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Redfall Turned Out To Be One of the Lowest Steam Ranking Games

Hey there! Redfall, the highly anticipated game that was released earlier this month, has been met with disappointment by many gamers. In fact, it is now being regarded as one of the lowest-rated games of all time on Steam, with a Metacritic score of only 59 and a user score of 2.9. This article will take a closer look at the reasons behind the negative reception of Redfall and why it has earned such a low rating.

Redfall Enters the Top 15 Worst-Rated Games on Steam

It’s not looking good for Redfall. According to Steam 250, the website that ranks video games on Steam, Redfall is currently number 14 on the list of worst-rated games on the platform. This means it’s above titles like Umbrella Corps, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, eFootball 2023, and Battlefield 2042. While user reviews aren’t everything, it’s still a surprise to see such a poor reception for Arkane’s new action game. Have you played Redfall yet? Let us know in the comments what you think about the complaints and if you consider the game a disappointment.

What Are the Reasons For Such Reaction?

Redfall has received criticism from both critics and players due to various issues. The game is riddled with bugs, and the graphics and open world feel empty. The AI lacks intelligence, and the enemies are brain-dead, which makes the gameplay repetitive. Additionally, the game lacks matchmaking in a co-op setting, which further adds to the disappointment. All of these issues make it apparent that the game was released prematurely and lacked creative direction. Even the Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, apologized for the game’s failure and promised post-launch support in the form of patches.

Redfall Fails To Appear in Steam’s Top-Selling Games List

Redfall has had a very rough start, with negative reviews, making it one of the worst-rated games on Steam. Adding to the misery, Redfall is not appearing in Steam’s top-selling games list. This could be due to a combination of negative reviews and the game being available on Game Pass, which means it may simply not be selling well on Steam. However, some people are suggesting that this might be a bug since even Redfall’s DLC and soundtrack are not on the top-selling list. It’s possible that Steam’s algorithm is taking into account Redfall’s low review score, which is contributing to its absence from the list. Regardless, it’s clear that Redfall has failed to meet expectations, and its rocky release is causing concern among fans and critics alike.

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The Bottom Line

Redfall’s launch has been a rough one, and it hasn’t lived up to the expectations of many players. Despite being a tripple-A game, it has failed to make it to Steam’s top-selling games list. The game is currently one of the worst-rated games on Steam, and the lack of sales can be attributed to negative reactions and reviews. The game is riddled with bugs and repetitive gameplay and is considered one of Arkane’s worst games thus far. The lack of matchmaking in a co-op setting and the AI’s lack of intelligence also adds to the disappointment. The combination of these issues makes it apparent that the game was released prematurely and might have lacked creative direction. It remains to be seen if the game will recover from its initial setbacks and whether patches and updates can make a significant difference.

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