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How To Defeat the Black Sun Boss Easily and Finish Redfall Game

Hey there, fearless vampire hunters! Get ready to sink your teeth into the heart-pounding conclusion of Redfall’s main storyline. Brace yourselves for the ultimate showdown with the formidable Black Sun, the leader of the vampire gods and the mastermind behind the dark forces plaguing the island of Redfall.

In this article, we delve deep into the personality and backstory of the Black Sun, unraveling the secrets that make this nefarious character the primary antagonist of the game. But that’s not all—we’re also here to equip you with valuable tips and strategies to ensure your victory over this powerful foe. Get ready, as we dive into the heart of darkness and reveal the secrets that will help you claim victory against the Black Sun!

Who Is the Black Sun Boss?

When it comes to the Black Sun, prepare to face a villain like no other in Redfall. With razor-sharp claws and a head wreathed in flames, she strikes fear into the hearts of players. But her terrifying appearance is just the beginning. As you unravel the mysteries surrounding this Vampire God, you’ll discover a darkness that runs deep within her. From the moment you first encounter her, barely escaping with your life, to the grim revelations found in scattered documents and lore, the true nature of the Black Sun unfolds. Once known as Claire Beck, she was driven by greed and power, ultimately transforming into this monstrous entity. Consuming the blood of the Young Woman, along with her brother and fellow Aevum founders, Claire’s metamorphosis is complete. Chaining her brother beneath the circus tent, she unleashes the vampire hordes and blots out the sun. Claire’s descent from a once-powerful executive into a ruthless and vampiric force reflects the tale of hubris at the core of Redfall’s story.

While players may eventually triumph over the Black Sun, the game leaves a chilling reminder that others may seek to harness the Young Woman’s blood for their own nefarious purposes. Prepare yourself to confront the darkness that lies within and vanquish the Black Sun.

The Black Sun Boss Backstory

In the thrilling world of Redfall, the backstory of The Black Sun boss is a captivating tale that goes beyond the usual clichés of world domination. Arkane Studios has crafted a villain with depth and complexity, revealing motivations that unfold as players embark on their journey. At the start of Redfall, The Black Sun’s role as the bringer of darkness is clear, along with her control over the monstrous creatures infesting the town. As players confront other Vampire Gods in their quest to confront her, they delve into the twisted memories of these bosses, uncovering the truth behind the Aevum biotech company’s founders and their responsibility for the chaos in Redfall. While all the founders transformed into Vampire Gods in their own disturbing ways, The Black Sun’s darkness runs deeper, hinting at a troubled soul long before her terrifying transformation.

Where Will Players Encounter the Black Sun Boss in Redfall?

When the time comes to face the ultimate challenge with the Black Sun in Redfall, prepare yourself for the final showdown in the Burial Points region of the map. Before confronting the Black Sun, ensure that you have eliminated any vampires in the area and dealt with The Totality to avoid unexpected attacks. Untether the victims to weaken the Black Sun and engage in an intense battle. Defeating the four vampire gods is no easy feat, so make sure to reach the Redfall max level and upgrade your character’s skill tree to increase your chances of success.

The main objective is to reach the Aevum Ruins, so navigate through the streets, overcome cultists and vampires, and locate the door that leads you closer to your ultimate adversary. Approach the fight with caution and learn the boss’s mechanics to emerge victorious. Get ready to face the Black Sun and bring an end to the vampiric reign over Redfall.

The Black Sun Boss Fight

Alright, listen up! When you face the Black Sun boss in Redfall, forget about directly attacking her. Instead, focus on the corpses feeding her. You need to impale them to deal damage. Remember how you took down the trees with corpses on their roots or the Vampire Nests? It’s the same concept here. Destroying one of these corpses will inflict a massive amount of damage to the Black Sun.

Now, pay close attention because we have some essential tips for you. Before the fight, make sure you bring your best weapons. For this particular battle, we recommend a Stake Launcher, an assault rifle, and a shotgun. Before jumping down, look from the top of the area and spot two crucial things: a vampire shield on the bottom and a Shroud.

The Shroud is a real pain. She blocks your vision, making it extremely annoying. The shielded vampire is an empowered Rook, a tougher version of the usual Rook with an added shield. If you jump down, the Shroud will blind you, and the Rook will tear you apart. So, be smart about it. Locate the path you can take, equip your Stake Launcher, and as soon as you drop, sprint towards the Shroud and take her out as your first priority.

Once the Shroud is gone, the Rook will chase you, and you might have some regular vampires joining the party. Take your time to eliminate the Rook, as he’s the most challenging part of the fight. After you’ve dealt with the Rook and the Shroud, the coast is clear.

Black Sun herself attacks you with projectiles and slashing moves. They’re easy to dodge, but you might get distracted while evading the Rook. Stay focused! Once the Shroud and Rook are defeated, eliminate any remaining enemies and destroy the first root.

We’re going clockwise around the arena, so head to the next area that looks like a parking lot. Use the nearby platforms to reach the top where the second root is located. Take out any enemies in your way and destroy the root. If your Stake Launcher runs out of ammo (which is likely), switch to a sniper rifle to deal with enemies near the third and final root. Once the area is clear, destroy the final root to bring down the Black Sun. When the Black Sun is down, run to the center of the arena and impale her to put an end to the fight. Remember, it’s all about timing and strategy. Now go out there and show the Black Sun who’s boss!

What to Do After the Fight Is Over?

After successfully defeating the Black Sun boss, it’s time to wrap up the mission and tie up loose ends. Grab her remnant and exit the boss area. As you step outside, you’ll encounter the gateway, the woman you encountered at the beginning of the game who was promised to help cure diseases. Take a moment to interact with the NPCs near the vehicles to trigger the final scenes. These scenes will bring the mission to its conclusion, providing closure to the story and gameplay. Enjoy the climactic moments and relish in the sense of accomplishment for completing the epic battle against the Black Sun.

Tips for Defeating the Black Sun Boss Successfully

As you prepare to face off against the formidable Black Sun, it’s crucial to be well-prepared for the epic battle that lies ahead. Ensure that you have stocked up on powerful gear and healing items, leaving no loose ends in your sidequests, as this fight demands your utmost dedication. When the battle commences, prioritize eliminating any nearby vampires to secure a safer fighting environment. Black Sun will summon The Totality, presenting an additional challenge as you must confront him while simultaneously untethering the victims. Defeat The Totality and collect his vampire remains to bolster your arsenal, then continue your relentless assault until the Black Sun is vanquished and the town of Redfall is freed. Remember, victory awaits those who face the darkness with determination and strategic prowess.

To defeat the Black Sun, players must first eliminate the other Vampire Gods in Redfall, unraveling the dark secrets of the Aevum biotech company and the twisted individuals responsible for unleashing the vampiric forces upon the town. Once the path is cleared, the real battle begins.

The key to victory lies in impaling the corpses that feed the Black Sun. Destroying these sources of power will inflict substantial damage upon her. Remember to bring your best weapons.

In conclusion, remember, preparation is key. Ensure you have the necessary gear and healing items, complete sidequests, and approach the battle with determination. Redfall’s fate hangs in the balance, and only by toppling the Black Sun can you bring light back to the town and secure humanity’s survival. Now, take up arms, rally your comrades, and embark on the harrowing journey that awaits you in Redfall. The destiny of this forsaken town lies in your hands.

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