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Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Kill Challenge

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest game release in the series done by Rebellion Developments. The game takes players back to real-world variables and tasks them with various missions and challenges. It is one of the best shooter games, and its rich and complex background story makes it more interesting.

The first available mission, the Mission 1 kill challenge, is familiar with the tasks featured in the previous games. However, it might take some time to get to the basics if you are new to the game. Here is the ultimate guide to help you complete your first challenge and proceed to Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge mission 2.

What Is the Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Kill Challenge?

There are eight kill challenges in the new Sniper Elite 5. These kill challenges are the missions or tasks the game requires you to proceed with. After completion of the kill challenges, the game rewards players with bonuses, weapons, etc. You can think of these tasks as side quests or bonus challenges during the main gameplay storyline. They present a chance to improve your weapon set and gear.

The first Sniper Elite 5 mission 1 kill challenge requires you to kill Steffen Beckendorf using an explosive. You can get the explosive from the Armory. Players must complete this task before proceeding to the next Sniper Elite 5 kill challenge mission 2, taking out Friedrich Kummler using a chandelier.

This first kill tournament is one of the easiest, provided you know how to go about it. Several new players have had a hard time killing Steffen Beckendorf. One of the reasons why they’ve had issues with the challenge is it is not possible to get Steffen Beckendorf’s precise location.

Therefore, if you are having trouble completing the first kill challenge in Sniper Elite, here is how to do it.

Where to Find Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5

There is no precise location to find Steffen Beckendorf. This is because your target is in a patrol car, and the only way to kill him is by using an explosive. Also, Steffen is at a heavily guarded location, and you will have to use stealth movements to complete the mission.

You can find Steffen Beckendorf around the Atlantic Wall area. Use your map to navigate to the site. Steffen Beckendorf patrols the town in a circle and makes three stops at:

1.     The market square, close to the southern coast

2.     At Moller’s office building. This building has a Nazi banner, which you can find on the church’s western side.

3.     At the church located on the eastern part of your map.

Once you get to the Atlantic Wall area, avoid commotion with the guards and move to these locations. Position yourself strategically and wait for the ideal time to assassinate Steffen Beckendorf.

How to Kill Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5

To take out Steffen Beckendorf successfully, you must be strategic and patient. There are various ways to take him out:

Method 1

The easiest and recommended strategy is to position yourself at any of his stop points and plant your explosives in his path. Evacuate the area and position yourself where you can monitor his movement. Once his car gets to the target point, the mines will explode the vehicle; that’s how you do it. The reward for killing Steffen Beckendorf is the powerful M. Pist. 40.

Method 2

If you want more action, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can lure them to your location. The easiest way to do this is to cause a commotion in any of the markets on his watch. This unrest and commotion will trigger a response for Steffen Beckendorf, who will come to the location accompanied by his soldiers.

Steffen will alight his vehicle, and here is the chance to use your explosives to take him out. If you are unsure of his identity, Steffen Beckendorf is the officer wearing the highest-ranking uniform, which stands out from the rest. This is a more demanding way to assassinate Steffen Beckendorf, and it is the best option for Sniper Elite veterans.

Method 3

Another effective way to start a commotion and lure Steffen Beckendorf is to begin gunfire in his towns. Ensure that you kill a soldier, then hide the body nearby. The body will attract Steffen Beckendorf, who will alight his car to inspect the body. This is when he is vulnerable; you should use it to take him out.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to complete your first Sniper Elite 5 mission 1 kill challenge, and the most straightforward options are outlined above. These strategies will help you to take him out and get the M. Pist quickly. 40., a powerful weapon that will help you kill future Sniper Elite 5 enemies, who are more powerful. 

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