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What Are Redfall Characters?

Hey, fellow gamers! Are you ready to meet the band of badasses that will save Redfall from its supernatural doom? I’m talking about the heroes of the latest co-op first-person shooter from Arkane Studios – Redfall. And let me tell you, these aren’t your typical shooter characters. No sir! Each one has a unique personality, backstory, and special abilities that will make them the bane of any vampire’s existence.

But hold on, we’re not just going to give you a generic rundown of each character. Oh no, we’re going to dive deep and explore everything there is to know about each hero. From their arsenal to their strengths and weaknesses, we’ve got you covered. And let’s not forget about the amazing Redfall voice actors and cast behind these characters.

So, are you ready to join the fight against the bloodsucking baddies? Then keep reading, because we’re about to introduce you to the Redfall heroes that will have you saying “Blizzard who?” in no time.

What Are the Playable Characters in Redfall?

In Redfall, you get to choose from four main playable characters, each with their own unique class, personality, skills, and abilities. And, if that’s not enough for you, two more heroes will be added to the game later on as DLC, which is included in the Bite Back Edition of the game.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these playable characters:

DevinderController, Disruptor
JacobRecon, Pusher, Stealth
LaylaAgile, Shielder, Skirmisher
RemiTank, Support, Territorial
Playable heroes in Redfall

Devinder is the Controller and Disruptor of the group, while Jacob takes on the roles of Recon, Pusher, and Stealth. Layla is the Agile Shielder and Skirmisher, and Remi is the Tank, Support, and Territorial member. Each character brings their own set of skills and abilities to the table, allowing players to mix and match to find the perfect combination for their playstyle.

So, which character and class will you choose? It’s time to assemble your team and take on the supernatural threat in Redfall!

It might be worth reading:

Redfall: Jacob Boyer

Jacob Boyer is a skilled and experienced sharpshooter in the upcoming video game, Redfall. He is the long-range specialist of the group, utilizing a high-powered rifle to eliminate vampires and cultists from a distance. He is a former military sniper and private military mercenary, with extensive training and experience in Special Forces. Jacob’s official bio indicates that he was brought to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors, and it’s likely that these orders will be revealed during the game’s plot.

Jacob’s sharpshooting abilities are further enhanced by his unique skill set, including the use of his “Undead Eye” to improve his targeting abilities and a cloaking device that enables him to move unseen into position for supernatural sniping. Additionally, if enemies get too close, Jacob can call upon his ethereal raven companion to distract them, while he finds a new position to continue his attacks.

As a former military sniper, Jacob is a formidable and reliable member of the team. His ability to take out targets without being detected is a valuable asset in the fight against the undead in Redfall. For players who enjoy the sniper playstyle, Jacob is an excellent character to choose, as he can provide effective support from afar while his teammates engage in close combat. Overall, Jacob Boyer is an intriguing and powerful character in Redfall, and his sharpshooting skills are sure to be a valuable asset in the game’s battles against the vampire threat.

Redfall: Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley

Devinder Crousley, known as Dev in the world of Redfall, is a popular influencer and zoologist specializing in cryptozoology. While his focus on mythical creatures like Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster may not seem relevant to fighting actual monsters, Dev has a range of self-made weapons that make him a formidable opponent against vampires.

Dev is a skilled inventor, and his knowledge of cryptozoology has granted him the expertise he needs to craft his own anti-vampire weaponry. One of the most impressive weapons in his arsenal is a staff that emits bursts of ultraviolet light, which immediately turns all basic vampires in its vicinity into ash. This weapon is incredibly useful for clearing out groups of vampires, and players will need to learn how to use it effectively to survive in Redfall.

Beyond his weapons, Dev’s experience in cryptozoology also gives him the expertise needed to create traps and defenses against the vampire threat. His knowledge of obscure creatures and their behaviors may prove invaluable in combat situations, and players who enjoy unconventional weapons and the potential for crafting upgrades will find Dev to be an exciting character to play as.

In addition to his combat abilities, Dev is also a charismatic and likable character, with a large following as an influencer. His personality and social media presence may play a role in the game’s narrative, and players may find themselves relying on Dev’s charm and influence to accomplish certain objectives.

