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Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations

Sniper Elite 5 allows players to begin their missions from various locations as they progress through the game. These are the Starting locations, and each available eight missions has its Starting Location. Players will, however, have to discover these areas if they wish to use them in the new mission play-throughs.

These Staring Locations also present an opportunity to discover and unlock other starting locations for the next time you play; this means you can begin from a different place. Here are all the 8 Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 1

You will begin your first Sniper Elite 5 mission 1: The Atlantic Wall at the Submarine Deck. You can unlock the Interrogation Block from the deck by taking the set of stairs up and picking the door lock. Another location to open is the French Countryside by lighting the wood pieces next to the truck with crates.

The final available location to unlock is the Town Promenade, located on the shore south of your map. Interact with the bonfire you find to open.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 2

The next mission, Occupied Residence, begins at the Forest Clearing. You can unlock the Munitions Farmhouse from the clearing by interacting with the yellow gate behind the house next to a car. Additionally,  you can also unlock the Farmhouse Ruins located east of your map.

Interact with the yellow buckets near the pump to open this location. The final location you can unlock is Seacave, located at the southeast part of your map. A collapsed wall marked in red points to an access point for this area.

Another unlockable starting location is the Chateau Stables. You will find a bonfire near the camps northeast of your map. Interact with the bonfire to unlock Chateau Stables.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 3

Sniper Elite 5 mission 3: Spy Academy begins at the Beaumont Marshland. From here, head to the small town at the base. You’ll find a hole featuring a door leading to the beach. Interact with the door to unlock the Town Hall starting location. There is also the Smugglers Landing, which you can unlock by interacting with the door you’ll find northeast of the German commanders’ cars.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 4

The default starting location of the fourth Sniper Elite mission: War Factory is at the Resistance Safehouse. Players can unlock the Scrapyard Overlook from the safehouse by heading northeast of the map to the Train Scrapyard. There is a bonfire that they have to interact with to open.

Another unlockable starting point is the Trainyard Office which is south of the Resistance Safehouse. There is a door that you’ll interact with to unlock.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 5

Your default starting location of the Sniper Elite 5 mission 5: Festing Guernsey is at the Roadside House. You will unlock the area by climbing the vines northeast, then open it from the inside. Once inside, climb into the nearby attic, where you will find another door. Open the door to unlock another starting location, Countryside House. Moreover,  you can unlock the Boat House by interacting with the bonfire northeast of your map.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations Mission 6

Sniper Elite 5 mission 6: Liberation begins at the Riverside House. It is located northwest of the Le Grande Mansion. You must climb the hill behind a trench to unlock this starting location. When you get to the hill, there is a campfire which you have to start just behind a fallen tree trunk.

After unlocking the Riverside House, the following location is the Bridge Charlie. Unlock Bridge Charlie by opening the door southeast of the residence with purple roses and flowers.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Location Mission 7

The 7th Sniper Elite 5 mission: Secret Weapons, begins at Lake Overlook. There is a zipline on the tower northwest to get to the bonfire lighting near a small camp. Interact with the bonfire to unlock mission 7’s default location.

Next is to approach the railway garage from behind and go east over the railyard to unlock the following available starting location, The Abandoned House. Climb the house’s balcony and open the door to unlock this location.

Sniper Elite 5 Starting Location Mission 8

The final Sniper Elite 5 default starting location is at the Resistance Café. This café is located to the left of the road, and to unlock it:

  • Enter the café
  • Head upstairs and open the door at the trail’s end.

From the Resistance Café, there is another Starting location to unlock. There is the Sea View Offices which you can activate by entering the building with the sandbag barricade. The door is already open, and take the stairs up and open the blue door.

These are all the available Sniper Elite 5 Starting locations in the base game. Note that Rebellion, the game developers, features a DLC Package that includes additional missions, and each has its starting spot.

The Bottom Line

Above are all the Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations. The first three locations are pre-unlocked and straightforward to access. The other five require you to interact with specific features. Use this guide to unlock all available Sniper Elite 5 Starting Locations and begin your mission campaigns quickly.

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