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Redfall: Dead Catch Records Studio Key Location Explained

Hey there, fellow adventurers in the vibrant world of Redfall! Are you ready for a thrilling mission that will have you tracking down a crucial item? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll reveal the secrets to finding the elusive Dead Catch Records Studio Key in Redfall.

Picture this: You’re knee-deep in the Voice in the Dark mission, and your objective leads you to the enigmatic Dead Catch Records Studio. But here’s the catch (pun intended): gaining access to this vital location requires a specific key. That’s where we come in, ready to equip you with the knowledge you need to complete your mission with style and finesse.

Dead Catch Records Studio Key Quest

In the Voice in the Dark main quest, you’ll come across the task of turning off a fake radio broadcast that originates from the Dead Catch Records store. To accomplish this, you’ll need to find the Dead Catch Records Studio Key. This key is crucial in gaining access to the studio on the second floor of the building, allowing you to unlock the Dead Catch Records Studio door. So, if you’re looking to complete this quest and progress in Redfall, let’s dive into our guide below.

Where Is Dead Catch Records Studio Key Left?

If you’re searching for the Dead Catch Records Studio Key in Redfall, here’s where you can find it. Stand facing the locked studio door and turn around. Descend the stairs in front of you and take a left at the bottom. Just a few steps forward, you’ll spot the key sitting on a white folding table. Grab it, and you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the studio and completing your quest.

What Is the Purpose of Finding the Key?

With the Dead Catch Records Studio Key in your possession, it’s crucial to use it to open the studio door and progress in the Voice in the Dark mission in Redfall. Inside the booth, you’ll find the Broadcast Controls, which you must interact with to turn off the fake emergency broadcast. This step is essential for advancing the mission.

Additionally, don’t forget to grab the Shipyard Office Key next to the Broadcast Controls, as it will be needed in the next part of the mission. While it is not compulsory to search for the Dead Catch Records Studio Key, obtaining it allows you to access the studio and complete the objective smoothly. Keep in mind that before proceeding, you might want to visit the nearby Basswood Safehouse. Safehouses serve as checkpoints and provide opportunities to restock on medical supplies and ammunition. They also play a role in collecting Underboss Skulls, which are necessary for completing the game. While visiting the Safehouse is optional, it can be beneficial for resupplying and acquiring important items.

Unlocking the Safehouse in the Region – The Shadetree Heights Safehouse

To unlock the Shadetree Heights Safehouse in Redfall, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Clear out the vampires and cultists surrounding the safehouse.
  2. Look for thick yellow cords that connect the UV lights to a nearby garage.
  3. Use a rewire kit to open the locked door in the garage. Be prepared for more cultists to appear.
  4. Defeat the additional cultists that show up.
  5. Inside the garage, you’ll find a bright yellow generator. Interact with it to activate the UV lights.
  6. The UV lights will unlock the safehouse, allowing you to seek refuge and access its resources.

Remember to stay cautious as you proceed through these steps, as cultists may pose a threat. Once you’ve successfully unlocked the Shadetree Heights Safehouse, it will serve as a convenient fast travel point for the rest of your journey in Redfall.

Wrapping Things Up

Obtaining the Dead Catch Records Studio Key in Redfall is crucial for progressing in the Voice in the Dark mission. By following our guide, players can easily locate the key on a white folding table in the northeast corner of the building. Once in possession of the key, players should open the studio door, eliminate the DJ, and interact with the Broadcast Controls to disable the fake emergency broadcast. Before proceeding further, it’s recommended to visit the nearby Basswood Safehouse, which serves as a checkpoint and provides opportunities to restock medical supplies and ammunition. The safehouse will be helpful during the final stages of the Voice in the Dark mission, where players may encounter powerful vampires. It’s worth noting that the safehouse offers convenience and resources for players to utilize throughout their Redfall journey. Good luck, and may you triumph over the forces of darkness!

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