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Redfall: Gameplay Explained

Hey gamers, are you ready for a new immersive-sim sandbox experience from Arkane Studios? We’re diving into all the gameplay details of their latest creation, Redfall. Get ready to discover everything we know so far about this exciting new game. Let’s go!

Redfall’s Main Gameplay Insights

Redfall’s Main Story: House of Echoes Mission

In Redfall, the first mission is called the House of Echoes. The player is tasked with gaining intel on one of the vampire “lieutenants” that have taken over the various districts of Redfall. The game has a familiar framework, where each lieutenant controls a different faction and the player completes several missions to unlock a final showdown against the vampire baddie. The mission is a solo experience, as the co-op was not included in the preview event. However, the gameplay still offers the same Arkane DNA as previous games such as Dishonored and Deathloop, where players have the freedom to choose how they approach their objectives.

Redfall Playable Characters

In Redfall, players can choose from four distinct playable characters, each with a unique set of abilities and ultimates. Remi has a robot companion that can create distractions, Layla can summon a magical elevator using her telekinesis, and Jacob is a stealth-focused character with a magical raven for recon and a cloaking ability. The fourth character is called Devinder who is a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator with a significant online following.

However, players are not locked into one specific playstyle and can access a variety of weapon types, including traditional assault rifles and pistols, as well as more vampire-focused weapons like UV beams and stake launchers. Additionally, Redfall is a loot game where players will collect weapons of different rarities with varying perks and levels, as well as trinkets that offer passive buffs, which can satisfy players who love chasing the best build.

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Loot System and Customization Opportunities

Redfall offers players an expansive skill tree that allows them to customize their hero by buffing their abilities and ultimate or granting general benefits like carrying more ammo or health packets. Players can use their skill points to push their character into specific playstyles or buff abilities that they find more useful. The loot system in Redfall is similar to other looter shooters where players will be collecting weapons of different rarities, with different perks, and levels as well as some trinkets that offer passive buffs. Along with the skill tree, players can further customize their build and loadout anywhere in the game. The main HUB is a firehouse located in the center of town where players can collect missions, buy new weapons/items, or talk to NPCs for lore.

An important note: Redfall will feature the anti-cheat software Denuvo, which is designed to prevent players from using cheating tools and exploits. The developers of Redfall have stated that Denuvo’s anti-cheat system will be an important part of the game’s security measures and will help ensure that players can enjoy a fair and balanced gameplay environment.

Redfall Enemies: Meet the Vampires

In Redfall, players will face a variety of enemies, but the game’s primary foes are the vampires. These bloodsuckers are stronger than the average enemy and can be quite aggressive, rushing the player in combat. Killing them requires several shots with the right weapon or a stake to the heart. As players progress, they will encounter different vampire types, including a basic version, a sniper variation, an exploding type, and the Rook, a tough brute that is very hard to take down. The Rook character in Redfall is even compared to the iconic Witch from Left 4 Dead due to their shared traits and eerie presence. Killing vampires grants players energy for their ultimate, as well as loot and crafting items. However, killing a special vampire enemy will also raise a meter that, when full, will call down that Rook, adding a risk/reward element to combat. Redfall is expected to feature dynamic difficulty scaling, which means that the game’s difficulty level will adjust based on the player’s performance and progression. The developers have confirmed that romantic relationships with vampires will not be possible for players in Redfall. Overall, the vampire enemies offer a unique challenge that players will have to master in order to succeed in Redfall.

Redfall’s Side Quests in Place

Redfall is not just a main mission game (even though it has got a main quest line!); it also features side quests and emergent activities like vampire dens. These quests will take players to different corners of the town, allowing them to explore and discover the game’s environmental details. The side quests also give the game an opportunity to showcase its design and narrative muscles, which Arkane is known for. In the game’s quests, players can pick up new weapons and make incremental improvements, which is perfect for those who love chasing loot. Furthermore, as players clear areas of enemies, they will gain lore on the main villain and experience some really cool supernatural changes. Overall, Redfall offers players not only an engaging main mission but also side quests that will provide them with a more in-depth experience.

Traveling Across the Redfall’s Open World

Redfall will feature an authentic open-world design with plenty of rooftops and streets for players to maneuver around the city. The game is designed to have multiple entries and problems to gameplay encounters, allowing players to approach situations in different ways. Redfall’s open map was actually too open at first, so the team worked to refine the town’s design into two districts. District One is the first half of the missions, and it’s the downtown part of Redfall, while District Two is more rural. Players can venture off on their own but at the cost of potentially making things more difficult for themselves. Redfall is an on-foot game that encourages players to explore, experiment, and develop unique solutions to their problems. The game is designed to be played solo, but playing with others brings a new social aspect and narrative change in terms of the banter between the characters.

Redfall is set to release on May 2, 2023.

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In conclusion, Redfall promises an exciting experience for gamers who love vampires and open-world games. The game will feature a variety of playable characters, each with its own unique abilities and skill trees for customization. Players will also be able to collect loot and upgrade their weapons as they explore the open world of Redfall. The game will offer challenging enemies, including various types of vampires that players must defeat. Additionally, the game will include side quests and emergent activities to keep players engaged. Redfall is set to release in 2023 and promises to be a fantastic addition to the gaming world. With the signature Arkane design and gameplay, Redfall looks to be a thrilling adventure for players who enjoy co-op games and a good vampire story.

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