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Sniper Elite 5 Authentic Difficulty

It is time to pick up from where you left off in Sniper Elite 4, with the new game released by Rebellion. The game has four difficulty levels to choose from, and if you have played the previous games, you are familiar with them. The most challenging difficulty level of the four is the Authentic, which presents gamers with tougher enemies.

Sniper Elite 5 have clarified their feelings about this challenging difficulty level, with some thinking that their game might have a bug. If you have concerns or queries about the Authentic difficulty level, especially for new Sniper Elite players, here is everything you need to know.

Authentic Difficulty In Sniper Elite 5

There are four difficulty levels available in Sniper Elite, and the Authentic option is the most challenging. Authentic is ideal for Sniper Elite veterans, and if you are a new player, there are three other options to consider. Unfortunately, this level puts you in harm’s way, and you can expect all enemy encounters to be brutal.

One of the factors which make Authentic challenging is you need to pay attention and adjust to slight wind touches. Players must do this to prevent themselves from getting hit by the bullets penetrating enemy skulls. In other difficulty levels, once a bullet hits, it loses its power. This is not the case in Authentic, where these bullets can cause damage.

Another difference is that you get little ammunition. This limits your access to the armory, requiring you to make every shot count. As a result, you must be strategic and precise to survive and advance through the game.

Players who choose the Authentic difficulty in the co-op play should expect a tough challenge from their opponents. Also, there are med kits that they can use to restore their partner’s health.

The Authentic difficulty is no joke, and you should prepare before stepping into the intense battlegrounds. If you are a new player, learn the basics, tips, and tricks using other levels. If you choose to begin with this level, the game will become frustrating for you.

Is The Authentic Difficulty in Sniper Elite 5 Similar to That in Sniper Elite 4?

The two difficulty levels are the same in terms of the challenging aspects. However, few improvements and alterations have been made to the Sniper Elite 5 Authentic level.

For instance, players can kill their enemies using bullets and not just headshots. However, the sniper Elite 4 Authentic level only allowed players to take out their enemies using headshots.

Another change is improved health resistance. Some Sniper Elite 5 gamers playing on the Authentic difficulty level noticed that they could take more shots without getting their medkit. Some of these players think of it as a Sniper Elite 5 authentic difficulty glitch. It is not.

Your enemies also become more durable. This results in a more intense battleground. However, as much as the game allows you to survive more on the battlefield, there are specific attacks you cannot survive. For instance, you cannot survive two or three headshots on the Authentic difficulty level.

Therefore, if the game gets tougher or more leisurely, there is no bug. These are some alterations to make the gaming experience more realistic, engaging, and enjoyable.

Sniper Elite 5 Authentic Difficulty Achievements

The main achievement of playing the Sniper Elite 5 game on the Authentic difficulty level is that you get to perfect your abilities, skills, and strategies. When you get to the co-op mode, it’ll be easier to take out other gamers used to the different difficulty levels.

Also, the tougher the challenge, the better the results players get. This is the case for those who choose to take on the Sniper Elite 5 missions on the highest difficulty level. The game presents these players with real challenges, which are tricky and take time to complete.

After completing the given tasks on the Authentic level, you will receive a 100% game completion. However, if things get tough and you feel like you are not progressing, feel free to lower the difficulty level in the settings menu.

If you are a new player, avoiding the Authentic Difficulty like the plague is best. Take time to interact with the game first, learn some tricks, how to take shots, how to evade, proper positions to take, etc. instead. You can also choose to complete the game on the more manageable levels and replay on the Authentic level. This way, you will unlock all available achievements and achieve 100% game completion.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready for more challenging Sniper action? The Authentic difficulty level is the choice for veteran players who wish to put their shooter skills to the test. If you have tried the level, you might have noticed changes in certain gameplay aspects. These changes are not bugs but intended alterations to make the game more challenging, realistic, and enjoyable. 

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