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Will Succubus Return in Diablo 4?

Hey there, fellow demon slayers! The word on the streets is that Succubi will be making their sultry return in Diablo 4. But before you start getting hot and bothered, let’s take a look at the history of these seductive and dangerous creatures. From cursed men to ripped-out hearts, this article will take you on a wild ride through the twisted world of Diablo’s Succubi.

Succubus Lore

Succubi are seductive and alluring demons that tempt mortals into evil and death. They have milky skin, bat wings, and a thorny dress. These demons possess an incessant craving for blood, especially that of human men. They warn their victims of their true nature before they strike and usually use poison, daggers, or other easy betrayals to separate the soul from the flesh.

Variants of Succubi exist, such as Snow Witches, Hell Spawn, and Soul Burners, each with its unique characteristics. In combat, they are fast and mobile, preferring to weaken their prey from a distance with a diabolical curse. Succubi were present below the Tristram Cathedral during the Darkening of Tristram, among Azmodan’s Army of Destruction, and during Diablo’s assault on the High Heavens.

Succubi History in Diablo Game Series

Succubi have been a part of the Diablo game series since the first installment.

In Diablo 1, they served as guards for Archbishop Lazarus in Tristram and attacked using the Bloodstar spell.

In Diablo 2, Succubi returned with a slight change in appearance and utilized their wings for flight. They also had different variations, such as Vile Temptresses and Stygian Harlots, with unique abilities.

Succubi appeared again in Diablo III as handmaidens and daughters of the Maiden of Lust. They possessed their signature Blood Star attack, which was used to reduce armor by -35%. However, after patch 2.2.0, it no longer applied a curse.

Succubi are fragile but can be dangerous when they hide behind more resilient allies. Throughout the series, there have been unique Succubi bosses, including Demonika the Wicked and Lady Victoria.

Succubus in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, Succubi will return as enemies once again. They will represent the demons of lust, and players can expect them to be just as seductive and deadly as before. While Blizzard has not revealed much information on the Torvala Succubus, we do know that there will be three unique Succubi in Diablo 4: Kozira, Negala, and Torvala. It remains to be seen what kind of abilities and attacks they will have, but we can expect them to be formidable foes. We will update the article with more information on Torvala Succubus as it becomes available.

Diablo 4: Kozira Succubus

Players can find Kozira Succubus in the Nostrava stronghold, located in the Fractured Peaks zone. She is a super unique succubus and can be encountered in one of the houses. After defeating her, Kozira reappears outside the chapel alongside Negala and Torvala. All three Succibi must be fought simultaneously to complete the quest. Kozira is known to have taken root in Nostrava and carried out human sacrifices, serving Lilith.

Diablo 4: Negala Succubus

Negala is a demon disguised as a human priestess in Nostrava. She leads the town’s people in worship of Lilith and performs ceremonies in her name. Players can encounter Negala in the Nostrava event, where she is accompanied by crazed militia, priests, and villagers. She reveals her true form during the interrupted ceremony and fights the player(s) later alongside Kozira and Torvala outside the chapel. All three Succubi must be defeated simultaneously to complete the quest.

In conclusion, Succubi have been a well-known part of the Diablo game series, appearing in all previous installments and returning once again as enemies in Diablo 4. With their seductive appearance and deadly attacks, Succubi have proven to be a formidable foe for players to face throughout the series. As Blizzard continues to reveal more information about Diablo 4, we can expect to see more details about the role of Succubi in the game. Regardless of their role, it is clear that Succubi are a beloved and iconic aspect of the Diablo universe, and players can look forward to encountering them once again in the upcoming game.

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