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Is Redfall Related to Dishonored?

Hey there, gamers! Did you know that the upcoming FPS Redfall might have some connections to Dishonored? That’s right, according to Arkane Studios, some of their previous games are actually connected, and Redfall might just be a part of that universe. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how the developer will connect its upcoming title with the popular Dishonored franchise. If you’re a fan of either series, you won’t want to miss out on the potential Easter eggs and references that could be in store. Read on to find out more!

The Dishonored Universe Collides with Redfall

Although Redfall and Dishonored take place in different geographical locations and time periods, there are some ways in which the two games could be connected. Both franchises are developed by Arkane Studios and share a similar focus on immersive gameplay, unique settings, and supernatural abilities.

Some fans have speculated that Redfall could be a possible future timeline for Dishonored’s Empire of the Isles, as both games present a reality where science and the supernatural coexist. This theory is fueled by the fact that Arkane confirmed that Deathloop, their previous game, is set in the same universe as Dishonored.

While Redfall may not be a direct sequel or prequel to Dishonored, there are opportunities for subtle connections between the two franchises. For example, character names, weapon designs, or even powers could be used as references to Dishonored without disrupting Redfall’s original story and characters. These nods to the previous franchise could enhance the immersive experience for fans who are familiar with Dishonored, while still allowing Redfall to stand on its own.

Ultimately, Arkane’s ability to create unique and interconnected games is a testament to its storytelling prowess and world-building skills. As they continue to explore new genres and styles of gameplay, it will be exciting to see how their games continue to connect and evolve.

Connection Between Arkane Studios’ Games Explained

Arkane Studios has confirmed that its games are connected through a shared universe, establishing a legacy that will be remembered for years to come. By connecting the games, the developer is able to create a more vibrant and expansive universe, while at the same time maintaining each game’s unique world and narrative.

References to older games such as Dishonored and Deathloop are more than just Easter eggs or throwaway clues. Instead, they offer substantive links between the games and create a sense of continuity that adds depth and richness to the overall experience. Making the newer titles possible futures of older games, like Deathloop is for Dishonored, ensures that the storytelling remains open-ended and does not require retconning. In short, Arkane’s games are truly connected, and Redfall is just the latest example of how the developer is expanding its multiverse.

Redfall Features DNA of Dishonored

Redfall’s production director, Ben Horne, revealed that the game has the DNA of Bethesda’s Dishonored, alongside other Arkane games like Prey and Deathloop. The overlapping key areas between these games that Arkane likes to tell stories in is like a Venn diagram. For Dishonored, this difference meant stealth, for Prey it meant physics, and for Redfall, it means the focus is on world-building. Making a large open-world game was breaking the mold for Arkane, as Redfall is their first foray into open worlds. While it will play more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead, the game’s exploration will play a key role, and striking a balance between multiplayer and single-player modes was a challenge for the development team.

Redfall Might Be a Mix of Dishonored and Deathloop’s Features

Redfall is an upcoming action RPG that appears to be a mix of Dishonored’s stealth-action gameplay and Deathloop’s immersive sim design, according to the developers at Arkane Studios. Players can expect to explore a large open world filled with supernatural enemies, including vampires and cultists, armed with various tricked-out guns and makeshift vampire-killing weapons.

Redfall features a cast of unique characters, each with their own special abilities, which adds to the game’s RPG elements. The game also has an emphasis on world-building and exploration, much like previous Arkane games, while still introducing new features such as co-op gameplay. Overall, Redfall is shaping up to be a unique blend of familiar Arkane elements and new gameplay experiences.

In conclusion, Redfall is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the Arkane Studios’ lineup, combining elements of their beloved Dishonored franchise with a fresh take on an action-RPG vampire-hunting game. While Redfall may be a departure from the studio’s signature immersive sim style, the game’s focus on world-building and exploration promises to keep players engaged as they team up with friends to take down vampires and cultists in the supernatural town of Redfall, Massachusetts. With nods to classic horror and a cast of unique characters, Redfall looks to feature the DNA of Dishonored and some of the game’s mechanics, as well as with Deathloop, resulting in a highly anticipated gaming experience.

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