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Finding All the Vampire God Lair Locations

Hey there, vampire slayers! While taking down those blood-sucking creatures is a thrilling adventure in Redfall, it’s time to step up your game and face an even greater challenge: the vampire gods. These formidable foes, known as the Hollow Man, Miss Whisper, Bloody Tom, and The Black Sun, are the ultimate bosses you’ll encounter in Redfall. But hold your stakes for a moment! Entering their lairs won’t be a walk in the park. There are a few tasks you need to tackle before you can confront these powerful vampire deities. Now, grab your gear and get ready to delve into the dark secrets of the vampire god lairs.

What Is Needed to Unlock the Vampire God Lair?

To unlock a vampire god lair in Redfall, you’ll need to collect three vampire skulls known as “underboss skulls.” These skulls are obtained by completing safe house missions scattered throughout the game. Additionally, you’ll need the specific vampire remnant that corresponds to the vampire god you wish to challenge. These remnants are acquired as part of the main story missions. It’s important to note that vampire god lairs are unlocked as part of the main storyline, so you won’t be able to enter them until the corresponding mission becomes available. When you come across a vampire god lair door marked on the map during a main story mission, it will be highlighted in yellow. To unlock the door, simply place the required items, the underboss skulls and the applicable vampire remnant, on the altar beside the door.

Using Vampire God Remnants

Vampire God Remnants are powerful items that can be obtained by defeating the major bosses known as Vampire Gods. These Remnants serve as a testament to your victory over these formidable foes. After defeating a Vampire God, such as the Hollow Man, you will be able to collect their Vampire God Remnant. Each Vampire God has their own unique Remnant, and you can only equip one Remnant at a time. These Remnants grant special abilities or enhancements to your character, allowing you to harness the power of the defeated Vampire God. Choose wisely and utilize these Remnants strategically to gain an edge in your battles against the forces of darkness.

Vampire God Lair Requirements

To unlock the vampire god lairs in Redfall, you’ll need to meet specific requirements for each vampire god. Here are the names of the vampire gods and the corresponding requirements to unlock their lairs:

Vampire GodRequirements
The Hollow ManThree underboss skulls and the butterfly needle remnant
Miss WhisperThree underboss skulls and Miss Whisper’s key remnant
Bloody TomThree underboss skulls and handbell remnant
The Black SunThree underboss skulls and The Black Sun’s Clock
Redfall Underboss Lair Requirements

Each vampire god lair requires a collection of three underboss skulls and a specific vampire god remnant. Once you have gathered the required items, you can place them on the altar beside the lair’s door to unlock it and confront the vampire god within.

Locating Every Vampire God Lair in Redfall

To help you prepare for the ultimate battles in Redfall, here’s a guide to locating every Vampire God Lair. Each lair is associated with a specific vampire god and presents a challenging boss fight. Make sure you’re well-equipped before entering these lairs.

Vampire GodVampire God Lair Location
Hollow ManAddison Mansion grounds in Sedgewick, Redfall Commons
Miss WhisperFront of the Wellness Centre in Founder’s Knoll, Burial Point
Bloody TomLoft of Kildere House in Ashumet Springs, Burial Point
Black SunTraffic tunnel in Burial Point
Redfall Vampire God Lair Locations

Remember, once you enter a vampire god lair, be prepared for an intense boss fight. Ensure you have enough med kits and ammunition to withstand the challenges that lie ahead. Good luck in your quest to rid Redfall of these powerful vampire gods!

Tips for Entering the Vampire God Lairs

When venturing into a vampire god lair, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Preparation Before Entering: Ensure you have completed any necessary missions and obtained the required items before entering the lair. Stock up on ammo, health items, and any other supplies you may need for the challenging battles ahead.
  2. Carry Essential Items: Equip weapons with high damage output to effectively deal with the powerful vampire gods. Bring an ample supply of healing items to sustain yourself during intense fights. Additionally, consider carrying items that can help you navigate through traps and obstacles encountered within the lair.
  3. Be Ready for Boss Fights: Boss fights in vampire god lairs are intense and require both quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Familiarize yourself with the unique abilities and weaknesses of each boss. Exploit their weaknesses and employ effective strategies to overcome them.

By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to face the formidable vampire gods and emerge victorious in the battles that await you. So gear up, sharpen your skills, and prepare for the ultimate showdown!

Wrapping It Up

Unlocking Vampire God Lairs in Redfall is a thrilling challenge that awaits courageous players. By collecting three underboss skulls and the corresponding vampire god remnant, you can gain access to these formidable lairs. Enter these lairs prepared with essential items and strategies, as epic boss battles against the vampire gods await you. Unleash your skills, overcome their unique abilities, and emerge victorious in your quest to rid Redfall of these powerful foes. Best of luck, brave vampire hunters!

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