Redfall: Remi De La Rosa

Remi De La Rosa is a skilled engineer with a focus on robotics, and her expertise is crucial in the fight against the vampire invasion in Redfall. Her experience in developing search-and-rescue technology for the Coast Guard has given her a unique set of skills that she can now use to take on the hordes of vampires that threaten the town. However, Remi’s fate was sealed when she arrived in Redfall just before the invasion, and she now finds herself using her knowledge to survive and fight back against the vampires.

One of Remi’s most useful assets is her small robot companion, Bribón, which she designed to be a decoy, cover, and attack drone all in one. By sending Bribón into battle in front of her, Remi can use the robot as a distraction while she takes out enemies from the side or behind. This makes Remi an excellent choice for careful strategists who appreciate the use of cool robots that can kick butt.

Despite her engineering background, Remi is no stranger to combat, having served as a member of the Navy. She is a combat expert who knows how to handle herself in dangerous situations, and she will need to use all of her skills to survive in Redfall. With the help of her robot partner and her friends, Remi must find a way to escape the town before it’s too late.

Redfall: Layla Ellison

Layla Ellison is a highly relatable character in Redfall, as she represents the struggles of many young people trying to make ends meet in today’s society. She arrived in Redfall to pursue her studies in biomedical engineering, but as with many students, ended up accumulating a significant amount of debt. In order to earn some extra money, she volunteered for a clinical trial, which unfortunately coincided with the vampire invasion of Redfall. This event changed her life forever, granting her extraordinary superpowers that she now uses to fight against the vampire horde.

Layla’s powers are centered around telekinesis, which allows her to manipulate objects in the environment around her. She can move objects with ease, generate protective shields, and even reload her weapons using her powers. Her signature weapon is a massive umbrella that is charged with kinetic energy, which she can use to fire blasts at enemies. Her abilities make her a valuable asset to the team, and her ingenuity as an engineer adds a unique perspective to the group.

Despite her newfound powers, Layla remains grounded and relatable. Her struggles with student debt and her determination to make a better life for herself make her a character that many players will be able to identify with. Her resourcefulness and ingenuity are also admirable traits that will help her and her team survive in the hostile environment of Redfall. She is a dynamic and engaging character that players will surely enjoy playing as in the game.

How Your Selection of Redfall Protagonist Can Have a Significant Impact

The studio, Arkane, has always placed player choice at the center of its games. The player is given a vast number of choices for how to approach the tasks in Dishonored. Deathloop, developed by Arkane’s sister studio in Lyon, offers players an almost infinite number of ways to complete the game. Arkane Austin’s latest project, Redfall, follows the same philosophy. However, what sets it apart is how it approaches player choice. The way in which players take back a Massachusetts island overrun by vampires will be shaped as much by the character they choose to play as by the interactions they have.

The choice of character in Redfall can have a significant impact on the game’s path and story. Each character comes with its own unique set of abilities and tools that offer different playstyles and approaches to combat and exploration. For example, playing as Remi, a former fashion model armed with a high-tech shotgun and a robotic sidekick, focuses on fast-paced, aggressive gameplay. On the other hand, Devinder, a para-scientist armed with an Arc Javelin and a super-powered UV beam weapon, emphasizes stealth and avoidance of confrontation.

The different abilities and tools available to each character also offer different ways to approach objectives and challenges. For instance, Devinder’s Translocator can allow him to bypass enemies and reach new vantage points, while Remi’s Bribón can heal the entire team in co-op play. This not only changes the gameplay experience but also affects the story’s narrative. Different paths and dialogue options may open up depending on the character you choose, giving players the chance to see different perspectives on the world and its events.

In Conclusion

Redfall offers players a unique and exciting experience, where the choice of the character you play can have a significant impact on the game’s path, combat, and story. The four playable heroes – Jacob Boyer, Devinder Crousley, Remi de la Rosa, and Layla Ellison – each have their own class, abilities, and strengths, making them suitable for different playstyles. Whether you prefer action-packed gameplay or a more stealthy approach, there’s a character for you. As a player, it’s your responsibility to choose the right character for your playstyle and strategy to succeed in the fight against the vampire horde in Redfall. With the game’s release slated for later this year, players can look forward to exploring the unique abilities and personalities of each character in Redfall.

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