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Sniper Elite 5 Difficulty Levels

Sniper Elite 5 is a new franchise in the Sniper Elite video games, and it’s designed to give players a fantastic combat and shooting experience. The game is available on all major platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. So get into the game mode and choose whether to enter the scene stealthily or prefer a chaotic, guns-blazing scene.

Like most video games, Sniper Elite 5 provides you with different difficulty levels to choose from. These levels range from extremely easy to extremely hard.

Sniper Elite Criteria

There are various criteria that Sniper Elite 5 takes into account for the different game levels. These include;

●       Combat– This controls how tough the encounter with the enemy will become. It involves the opponents’ perception, skill, and resilience, together with your character’s strength. It also controls the amount of ammunition that is available for you.

●       Sniping– The setting controls how the bullets are affected by the wind and gravity (bullet drop), and the empty-lung mechanics

●       Tactical– The option dictates how much information you receive from the game. This includes information regarding your health, objectives, ammunition, how much the radar sees, and how much HUD you see.

In Sniper Elite 5, you can choose from five different difficulty levels. Whether you are a veteran player in the Sniper Elite game series or any other combat video game or an amateur, these different difficulty levels provided have you covered. The five difficulty levels are:

Civilian (Very Easy)

Civilian is the first difficulty level and the easiest of the five levels. The enemy’s resilience, intelligence, and aggression are almost nullified as the player’s resilience is greatly enhanced. The bullets won’t be affected by external forces like the wind and gravity; therefore, you can take a straight shot at the enemy.

You will also be able to revive your health without needing a med kit at this level. Here you get to play without worrying much about your enemies or health. The civilian difficulty level is favorable if you have never played any shooter video games.

Cadet (Easy)

At the cadet level, you’ll start running into more snags and obstacles that were not present at the Civilian level. In this level, the player’s resilience is lowered, and the enemy’s resilience is raised to normal. Your enemies will find you a lot easier, and your bullets will start to be affected by gravity and wind. 

Here, you have to start taking your shots more accurately than before. You can no longer fully revive your health but only a small part of it (a bar) after a period. Also, the enemy will start hearing your noises often, so you’ll have to be more careful in this mode.

Sharpshooter (Medium)

The sharpshooter level can be termed as the middle ground of the Sniper Elite 5 game. All the aspects on this level are set to normal, and you get to experience more difficulty. For example, the wind will have more effects on your shooting, the ammunition will be rationed, and the game will require you to engage in a strategy.

The enemy won’t damage you, but you can’t charge in gun blazing as you are more detectable. If you have interacted with Sniper Elite games or played shooter games before, this is the perfect level for you to begin. It’s also a good level for preparing online multiplayer modes.

Sniper Elite (Hard)

The Sniper Elite difficulty level is where everything gets tough and messy. The enemies have increased resilience and intelligence while the player’s settings are reduced further. Finding an ammunition and health kit becomes more challenging; some parts of the HUD will be missing, and your enemies will be way quicker than you expect.

You will not only be more vulnerable, but your enemies will also cause you more damage. If you’re interested in increasing your skills, Sniper Elite is the level for you. It would be best if you had more than a simple strategy and gunning aimlessly to get to victory.

Authentic (Very Hard)

The game never gets more complex than this difficulty level. Every enemy setting is maximized, while yours is completely reduced. The wind and gravity will affect your bullets fully, and the enemy will do maximum damage to you. Your HUD will be missing to add to the difficulties; you can only see your tags using your binoculars. Your HP, ammunition, objectives, and heart rate will also not be visible in this mode. 

The level requires more vigilance and preparation to tackle the mission. If you are in co-op play, you can only save your partner using a med kit which is extremely valuable at this level.

Playing Sniper Elite 5 is fun but can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start depending on your level of expertise. If you aren’t sure where to start playing the game, I recommend starting at the Sharpshooter (Medium) level. At this level, you’ll find out if you need to go higher or lower on the difficulty levels. Sniper Elite 5 difficulty levels Reddit shows other players’ opinions on the difficulty level. So get yourself Sniper Elite 5 and enjoy the thrilling fun of combat and tactical shooting.


Sniper Elite 5 is an excellent game for people of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a challenge, try playing on the Authentic (Very Hard) difficulty level. Otherwise, the Sharpshooter (Medium) level is an excellent place to start. Whichever level you choose, you’re sure to have a great time playing Sniper Elite 5!

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