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All Redfall Map Icons and Their Description

Hey there, Redfall players! Are you tired of getting lost in the game? Not sure what all those little icons on your map mean? Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll take you through every single icon on Redfall’s map and explain what each one means. From quests to landmarks, we’ll give you all the information you need to navigate the game like a pro. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to level up your Redfall gameplay.

The List of All Redfall Icons Found

We have compiled a list of all the icons you can find in the game and their corresponding descriptions. Check out the table below for an easy reference guide:

Yellow diamondRepresents the main story quest and objectives.
PinMarks the location of historical and other vital sites that contribute towards the game’s lore and setting.
Exclamation markDenotes side quests.
HouseSignifies all safe houses you can use as a base of operation.
Blue arrow facing downwardsRepresents your custom waypoint/ping that you can make on the map.
CrossDenotes first aid points where you can heal your character and stock up health replenishing supplies and other such things.
Crashed helicopterSignifies crash sites with valuable resources.
PistolThe armory where you can get new weapons, ammo, and other lethal and non-lethal items.
StarUsed for side quests associated with the safe house.
SackDenotes items lost during fights. You can return to its location and retrieve the dropped items.
Door with windowsRepresents Vampire Nests.
Door with arrowDenotes exit points.
Red padlockDenotes inaccessible areas that you can access only after progressing the game to a certain point or completing the respective requirements.
Redfall Map Icons

With this guide, you’ll be able to navigate Redfall’s map with ease and tackle all the different quests and challenges the game has to offer.

What Does the Butterfly Icon Mean in Redfall?

If you are playing Redfall and spot a butterfly, it’s a sign that a vampire or a cultist is lurking nearby. The butterfly symbol is one of the most common motifs in Redfall and has a significant role in the game’s lore. The symbol is associated with Amelia, the daughter of Dr. Addison, who used to experiment on her using blood. Amelia loved butterflies, and the needle that her father used for the experiment was shaped like a butterfly.

If you see a butterfly icon on the map, it means that a vampire is holed up in a nearby house, and you can get a Blood Remnant by defeating them. Blood Remnants offer various unique buffs, such as increased speed and permanent health buffs, making them highly valuable. So keep your eyes peeled for the butterfly symbol in Redfall to take on some of the most challenging and rewarding encounters in the game.

What Is the Size of the Redfall Map?

Redfall’s map is set to be one of the biggest in gaming history. According to Arkane, the game will feature two fully explorable maps, both in single-player and co-op modes. The size of the map is bigger than any of Arkane’s previous games, such as Prey and Dishonored. Although the exact size is not revealed, the developers insist that size is not everything, as the game promises the same level of environmental storytelling as seen in their other projects. In comparison, Prey’s setting, Talos One, was roughly 27,000 square meters, which is much smaller than what Redfall is set to offer. So, prepare to explore a vast and detailed world while hunting vampires in Redfall.

Will Redfall Be an Open World?

Yes, it is true that Redfall is a fully open-world experience. The developers at Arkane Studios have confirmed that players will have the freedom to explore the broken town of Redfall and face vampire attacks from any direction. Additionally, players can team up with friends in the game’s online co-op mode, making the experience less daunting knowing someone has their back.

In conclusion, Redfall offers players a fully open-world experience where they can explore the broken town and hunt vampires. The game has a variety of map icons that help players navigate the different objectives and quests throughout the game. These icons include yellow icons for main story quests, pin icons for historical sites, exclamation icons for side quests, house icons for safe houses, and more. Additionally, players will encounter the butterfly symbol, which signifies the presence of vampires nearby and holds an important role in the game’s lore. Lastly, the size of the Redfall map is confirmed to be larger than any of Arkane Studios’ previous games, offering players a vast world to explore.

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