your tactics and make use of available cover to emerge victorious.

The End of the Fall Like Lightning Mission in Redfall

After defeating the Rook and collecting valuable loot, including an Unrivaled Quality weapon and a Grave Lock, it’s time to wrap up the Fall Like Lightning mission. Return to the base of the lighthouse and retrieve the data from the Spectrum Analyzer to complete the mission. With this crucial information in hand, head back to the Fire Station to report your success. Keep in mind that Rook Storms will now become a regular occurrence, triggered by your actions in the game. As you progress, complete missions, eliminate special vampires, secure safehouses, and destroy Vampire Nests to fill the Rook Storm meter. Prepare yourself for intense battles with the Rook, taking advantage of safehouses for resupplying and utilizing UV lights to your advantage. Once you’ve vanquished the Rook, you’ll be notified about future Rook Storms. Keep an eye on the gauge on the map screen and be ready for the red lightning and the appearance of this powerful adversary. Head back inside the lighthouse, retrieve the Data Printout from the Spectrum Analyzer, and bring the quest to a satisfying conclusion. Don’t forget to complete both Fall Like Lightning and The House of Echoes missions to unlock the main mission, The Hollow Man.

Congratulations on completing the Fall Like Lightning mission in Redfall! Throughout this exhilarating quest, you embarked on a journey to find a stranded ship in the drained bay, battled against Cultists and faced the menacing Rook. By successfully activating the Spectrum Analyzer and obtaining the crucial data, you triumphed over the Hollow Man’s forces. Now, armed with new knowledge and powerful gear, continue your heroic journey to save Redfall from the Hollow Man and his menacing forces. Prepare for more thrilling encounters, explore the vast open world, and uncover the secrets that await you. May your path be filled with achievements, rewards, and the satisfaction of being a true hero in Redfall.

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