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Redfall: Where Are All Safehouses Located?

Hey, fellow gamers! Are you tired of constantly getting attacked by vampires and cultists in Redfall? Well, fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be revealing all of the locations of the Safehouses in Redfall, the ultimate safe haven where you can restock your ammo, medical supplies, and even respec your skill points. Whether you’re a completionist who wants to explore every inch of the map or just want to progress in the main story, finding these Safehouses is essential.

What Are Safehouses?

Safehouses are a crucial gameplay mechanic in Redfall, serving as essential safe zones for players in the game. They offer a range of benefits, including the ability to replenish supplies, interact with fellow survivors, and access unique side missions. Safehouses also act as fast travel points, allowing players to quickly move between different areas of the game world.

The Safe House missions scattered throughout Redfall are an integral part of the game’s narrative. These objectives require players to reclaim neighborhoods of the town by defeating the Vampire controlling the area. The liberation of Safe Houses impacts “enemy control” and affects how players navigate through the game.

Liberating a Safe House involves confronting a powerful Vampire God, but the reward for doing so is significant. Players are granted access to the Vampire’s skull, which allows them to enter the lair of a Vampire God. This provides an exciting opportunity to explore new areas of the game world and face even more formidable challenges.

How to Unlock Safehouses

If you’re looking to take a break from the action in Redfall and find some sanctuary in Safehouses, we’ve got you covered. To unlock these safe zones, you’ll need to turn on a nearby generator to provide power to the establishment. Look out for power cables leading from the Safehouse to a nearby spot. Follow these electrical conductors, defeat any enemies, and traverse tricky obstacles to reach the generator. Once you’ve activated it, the Safehouse will permanently become fast-travel friendly. Each Safehouse is unique, so expect the process to differ each time.

Step-By-Step Instruction to Unlocking the Safehouse

Here are some basic steps you should follow:

  1. Find the Safehouse by looking out for UV lights and extension cords leading to nearby generators.
  2. Clear the area by defeating any nearby enemies such as vampires and cultists.
  3. Follow the yellow cords from the Safehouse to the generator, which will often lead you to a puzzle or obstacle that must be overcome.
  4. Solve the puzzle or overcome the obstacle to power up the generator.
  5. Activate the generator to turn on the UV lights and unlock the Safehouse.

By following these steps, you will be able to unlock most of the Safehouses in Redfall

Finding All Safehouses in Redfall

The Safehouses are indicated by a white house icon and can be found all across the map of Redfall Commons. There are five of them in total, and each Safehouse is located in a different major section of the map. All the Safehouses look and act the same, and players can complete up to two missions at each of them. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to progress through Redfall, be sure to keep an eye out for these white house icons.

Steps To Do After Unlocking the Safehouse

Congratulations, you’ve successfully unlocked a Safehouse in Redfall! But what’s next? Here are some things you can do after unlocking a Safehouse:

  • Restock your supplies: Take advantage of the opportunity to replenish your ammo and medical supplies, and get ready for your next mission.
  • Respec your skill points: If you’ve been wanting to change up your character build, Safehouses offer the chance to respec your skill points.
  • Accept unique quests: Each Safehouse has its own set of unique side missions, so be sure to pick them up while you’re there.
  • Fast travel: With the Safehouse now unlocked, it becomes a fast travel point that you can use to navigate through the game world more quickly.
  • Explore the area: Take some time to explore the surrounding area and scavenge for resources.
    Remember, each Safehouse will have its own unique challenges, so stay prepared for anything and make the most of your newfound sanctuary in Redfall.

In conclusion, Safehouses in Redfall serve as vital safe zones where players can resupply, rest, and take on unique missions. These Safehouses can be found scattered throughout the town, and each one requires a different set of puzzles or obstacles to be overcome to unlock them. The first map, Redfall Commons, has a total of five Safehouses that players can find and unlock. While each Safehouse has its own unique challenges, players can follow the common steps outlined in this guide and adapt to each Safehouse’s unique obstacles. Now that you have a better understanding of how to locate and unlock Safehouses in Redfall, it’s time to gear up and prepare to conquer the vampire-infested island.

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