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Sniper Elite 5 Graphics Settings

You probably know that playing a game using its default settings may not be as exciting. Changing the graphics settings to suit your preference and for the best performance is then the thing to do. With the entry of Sniper Elite 5 into the market, you are probably wondering how to change your graphics settings. Sniper Elite 5 is a new franchise from Rebellion Developments.

It is a third-person sniper video game available on leading platforms, and players are busy trying to change the graphics to obtain the best FPS. Sniper Elite 5 graphics settings Reddit contains opinions, questions, and answers. However, for your understanding, this article breaks the settings down as simply as possible. It’s worth noting that most players use their PC for gaming.

You are covered if you are interested in Sniper Elite 5 best settings PS5 or Sniper Elite 5 graphics settings Xbox series S. The settings below work for most platforms with little or no variations. Sniper Elite 5 has system requirements recommendations; checking them before going into the graphics settings is essential.

System Requirements for Sniper Elite 5


●       Storage: 85 GB free space

●       RAM/ Memory: 16GB

●       Processor / CPU: Intel Core i3 8100 or similar

●       Graphics/ GPU: DirectX12 compatible with a 4GB VRAM

●       Operating System/ OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)


●       Storage: 85 GB free space

●       RAM/ Memory: 16GB

●       Processor / CPU: Intel Core i5 8400 or similar

●       Graphics/ GPU: DirectX12 compatible with a 6GB VRAM

●       Operating System/ OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

After ensuring you satisfy at least the minimum requirements, it’s time to check your graphics settings and ensure you have the best gaming experience. However, it’s recommended to have the latest Graphics Card for better performance and to avoid stuttering.

In-Game Graphics Settings

The Sniper Elite 5 game provides a simple settings menu on the PC to adjust your graphics and improve your FPS. First, let’s look at the main graphics settings that will get you running. You should note that you can change these settings to suit your system better.

Screen Mode

●       Resolution- the highest resolution of the display (1920 x 1080 is, however, recommended)

●       Display mode- Exclusive Full screen (this offers the best performance)

●       Rendering API- DirectX 12

Graphics settings

●       Shadow Detail- Off

●       Texture Detail- High

●       Anti-Aliasing- High

●       Water Detail- Medium

●       Reflection Detail- Medium

●       Motion Blur- Off

●       Ambient Occlusion- Off

●       Obscurance Field- Off

●       Tessellation-Off

●       HDR- Off

●       VSync- Off

●       ASYNC Compute- On

●       Reduce Mouse Lag- On

●       Async Compute- On

●       Install/Uninstall Anti-Cheat- On

●       Render Scale- 100%

●       Obscure Fields- Off

●       Draw Distance- Medium

●       FIDELITY FX Super Resolution 1.0 – Off


Setting the resolution to the native resolution of your screen if advised when setting the resolution. However, if the game doesn’t run smoothly on the set resolution, you should lower your resolution to fit the game.

Display Mode

It’s always recommended to have your display mode set to full-screen since this offers you the best performance.

Rendering API

Version 12 of DirectX is recommended for this. Vulkan is also a good alternative depending on the range of GPU.

Texture Detail

Texture detail is evident in the character, vegetation, and landscape detail. You have four modes to choose from, but the medium texture will offer you a better balance between visuals and FPS. However, if your system is capable, you can set the texture detail mode high. It’s also worth noting that systems having low VRAM (that is, VRAM less than 4GB) may have challenges with this setting.

Shadow Detail

You must choose from Low, Medium, High, and Ultra modes. For example, setting a greater shadow detail will result in complex and sharp shadows, while lower settings will result in some objects not casting shadows. Turning this setting off will provide a boost to the game’s performance.


Vertical Sync helps to reduce screen tearing. VSYNC should be turned on if screen-tearing is noticed; turning it off is recommended, primarily if the display supports VRR/G-Sync.

ASYNC Compute

Turning it on gives a boost to modern GPU/CPU. In addition, the setting will have computer shades and graphics in parallel.

Resolution Scale

Lowering the resolution scale should be the last option in the graphics settings unless you’re using an old PC.

Draw Distance

Draw distance determines how far or near the objects are set. A higher value will make the things drawn far but will be detailed when looked at up close. A lower value will have the opposite effect having the objects get blurry.


Anti-Liasing smoothes out objects. The higher it’s set, the sharper the objects in the game will look.


This setting can only be set to On and Off. This is because tessellation makes the walls and ground surfaces look more convex. Having this setting off will have your game in high performance.

Ambient Occlusion

Keeping it off is recommended since it has less impact on frame rates.

Sniper Elite 5 graphics settings can be challenging when you lack the know-how. The guidelines provided will ease this a little bit for you. The guidelines may need adjustment to fit your system and provide you with the best FPS. However, in most cases, these graphic settings will have your PC on the best performance.


The Sniper Elite 5 graphics settings can be a bit challenging. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can quickly get through it. All you need is to know your system and what works for it. After that, you should have no problem getting the best out of your PC by following the tips provided.

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