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Redfall: Character Skills and Abilities Explained

Hey there, Redfall fans! Are you ready to dive into the unique gameplay experience of customizing your hero character? Each playable hero in Redfall has their own set of special abilities that determine their playstyle, and in this guide, we’ll be reviewing each hero in detail. But first, let’s take a look at the three main abilities that every Redfall character possesses. These abilities can be upgraded in the character’s skill tree, and by collecting Psychic Residue, you can charge their ultimate skill. So, get ready to learn all about Redfall’s heroes and find the perfect playstyle for you!

Devinder: Abilities

Devinder is a playable character who comes with unique abilities that make him a valuable asset in the game. His first ability is called Arc Javelin, which involves throwing a javelin that attaches to surfaces and emits chain lightning when charged. This makes it an effective skill for dealing with multiple enemies at once within its range.

Devinder’s second ability is called Translocate. He throws one of his own homemade devices in an arc, which allows the player to teleport to the location of the device. This skill is particularly useful for quickly moving around the game’s environment and gaining an advantage in battle or for assisting allies.

Finally, Devinder’s ultimate ability is Blacklight. This skill places a UV emitter in front of Devinder, which petrifies enemies within its path. This is an excellent crowd control skill as it stuns enemies for a brief period, allowing the player and their team to take advantage of the situation.

Ability NameDescription
Arc JavelinDev throws a javelin that attaches to surfaces and deals chain lightning damage to multiple enemies within its range.
TranslocateDev throws a device that teleports the player to its location, offering a quick way to move around and get to advantageous positions.
BlacklightDev places a UV emitter that stuns enemies within its path, allowing players to take advantage of the situation and gain the upper hand in an encounter.
Redfall Devinder Abilities

Devinder’s skills are well-suited for crowd control and area-of-effect damage, making him a valuable asset in combat.

Jacob: Abilities

Jacob is a skilled sharpshooter with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. His vampiric eye and spectral raven allow him to detect enemies from afar, while his cloaking device provides him with a stealth advantage. His ultimate skill, Heartstopper, is a powerful psychic sniper rifle that can take out multiple enemies in quick succession.

CloakActivate a cloaking device to become invisible to enemies and sneak past them.
RavenSend out a psychic bird companion that can tag enemies and highlight their location.
HeartstopperSummon a powerful psychic sniper rifle that can lock onto and eliminate multiple targets.
Redfall Jacob Abilities

Layla: Abilities

Layla is one of the playable heroes in Redfall, armed with telekinetic abilities that offer great mobility options. Her abilities are focused on getting her and her team out of tricky situations, while also dealing damage to enemies. With her Telekinetic Lift and Umbrella, she can gain an advantage point and protect her team from incoming projectiles. Layla’s ultimate skill, Vampire Ex-Boyfriend, summons a companion to assist her in combat. Here’s a table summarizing Layla’s abilities in Redfall:

LiftSummon a Telekinetic Elevator to gain access to rooftops
UmbrellaSummon a Telekinetic Umbrella to shield from incoming damage
Vampire Ex-BoyfriendSummon a companion to assist in combat
Redfall Layla Abilities

Remi: Abilities

If you’re looking for a versatile character that can provide support to your team, Remi is the one to go for. As a combat engineer, she comes equipped with a wide range of abilities that can be used to take on the vampires of Redfall. Her C4 Charge is perfect for taking out multiple enemies at once, while her Siren ability allows her little robot companion to distract enemies. In addition, her Mobilize Ultimate Skill can be used to heal or revive everyone in its range. Check out the table below for a complete overview of Remi’s abilities:

Ability NameDescription
C4 ChargeThrow a C4 Charge in an arc that sticks to surfaces and creates a big explosion that damages all nearby enemies
SirenInstruct Bribón to distract enemies by creating loud noises to draw their attention
MobilizeEstablish a control point that heals or revives everyone in its range
Redfall Remi Abilities

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Is There Any Way To Reduce the Charge of Ultimate Skills?

If you’re wondering how to reduce the charge of your character’s Ultimate ability in Redfall, the answer is by collecting Grave Locks. These are collectibles scattered throughout the game that have gameplay-modifying abilities tied to a particular character. One of these abilities includes improving the cooldown of your Ultimate Skill, making it easier to use more frequently. The game displays a counter that shows how many Grave Locks you’ve collected, and it seems like there is a lot to be discovered, with a counter of 0 out of 200 shown in the Redfall trailers. So, keep an eye out for these Grave Locks as they can help you reduce the charge of your character’s Ultimate Skill and give you an advantage in combat.

In Conclusion

Redfall offers a diverse cast of playable characters, each with its own unique set of abilities that can be tailored to fit different playstyles. From Devinder’s crowd-control and AoE damage abilities to Layla’s telekinetic mobility and support capabilities, players have a lot to choose from. Jacob’s stealth and long-range sniping abilities make him an excellent choice for those who prefer a more tactical approach, while Remi’s explosive expertise and healing abilities make her a great support/tank class. Each hero can be upgraded through their skill tree, and collecting Grave Locks can help reduce the charge time of their Ultimate Skills. So, which hero is the best choice? Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. Try them all out and see which one fits you the best!

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