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Redfall: Full Cast and Voice Actors List

Hey, gamers! Get ready to meet the stars behind the voices of Redfall! The upcoming co-op shooter from Arkane Studios is set to feature a talented cast of voice actors bringing to life the game’s charismatic heroes and side characters. From Jacob the sharpshooter to Layla the telekinetic researcher, we’ve got the rundown on who’s voicing who in this exciting new game. So, if you’re curious about the talented cast behind Redfall, grab a stake and join us for a closer look. Don’t forget to stick around for the end to find out about crossplay and join in on the action with your friends on other platforms.

The Full List of Redfall’s Cast

In Redfall, the cast and voice actors consist of four main characters and several NPCs, Vamps, Cultists, and other creatures. The main voice actors and the characters they play are as follows:

  1. Yuri LowenthalJacob Boyer: Yuri is a prolific video game voice actor who has appeared in several games, including Marvel’s Spider-Man as Peter Parker and Marth in Fire Emblem.
  2. Queen NoveenLayla Ellison: Queen Noveen has mostly appeared in children’s TV series, but she was also part of the voice cast for The Sinking City from developer Frogwares and voiced some pedestrians in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  3. Kamal KhanDevinder Crousley: Kamal has appeared in a number of other games, including XCOM: Chimera Squad and Destruction AllStars.
  4. Adriana IsabelRemi De La Rosa: This is Adriana’s first big game, although she did play Anya in Pagan Online. She has also appeared in several shorts.

Overall, the Redfall voice actors and the cast list seem to be stacked with talent, and it will be exciting to see how they bring these characters to life when the game releases. If you’re a fan of any of these voice actors, or just curious about who’s bringing the characters to life, then you won’t want to miss out on Redfall.

Jacob Boyer – Yuri Lowenthal

Jacob Boyer is one of the four main heroes in Redfall, a skilled military sharpshooter who gained a unique ability to call upon a raven for aid and a psychic eye after a close encounter with a vampire. He will be played by Yuri Lowenthal, a prolific video game voice actor known for his role as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man 2018 game and as He-Man in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. His voice-acting skills are sure to bring Jacob Boyer to life in Redfall.

Layla Ellison – Queen Noveen

Queen Noveen voices Layla Ellison, a telekinetic researcher who wields her powers with great proficiency, making her a valuable asset to any team. Queen Noveen has mostly appeared in children’s TV series, voicing characters, but she was also part of The Sinking City from developer Frogwares and had some pedestrians in Red Dead Redemption 2. This talented voice actor brings her experience and skills to the character of Layla Ellison, making her a standout member of the Redfall cast.
Queen Noveen is the voice actor behind the character Layla Ellison in Redfall. Layla is a telekinetic researcher whose powers were gained during a medical trial. Noveen is well-known for her role as Vanessa Jones in Friday the 13th: The Game, as well as for her appearances in numerous TV shows and video games. Given Layla’s unique abilities, many fans are eagerly anticipating Queen Noveen’s performance in the game.

Devinder Crousley – Kamal Khan

Devinder Crousley is an inventor with a talent for creating crazy, but effective, gadgets that aid him in his fight against the vampire menace. His gadgets are known to be a lifesaver in tricky situations, and they’re sure to be put to the test in Redfall. Kamal Khan will be lending his voice to this character, who is known for his roles in XCOM: Chimera Squad and Destruction AllStars.

Kamal Khan is the voice actor for Devinder Crousley in Redfall. He is known for his work in several popular games such as Fallout 76, XCOM: Chimera Squad, and Destruction AllStars. In Redfall, Kamal Khan lends his voice to the rather comedic character of Devinder Crousley, an internet star who becomes a paranormal investigator in the game. Fans of Fallout 76 will recognize Khan’s voice as Dr. Jain in the game.

Remi De La Rosa – Adriana Isabel

Adriana Isabel has voiced the character of Remi De La Rosa in Redfall. This will be Isabel’s first major video game voice acting credit, and she is relatively new to the video game scene. Remi is a combat engineer in the game who uses her skills to take down enemies, along with her robot companion.

In conclusion, the voice cast of Redfall is an impressive lineup of experienced and talented actors from various mediums, including video games, TV shows, and movies. Fans of the game can expect exciting and memorable performances from each character in the game. With such a talented cast, it’s safe to say that the voice acting in Redfall will be top-notch.

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