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What Is Map Size in Redfall?

Hey gamers, get ready for a massive adventure! Redfall’s map is set to be the biggest in any of Arkane Austin’s games. According to the studio director, Harvey Smith, the farm area players visit in one of Redfall’s early missions alone is bigger than the entire setting of Prey 2017. Want to know more about what to expect from Redfall’s massive map? Keep reading!

What Would Be the Actual Size of the Map?

According to Karen Segars, the art director at Arkane, Redfall’s map will be the largest in any of the studio’s previous games. While Talos One, the setting for Prey 2017, was approximately 27k square meters in size, Redfall is expected to be even bigger. Despite its size, the developers have promised that the game will still have plenty of environmental storytelling to keep players engaged.

The rumor that Redfall is part of the Tamriel universe is false. Redfall is a standalone game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, and is not set within the Elder Scrolls universe. While both games share the same publisher, there is no connection between the two in terms of lore, characters, or setting. Any information suggesting otherwise is simply a rumor and should not be taken as fact.

Arkane Austin’s Previous Games’ Map Size Compared to Redfall

Arkane Studios is known for its intricate and detailed maps in games like the Dishonored series and Deathloop. However, with Redfall, Arkane is taking things to a whole new level with a fully open-world game and its largest map to date. In fact, just one small area of Redfall’s map is larger than the entire map of Talos 1, the setting for Arkane’s 2017 Prey reboot. While the comparison is impressive, it remains to be seen if Redfall can maintain the same depth of gameplay across such a vast setting. Nonetheless, the game’s developers have made it clear that Redfall’s open world is based on foot, meaning players will only be walking and running, allowing for a similar amount of content to be condensed into a smaller setting.

What Redfall Map Will Look Like?

Redfall’s map is going to be an open-world suburban town with different regions controlled by various Vampire Gods. Players will need to take control back from the Vampires and cultists in each region to progress. The map will consist of many explorable buildings, locations, and districts, making it significantly larger than Talos-1 in Prey.

The size of Redfall’s map is so massive that it could fit the entirety of Talos-1 in just one location, showing the vastness of the world. Get ready to explore this massive and intricate world full of hidden secrets and dangers when Redfall launches later this year.

Key Points

Redfall’s map is shaping up to be the largest and most intricate map that Arkane Austin has ever created. The map is split into regions, and players will need to take control back from the vampires and cultists to save any survivors. From what we know so far, Redfall’s map promises to be a thrilling and expansive playground for players to explore and fight off the vampire threat.

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