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Stray Game Release Date Xbox

Stray Game Release Date Xbox

Stray is among the highly anticipated games, and all the excitement began before its release. After its announcement, Stray topped Steam’s wishlist charts, and it has lived up to the expectation after playing the game. Gamers took to social media to express the unique and remarkable adventures of the stray cat in the walled city filled with machines, robots, and mutant bacteria.

However, Xbox users haven’t had the chance to play the game on their consoles yet and have opted for other platforms. If this is your case, there are several ways to enjoy the game, and here is what we know regarding the Stray video game Xbox release date.

What Is Stray?

If you haven’t tried out the game, Stray is an action RPG that takes on a third-person cat perspective adventure. The game has a unique storyline where the cat finds itself trapped in a destroyed future world, and with its companion Boji, it has to find its way to the surface. Players engage in the environment as the cat and have to sneak, climb, and get rid of enemies on their way.

When Is the Stray Release Date?

Stray is already out! As of midnight July 19th, 2022, players worldwide got access to the much-anticipated game. PlayStation and PC users have already tasted the action, and it is clear that everyone is enjoying it.

As for Xbox users, the adventures are out of your reach for now. This was the case before July 19th since making game pre-orders for the Xbox consoles was impossible.

Is Stray on Xbox?

The game is not on Xbox, and Microsoft console owners cannot enjoy the fantastic game on their devices. BlueTwelve gave a hint when it first released the game’s trailer with the words, “Console exclusive for a limited time.”

Is Stray Coming to Xbox?

There is no official announcement from BlueTwelve regarding the release date for Xbox consoles, and all there is is speculation. We know there is an exclusive deal between the game developers and PlayStation. These exclusive agreements mean the game is first released on the agreed platforms immediately after its release date.

Will This Mean There Be No Stray Xbox Version?

There are chances that there will be a Stray Xbox version soon. The limited Exclusive agreement between BlueTwelve and PlayStation can last months to a few years. It is not easy to speculate when to expect since the deal details haven’t been clarified, and PlayStation may decide to extend the deal based on various performance metrics.

When Can We Expect Stray Release Date (Predictions)?

If we make an optimistic guess, we should expect the Xbox version in early 2023. This is 6months after the game’s official launch, and most game developers prefer a 6-month exclusivity period. Note that none of this is official, and we are stating our predictions based on the trends we’ve observed from such situations before.

However, if we were to take on a realistic approach based on PlayStation exclusivity deals, the release date for Xbox consoles might be pushed ahead. Most of their deals have the game released for only Sony consoles, and sometimes there are no PC versions. The good news is that for Stray, there is a PC version. Remember that these are speculations and observations made from past trends.

The limited time usually lasts three, six, or twelve months. Therefore, if BlueTwelve chooses to stick to this timeline, Xbox users can get their hands on the Stray game earliest October 2022 and the latest, July 2023.

It is doubtful that there will be a Switch version for Nintendo users. This is because modifying the game graphics and making them compatible with these devices is a tall order. However, it will be effortless for the Xbox X|S series.

What Platforms Is Stray Available On?

After its official release on July 19th, 2022, Stray is available for PS5, PS4, and PC. This means Xbox and Nintendo users cannot go on the futuristic cat adventure. Therefore, you’ll have to switch to these supported platforms if you wish to enjoy the highly-rated Stray game.

Gamers worldwide can access Stray on various platforms, such as Steam. You should expect to spend about $29.99 to purchase Stray from big retailers like Amazon. Those in the UK are lucky since each player gets a one-week free trial as part of PlayStation Plus trials. Other players can play the game for free if they subscribe to the Extra or Premium options.

The Bottom Line

Xbox users have to stay patient before they get to play the Stray game. There is no Xbox version at the moment because of the Exclusivity agreement. These deals last a few months to a year, and we anticipate an Xbox version soon. You can now switch to your PC, PS5, or PS4 consoles to take on the intriguing cat adventures. 

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